Friday, August 31, 2012

Love at First Sight

This is my new dress courtesy of JcPenney. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!  I was disappointed at first with the material - cottony but it actually felt pretty good on. I couldn't decide which shoes I liked best with it and the mirror wasn't decided to take a picture of both to see how they looked. Another advantage to blogging :)

The first pair was that FAB pair I found at Kohl's

The second pair and the pair that I had planned to wear with the dress upon ordering are the orange mules I got at Monroe & Main

I ended up choosing the Kohl's pair, the higher heel looks better in my opinion. Aren't those color the BEST ever on this dress? I fell in love at first sight. <sigh>

Have a three day weekend that I have no plans at all, I hear it's going to be rainy GRRRR but if it's not raining gonna go run tomorrow before my hair appt. I can't wait to cover up my "off blonde" :) Hoping to get in some wind therapy too during the weekend. My knee is just about healed, keep your fingers crossed that I don't re-injure it. tsk tsk sure does suck getting older and feeling the same as your younger version.

Have a great weekend and farewell August!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not A Priority

This ensemble reminds me of fall but remains in my spring/summer closet due to the length of the sleeves. I like pairing brown and blue together. This picture also demonstrates what a good padded push up bra can do LOL. I have always had a negative or blue image of myself in the chest department. I have wanted implants prob since my early 20's. I even had an appointment in my mid 30's but income tax didn't come in time and when the money did arrive, well, I had other things to do with it. Isn't it funny how one prioritizes things in life subconsciously? I once had a Director who told me that when tasks are not completed, the reason is not because there was not enough time - the reason is because the task was not a priority.

When he first said it I thought to myself, "Wow, way to think positively about people." After I had to time to think about, really think about it, I came to conclusion he was right. When I run out of time or didn't have time to do a task, it is usually because I was doing another task instead. I prioritized the tasks and well, it just did not make the cut that day and time.

Lately my priorities have not been aligned in a productive manner. I seem to have slumped into some kind of laziness. I do not want to do my school work, house work, or employer work but instead opt out to perusing Face Book, Pinterest, blogs, and anything else I my fingers can think about it. Is it because of the weather change? Depression? I do not feel depressed since I started running and exercising 4 times a week. I do not know the culprit but what I DO know is that I HAVE to get my act together. Do you ever experience priorities getting out of whack? How do you pull yourself back together?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bee Shoes

I adore my yard sale bee shoes. I find it fun to wear them but do not really have much occasion to wear them. This is the last week to wear white if you follow the old fashion rules. I usually do not wear white pants or shoes after Labor Day until Easter. So we have a FAB 3 day weekend ahead. This blouse my grandmother gave me and I put the belt with it as I have seen many doing lately, not sure it fits my personality but it'll do :)

Knee is still killing me but I went to the Gym today and did arms, worried about tomorrow as planning on working on legs - ouch......

Do you wear white after Labor Day?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warning - Depressing Post

As I have gotten older, losing people and death are more prominent in my life and I want to taka  few minutes to honor a couple of people that I personally knew and mourn:

I learned the other day that a man that worked with me for years and then I lost track of him was murdered last Saturday by two young men in a club because of a bumping. SMH

He was a good man and very sweet and leaves behind two small children. His wife is still a client and I sent her an e-mail sending my condolences.

My father, pictured below, died when I was ten. Accidently shot himself. I have always wondered how life would have been if he had lived - I must tell you this man is the only one that I thought truly loved me but he was not without flaw - my parents divorced when I was two and I remember some times that he was scheduled to pick me up that he failed to show. I was stubborn and refused to give up on him each time, sitting on the porch with my suitcase.......

