Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Week.....

This week is about prayers.....

 Praying for the family of Jason Rose who was killed on Oct 27 trying to help someone.

Praying for the people on the East Coast as Sandy makes it's way through

Praying for my mother (this is cool retro pic of her) as she recovers from having the breast cancer surgery and as she enters into the radiation

Praying that I can practice this.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This outfit looks much better in person than in the photograph. The slacks were some that I had put up and found thought I'd give them a whirl - they will stay in rotation. Would you believe that the friends that just lost their son  - while they were away from their home making funeral arrangements - someone kicked in their front door and stole them blind - tv's, computers, gaming systems, games, and etc..... WOW that is all I have to say about that while I shake my head.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tragic Weekend

This weekend started like any other weekend, and then Mr Man's cellphone rang at 5 am on Saturday morning. NEVER a good sign when the phone rings early in the morning - it was his best friend and one of his twin sons was gunned down at a Halloween party at the age of 21. I cannot even begin to fathom the pain of such a loss. It is not natural to bury your children. My mother is having surgery this am to remove the nipple on the breast they found the cancer.  Praying for healing and peace for those around me - makes my little depression and issues seem to trivial to the point that I'm ashamed I was wallowing on such menial issues.

Hoping this week reveals blessings for both me and you :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

End of My Rope

Had a pretty crappy day yesterday. The only vehicle we have and the check engine light come on GRRR and it seems that the bills never end coming in the mail. I used to hear about people committing suicide over their finances and I never understood. I used to think - just keep chugging along it will get better - I'm beginning to understand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal but I'm definitely at the end of my rope. Now, having said that I am at a loss of what to do about it, which in itself is frustrating as I ALWAYS have plan A, plan B if that fail, and Plan C and so on. I know I need to keep a positive attitude but I'm getting to where I don't want to leave the house, I'm eating all the time (and gaining weight again) which only adds to my depression - vicious little cycle.  The weather is scheduled to take a turn for the cold which only add to my moodiness. I know God has a plan and it's in His time......

On a more shallow topic, I do get to have my hair done this weekend :) Cover up my gray, it has gotten long and a little messy or unruly looking :)

My brother and his girlfriend are coming for a visit this weekend and Mr Man has made a huge pot of chili and that is the extent of my weekend. What are you doing? BTW, thanks for letting me vent and wallow (waller here in the south) in my misery :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Week........

Aren't they cute? Heathen can't wait for me get up in the morning so he can have my spot. Funny thing about this picture is the flash went off - I don't think Mr Man was amused LOL

My very first pecan pie. I used the recipe off the Kyro Syrup (very sticky substance I might add) I think I may have overcooked it a bit - the top was really hard but the taste was delicious - so I may trim 5 - 10 minutes off cooking time on the next one

Because of said pie and having only vehicle (limiting my trips to the Greenway) me and Mr Elliptical are getting reacquainted

My daughter went to Gatlinburg and brought this cool gift back to me - the Peace Frog...I love him he is on my desk with my sock monkey - Peace Out!! haha

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red, Did you say?

This was my patriotic outfit.  I love splashes red in both my house and wardrobe. Made it through another day at work. My daughter went to Gatlinburg over the weekend and she said it was gorgeous and brought me  present - I'll show ya tomorrow :P Been eating on my pecan pie - ate too much - tummy is kinda rolling but it was soooo good. Sometimes I wonder if I have a food addiction - cuz I sure do love it :) I start a new class tonight - Marketing - hoping for a no-brainer, fun, creative class. <sigh> Trying to hold on until March - soooo hard I soo want my life back. We have Halloween costume contest coming at work. If you want to see some of the coolest Halloween costumes you need to check out Jessica, she is very creative and I really enjoy reading this blog. Hang in there, we are almost finished with another week :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Staying Put

