Monday, April 16, 2012

Sick of being Sick

This Tennessee weather or something has taken a hold of me and won't let go. I have lost my voice, feel like crap, and don't wanna do ANYTHING but....  I'm on the upward battle. I now have my voice didn't feel that great today but I think I'm almost over this. As you can see I decided to go for full bangs but in this pic I still haven't mastered fixing them LOL This is one of those  so-so outfits that made me feel so-so. <SIGH> New week and hopefully a new healthy me!! Wishing you a great and healthy week ahead

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

I really like how this turned out. I got that shrug from a dress I bought to wear to a wedding. I need to work on hiding the strings for hanging better <blush> but.... the overall look I felt great in it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend - we celebrated Easter at my house this year and I cooked. I wanted to make beef tenderloin en croute but after pricing the beef tenderloin I opted for pork tenderloin. I failed to get a picture of it before we consumed it but it turned out really well - no left overs :) I made the green beans I love, deviled eggs, I bought this red potato salad dressing at Sam's that is VERY tasty, and had corn on the cob. Dessert was homemade banana pudding and a recipe called Old Fashioned Ice Box Dessert - all very tasty. I am eating way too much lately and I haven't been to the Greenway in what....a month?! WOW I am continuting to walk every day at work and hitting the gym 2 - 3 times a week but I have to be myself under control..... Have a great week!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Fever

WOW!! Time has really flown for me lately. We have been so busy and I am suffering from spring fever. Need to catch you up with me. Mr Man got a motorcycle that I really love riding - so much I want to learn and get my own bike. I don't much like being  his backpack :)

Then he bought me an engagement ring:

I love love this ring :)

My daughter has started her new job as a contractor where I work. I am so proud of her, she looks soooo cute when for work and I feel so blessed to be able to witness her transformation as I watch her blossom. I really think it's so cool that to hear her recite our industry buzz words and systems. :) I am planning on cooking Easter dinner so wish me luck and Happy Easter to you :)