My grandfather played the part of my father when he died, my grandfather died when I was 36. Pictured below in his prime :)

Life is too short - sometimes people are taken away because of other people's actions, some by their own mistakes, and some stay with us a little longer. The moral is the same...Life is too short so treat people well as you may never get the chance to say I'm sorry or I love you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Still Holding On

The weekend was uneventful for me. I did manage to go the Greenway and ran one minute and walked two minutes for the 5.2 miles on Sat and Sunday I went to the Greenway but my knee was really hurting so I walked the first mile to warm it up then did my run and walkig intervals except I didn't run down or uphill :) I saw two fawns on Sunday they were beautiful.

Saturday picked up some barbeque my friend Susie's husband made. I love his barbeque but I especially love the sauce. I made a hashbrown casserole and was going to get to some wind therapy but the rain messed that up. I did make Mr Man some homemade banana pudding and my meringue turned out pretty good.

My flowers are still blooming and my moon and morning glory vine is finally taking off on one side. I had one of each bloom on Saturday.

Sunday was an interesting service and it seems that rumors were true and that was shocking to me but I do not judge or hold any anomysitoy as we are human and only God is perfect. It is sad though and my heart breaks for all those involved. I will continue to pray for guidance as it did not feel the same to me. I am still holding onto to summer and enjoying the hummingbirds pictured below :) Have a great week!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hold on Summer

Friday is finally here and I must say I am so ready. It was strange not attending Bible Study last night as my group does not have a teacher. I am undecided if I will be attending church Sunday. I watched the Titans play last night and I am very vocal watching the game. Heathen looks at me as if I have lost my mind and he wants to make sure I don't go postal on him. I tried to get a picture on my cellphone but I can't figure out how to get my flash to go off on Iphone GRRR
I'm thinking my little red shoes would have been cuter

Heathen and my long lost running around outside sandal :)

This lone sandal reminds me how everyone keeps talking about how they can't wait for summer to end, a sentiment I do not understand. I love summer!!! I love the cute clothes and sandals, I cannot stand bundling up and despise the cold. Of course, in Tenn I don't endure extremely cold temps but miserable enough for me. The only thing is that I do enjoy the cooler mornings, that makes the walking alot more enjoyable especially with the birds chirping. I also am looking forward to football season, Go Titans :)

I have increased my working out, I now go to the gym 4 times a week and the Greenway both Sat and Sunday, this is my second week of keeping up this schedule. I don't think my body appreciates all this working out but I have set a new weight goal - instead of 130 I want to get to 120 and I'm at 154 <sigh> been here at this weight seems like FOREVER!! I am hoping increasing the work out will boost my metabolism and coax the scale to start moving.

What are your plans this weekend?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gossip Mill

This is one of my favorite blouses - I love the colors and goes well those FAB shoes. The whole ensemble is JcPenneys - except the shoes I found at Kohls.

While this outfit makes me happy I write this post with a heavy heart. This month's theme for me has been the gossip mill. I haven't been the object of interest but people I care about have.

The first gossip attack was on my daughter where we both work, she is only 19 and my protective claws game out immediately. Once I got over the anger, I then made jokes about it but I defended her every chance I got. I believe it was started out of jealousy and it was a malicious rumor that was embarrassing to her. I was so proud of the way she handled it, she held her head up high and was extremely mature about it. I must admit I secretly wish ill-will on the women I think are responsible...I know.....I know.....I will continue to pray for a softened heart on that issue.

The second issue came to light last night, my pastor resigned because of nasty rumors about him and members of the congregation writing him letters telling him he was not worthy to be the pastor...blah blah blah. I loved him, he was the most humble and genuine pastor that I had ever met. He led our Bible study and I felt so welcome and nonjudged with him at the helm. I am unsure of what the future holds for the church and my relationship with them. I am unsure of what is the "right" thing. My friend Cindy advised me to pray on it and ask for guidance from God.

There is a lesson that I must learn about all of this. I don't pass gossip but I will listen if I hear of any. It's interesting that I don't really hear any gossip, either at church or work. People don't really talk to me about things like that, I like to think it's because I have surrounded myself with positive people and the conversations revolve around  God, clothes, recipes, pets, crafts, exercise, and a little work sprinkled in.

