Monday, January 11, 2016

Not As Planned

This was a three day weekend for me - and NOTHING I mean NOTHING went as I planned. Friday was the beginning of the debacle - and God definitely has a sense of humor - before I begin let me tell you the verse for Friday - that I read after I got home in one of my most prized gifts that I received for Christmas:

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Now I'm not sure the Lord's purpose but it was definitely not Stacey plans;

Friday - took the day off - met with the attorney to start the bankruptcy process - first thing that went as unplanned  which I thought was worked out - they informed me that I would have surrender my part of the truck that I co-signed for Mr. Man - he doesn't have a job so he has no way to pay for it and he needs a vehicle to get to get to a I hope a new job. AND they also wanted to surrender the motorcycle - geez.... I would not have been popular at home. So I argued that the title loan on the bike wasn't that much - but even surrendering my part of the truck didn't leave a lot for me to live on but I consoled myself that my house and the other bills would be getting paid. Second thing that went unplanned - I thought since court was going to be 45 days out - that I could stock pile a few paychecks as a cushion - nope that's not happening either.

So the ride home I'm dreading telling Mr Man but a part of me can't help but think how ironic - as it came to light that while he had been trying to file bankruptcy which I knew - it didn't really sink in that he was filing Chapter 7 - meaning he was surrendering  his part of the truck which I felt was leaving me  holding the bag - he told me, "I'll help you pay for it." Now, I was the one that was making that speech. The light at the end of the tunnel was I stopped my direct deposit at the advise of my attorney to get my money - so I planned to get my cellphone on - which was foiled because I was going to have make a truck payment instead so they didn't repossess it.

Get home - watch for the mailman - no check....sigh... Dogs have no food - cats need litter - we have very little - so I tell Mr. Man to fix the doggies some eggs and sausage - problem solved, right, after all I'm the Queen of getting around and making due? (do you feel a pity party coming...wait for it....)

Saturday - Mailman brings check - go to a different bank that I had opened an account online - they tell me since it's a new account that they would give me $200 and put a 3 - 5 day hold on my I'm like - no, I really need my money - go to the Walmart check cashing - it's too big - so I have to go back to the bank and take my little $200 - there went my cellphone - there went eating out - there went EVERYTHING that I WANTED I had to call my grandma and tell her there would be delay on the money she lent me to pay for said bankruptcy (pity party right around the next paragraph)

So I have to take my $200 - pay $100 to the rent to own place for my fridge - put $20 in my tank - $4 to a lottery ticket (you never know, right) <ROLL EYES> and then spend money on dog food, cat food, and cat litter. Left me a whopping $30 dollars - I'm now beside myself -

So I vent to my partner who is not sympathetic, reminding me that animal ownership is a responsibility - my mind is screaming WTF -  and how this only makes him feel badly  because he feels guilty...I'm shutting down by this time in disgust (HUGE PITY PARTY NOW).

Sunday  morning: We received a little snow dusting in TN - it is still exciting to see -the roads weren't bad but I didn't go to church it was too warm and snug sitting in my chair - Sunday is laundry day and the vent is right there in at my window and I know this may sound weird - but I love to watch the steam

I tried capturing the steam - but you can't see it..

I also made myself some chocolate chip pancakes - they were okay, I wish I had left them off as I had been craving pancakes and huge class of red cap (whole) milk - they made me very sluggish on the elliptical but enjoyed them :)

soooo, how was your weekend? Hope you have great week and thank you for listening to my pity party :) 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spending the Lottery

Do you ever think about what you would do with the money you won from the lottery that you never play? Yeah, me too! I have plans though for that elusive money...

I would first help my family out - buy my grandmother a car, she drives this old, oil hungry and it breaks my heart to see her have to drive that.. I would ask her is she wants a new home - she lives way out in the country and well, she says she could never live in town with people on top of her...

My daughter, Shelley, I would buy her a house, get a her a new car, and give her a cushion in life - maybe even pay for college for her

My son, Randall, if he is not using drugs, pay off his house, buy him a new car, and also give him a cushion (not likely to give him large amount of cash, too afraid of the temptation)

My mother, buy her a car as she too was left with a tired car and buy her a house and give her a cushion

This is me and my brothers and for them:

My brother Jeff, I would give him money - I suspect he would like a sports car

My brother Bradley - a house and small amount of cash

My aunt Cathy - pay off her mortgage

I would also give cash to a classmate that has had a rough life and she actually put a Go Fund Me account and my other classmates made fun of her privately - I would give her the money gladly.

My boss has a house for sale that I told her if I ever won the lottery I would purchase and donate to the rehab that my son went to for a half way house. This house would be perfect - it has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths - nestled way back in the woods with a creek behind it.

That is perfect for a halfway house - and it's elegant. Most of the time drug addicts, even recovered, have been treated badly by society because they have stolen and lied and did whatever it took for the drugs. I think it would be good to let them stay in a home that was nice and the peaceful. My son, once stayed a half way house that wasn't that nice but it was near the river and sat back and he loved it. He would say how felt closer to God when he went to the river to fish and just being away from all the reminders of the world just for a little while....

The house has a sun room that overlooks the creek - perfect for meetings and prayers

My son actually did the backsplash in here as well :)

I also have a couple of co-workers that I would help out and of course my bestie, Kristine!!
Then, I would start on remodeling my house - we will talk about that tomorrow. What would you do with lottery loot?