This weekend I managed to stay put all weekend. I only left the house twice Saturday morning to deliver two buttermilk pies and Sunday night to deliver $20 to my wayward son :) I really enjoyed staying home. I didn't get to go on the Greenway but I managed to get on the elipitcal and I enjoyed it. I baked some this weekend, made the buttermilk pies and I made my first EVER pecan pie. I love, love  pecan pie with cool whip :) I'll share the pic of the pecan pie Wednesday on my This Week... post. One of my favorite ensembles below - that scarf, that scarf coupled with that FAB, unique necklace :)

How was your weekend? Are you ready for the week?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ahhhhh Friday

Very glad it is the weekend. This is payday week for me - so the bill collectors will get what they want :) It really sucks to have to make a car payment on a vehicle that I'm not driving - of course this is the fifth time I've been in this situation. SMH Nothing big planned for the weekend - start a new class - Marketing so have some reading and an assignment. So glad Finance is over :) What do you have planned?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Miss

This outfit did not turn out at all like I thought it would. This is definitely not a repeat. Not sure what to put with this except for the white. I might try a lighter brown to see how that looks. The weather has been so nice in Tenn the past few days. This is the time of year that I am thankful that I am a TN girl, the leaves are so beautiful. I have gotten to work from home and have the windows open. It has given me a  much needed peace and settled me down. I had a horrible meltdown last Friday at work and my fuse has been so short lately. I hate it when I act ugly and/or lose control of my emotions. I think these two blissfully, stress free days may have alleviated this. I am hopeful. 

Do you have any suggestions of what I can put with this blouse? 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This week....

This is pinterest recipe I tried Death by Chocolate. It is very tasty but I think it needs some frosting to really make it good.

I cannot wai to watch this tonight - I loved the first season.

I thought this fortune cookie was cool.  Mr Man and I eat chinese alot - he refers to it as "Cheap Sushi"

My brother and his girlfriend visited over the weekend and I made this Pork Tenderloin En Croute

Bake the tenderloin at 350 for about 20 mintues (I sprinkled garlic powder, Lowery's salt, and pepper) while this is cooking thaw Pepperidge Farm Pastry Puff - mix cream cheese (I used Italian herbs flavor) and with 1/4 cup of bread cups. Take the meat out of the oven and put the pasty puff underneath - spread the cream cheese and then wrap the pastry puff around and pinch at the ends. Then brush on an egg and a tsp of water mixture. Cook for about 30 minutes. Let set for 10 minutes after removing from the overn. I almost burned mine as I turned on the broiler but it tasted fine :)

Here is a version that I used and just added the cream cheese

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Benchmarking AKA Comparing Yourself to Others

I had bought this dress for the wedding of a friend's daughter but I bought it with the mindset of something that  I could still wear to work. I love this dress because it makes me feel beautiful. These days I need all the help I can get with all the chaos in my life that is keeping depression breathing down my neck. I have noticed the least little thing can waiver my confidence. For instance, yesterday at the gym getting out of the shower, I go to get dressed and the one and only dressing room with a curtain is occupied. <SIGH> that means I have to go out into the population...and what do I see but three super models with perfect breasts, bodies, and long gorgeous hair and here I come, with shower cap and frumpy. I felt soooo badly about myself when comparing myself to them. I had to keep telling myself, "You look good in your own right." I wonder though at what point in my life did I learn or adopt the concept of comparing myself to others? I mean I guess the concept of benchmarking could be derived from this theory but one thing is for certain...benchmarking needs to be done with like entities. I cannot benchmark a woman in her 20's as I cannot turn back the clock, if I could though.....whoaaaa look out world I would be one HOT MAMA :)

What are you thoughts on benchmarking?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strike a Pose

<giggle> This is me striking a pose :) So Mr Man is a keeper because he can sure make me laugh. So I'm sitting at my desk perusing through my e-mail and I get a text. Well, it's a picture of his pretty blue eye saying I"m watching you. I really did laugh out loud :)  He also better be careful the more I drive Goliath, the more I likey :) I really love the colors of this blouse but I hate the sleeves, as you can see I have them rolled up. This week is really pass by quickly - no complaints here. Still waiting on the decision from GAP - I have resigned myself to continue making the car payments on the totalled and gone vehicle; however, on the bright side only 11 more payments and that baby is mine....or well.... it will show paid on my pitiful credit report. Who invented the credit report system anyways...BAH HUMBUG LOL one more day.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This week...