What are you thoughts on this? What do you think one can learn from it?

I hate seeing the attack of people that I care about and prompted me to just search for gossip mill and I found three interesting articles:

The Gossip Mill seems to be hot topic, I found three articles that I really enjoyed below.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Far....

So far this week things that make me smile or feel proud are:

Chicken Parmesan with my homemade spaghetti sauce (being watery didn't hurt the flavor at all)

My daughter is turning into a spunky young woman - I smile and shake my head at the same time :)

Wind therapy - this is an older picture taken when he first got the bike - but I feel sooo at peace with the wind in my face, admiring God's handiwork

It has been a long-standing joke at work that I always say I do not work on Friday's and then I found it... :)

Praying that your week so far has been FAB!! Anything make you smile or proud this week?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Must Have.....

Sooooo, these are the pants that I have been trying to find everywhere... found them at Target (I settled for the Capris) and you know what, I hardly wear them. Funny uh? I like them okay but not as much as I thought

 My newest must have is a khaki skirt - I LOVE khaki and orange together like the below pic:

Another must have is a leather braclet and stack rings... What must you have this season?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Putting my Foot Down

Had another great weekend and managed to run again this weekend. Forced myself to run 1 minute and walked 3 minutes did that Sat for 5.2 miles and was pressed for time on Sunday so I did the "easy" side of 4 miles. Saturday I felt FAB it was harder to run on Sunday, my body felt tired and the one minutes seemed to never end quickly enough. My knee is still complaining along with my shins, big babies; however, they are just going to have put their big girl pants on cuz we ARE doing this until the last 20 - 30 lbs come off. Putting foot down <gently cuz it hurts>

I thawed out some of my homemade spaghetti sauce and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong that it is watery so watery, any suggestion?  I made some chicken parmigiana for tomorrow night, Mr Man will just have to make the noodles tomorrow and the garlic bread. I LOVE bread!!

It's funny that these pics are some older ones that I have not posted and I'm back to these very clothes (in line in my closet). It is a good thing I have these older pics as last week I had a hard time getting up in time to be able to take my pic before I left. One of the my new friends in my bible study asked me to write a column for their monthly newsletter. I think I will. Wish me luck.

Below I have used my favorite scarf as a belt and last Friday, I wore this polo with different capris (I have just about retired the ones below too big) and used the scarf in my hair. Scarfs really are versatile and I really like using them as belts.

Have a great week!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


This another one of my outfits that is like <Shrug Shoulders> Ehh Not very figure flattering but on a positive note - it was comfy. I bought the blouse for the colors (you know I LOVE orange, yellow, and brown, Two out of three ain't bad) but it fits strangely around my mid-section.I am glad it's Friday and storms are bringing in cooler weather. I am excited about trying to run again this weekend :) Whatcha you?

For Bible Study I made this Pudding Poke Cake

1 white yellow cake mix blend with 2 egg whites and 1/4 cup water back in oven 350 for about 35 minutes
whisk big box of sugar free chocolate pudding with 4 cups milk (low fat)
Take wooden spoon and poke 1 inch holes in cake and pour 1/2 the pudding over hot cake
let the remaining other 1/2 of pudding sit for a few minutes to get thicker then pour over cake and refrigerate for at least an hour
It was pretty refreshing

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Believe in Yourself

This outfit is one of my favorites but I must admit that when wearing it I did not know that my mid-section was so see-through mmmmmmm I love the soft yellow and this skirt makes me feel pretty because it flows around my legs. Something about the swish around your legs that is comforting almost like when I was a little girl and twirling around in a new dress.

Speaking of little girl Stacey, I was thinking about the Olympics and how fit those women were and  the thought occurred to me today on my long commute home about my beliefs in myself as a child compared to now as an adult. Bear with me, as I tie it all together.....

The Olympic competitions brought back memories of elementary P.E., we were always competing and I was one of the top competitors (okay it WAS grade school) but it NEVER occurred to me in any of the competitions that I would lose or that my competitor was better than me or that I wasn't good enough.