I have really enjoyed my walking buddies. There are four of us and we laugh and cut up and share our secrets. I feel really safe with these women. Kristine needs to join us but she always declines my invites BOOO

I'm really hating having a concussion and dealing with these sporadoric headaches that are costing me at least one of my days off and school work time BOOO

Wishing I could win the lottery that I never play so I get a car and pay off my bills and set my children and family up.....

sigh - guess I should be counting my blessings, as I have so many!! I will focus on them the rest of the week :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red, White, & Blue

This is an oldie from my closet as well. I felt cute in this little ensemble, if I do say so myself. I should be doing Finance homework....but I thought I'd do the fun stuff first :) Still struggling with the headache SMH, still ready to be finished with school. How is your week going so far?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wasted Days

Saturday was another waste thanks to another one of the those headaches. I stayed in bed so much that my back hurt Sunday morning. I went to church on Sunday and they are now cutting down to one service at 9:30 am, uh oh, that will be hard for me as I am used to lounging around until 10 and then taking a shower. Now I will have to be in the shower around 8:30 <scrunch nose> I'm not a big a fan of having to be somewhere early on my days off. Made it to the Greenway and still just running one minute and walking two minute intervals for the 5.2 miles, even though I still have my headache :( Well, another week ahead of us. Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Pink and Brown look pretty good together :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Retire It

I have had this dress for a long time and I wonder if I shouldn't retire it. I have alot of things that I had for many years, I would say this dress I have had at least 8 years. I don't have a huge attachment to it, I think it's <shrug shoulder> okay and it looks <shrug shoulder> okay on me. How often do you keep things? I am so glad it's the weekend. I am actually doing okay driving Goliath. I feel special driving it especially since Mr Man has graciously let me drive it and I feel like he is for "us" and not just for him. Usually the materials things are split - his and mine but he seems to be changing his mindset. mmmmm what  a refreshing thought :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hat Envy

The weather is a changing and that brings scarf weather. You know something I have been wanting to incorporate but haven't been able to because it's out of my comfort zone? Hats!! Those cool retro hats like the women wore in the 50's, like this one found above at Whenever I try a hat on, it's either itchy or I get hot and what a mess it makes of my hair - talk about flattening and straightening it out <scrunch nose>. I have whole bunch of scarves now and tis the season....

The capri below have a yellow and purple pin stripe so it as easy to pair this scarf. This scarf is my second favorite that I own and I am starting to get an impressive collection, if I do say so myself :). Today is my first day driving Goliath :( I officially do not have a car of my own now.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Week....

I miss wind therapy - this is me on Mr Man's man pretending to ride LOL. We haven't ridden since the accident - Mr Man's back is not up to it. I sure do miss....

 I love my moon flower and morning glory vines.

 I love these colors!!

 In honor of breast cancer, my geraniums
 I was horrified at what they are doing to the Fairy Hollow on the Greenway :(

ahhhh Mr Man's Fried chicken (you know I'm southern and we fry EVERYTHING) what wonderful comfort food!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Blue day ;) I must say that blue is not color that I really wear alot of it. At least not before I got these "indigo" capris at Target. You know I feel cute in them but looking at this picture my eyes go straight for my hips. I know, I know, I'm a curvy girl but.....Oh well, I'm working on it <Pouting> for a LOOOONNNNGGG time now. Hold that thought while I go get me a brownie JK LOL
I have been very focused lately as I'm blogging I'm working on my team project for class. I must confess that I will be sooo happy to see March roll around so I will be DONE with school. It's amazing to me that as I get older the more precious "my time" has become. I want to spend "my time" doing what I want to. MMMM so does menopause bring the "Me, Me - factor"? Been rainy and dreary for the past few day - BOOO

How is your week going so far?