I mean don't get me wrong I did lose from time to time but not because I had already lost in mind before I began. I remember doomg chin-ups and the goal was to hold it as long as you could. There was always two of us competing at the same time and I would hold on, body shaking, but never thinking of letting go before my opponent, never looking at the other person thinking I can never do this and they are going to beat me and embarrass me and everyone will know I failed. Even if I did lose, I walked away with a sense of pride as it wasn't my day <shrug shoulders> No big deal. What happened to that mindset?


UpperCase Living has the below inspiration that is very fitting to the way I plan to change my mindset. I grew up hearing that I could do whatever I set my head to and  I honestly just can't remember when I stopped setting my head. I also never compared myself to other girls when I was younger. I was confident in who I was and really didn't think about my looks at all. Not sure, when I decided that my boobs were too small, my butt and hips too large, and don't get me started on my nose. When DID those beliefs creep in? Do you know what I'm talking about it? As women, we need to start believing in ourselves again, find that little version of ourselves before all the pains and slurs and underhanded comments planted those seeds of doubt that bloomed to monsters that undermind our achievements and hinder our growth.

 I also found this one below on Pinterest that amused me :) If you can relate to any of these thoughts - join me and prod me along in this new journey of finding the belief in myself and the courage to let my little girl beliefs become a reality.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Without Belt and With Belt

This is repeat outfit that I have had for a few years - except I used to wear the blouse out as seen above taken when I first started blogging and Mr Man was taking my pics and at the end of the day - I look much fresher in the below pic taken before I leave for work :) 

Below is with belt  and fun heels and before I left the house- I really like it with a belt and fun heels - the above was taken early spring so I couldn't wear the sandal/heels but the belt makes the outfit better to me. Do you ever look at pictures of yourself in the same outfit and compare? That is one benefit of blogging, I can see where I have grown or where I have taken a step back :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vest Experiment

This is one of my favorite scarves that I put without of things that I just do not what to do with. This vest is something that I have not quite put an outfit together that I just loved. This one is okay I tried mixing the patterns and probably will repeat the look but not "loving it" :)  What do you do for vest outfits?

I am really sore from my running endeavor yesterday, in places I would never have thought one would use when running. My back is sore between my shoulder blades (I"m thinking that is from swinging my arms when I ran) and my abs are sore. <Shrug shoulders> who knew but I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I still went and did weight training on upper body today at lunch. I have now really decided to do this - I want my old body back and I'm slowly starting to get my confidence back and becoming "me" again. A new and improved version, blogging and reading the blogs I follow contribute to this journey greatly.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday - Bring It

Weekend was very peaceful and Tennessee weather is cooling down - the recent rains have brought upon some late bloomers - we were beginning to think the sunflowers would never appear - and ta-dah there they are:

 My rose bush also has some late blooms:

 My daughter, Kristine, and I went to Ross's on Friday for lunch for some retail therapy and I found the neatest wind chime - it's like rustic cast iron - I was thrilled. Mr Man hung it next to my swing in the back yard on the tree - but it hasn't been chiming so I may have to relocate - you likey?
 Saturday I got up early and went to the Greenway and the cool morning made it awesome to be out there walking - I prayed while I walked and saw some of the most amazing beauty and animals. First, I saw an Otter, I have never seen one in real life - wow they have a tail like a dog - long. Then, a hummingbird was flying along beside me looking at me - I also saw a bunch of buzzards perched on the power lines - okay that wasn't so pretty but neat nonetheless. I was telling my grandma about it and made the comment, "Of course, I left my camera at home." She replied, "Didn't you have your cellphone?" <Slapping forehead> Of course I had my Apple i-phone equipped with a camera in my pocket the entire walk. LOL

Sunday turned out to be BEST ever. I had learned Saturday night that my depression eating caused me to gain 4 lbs so I decided a second day of walking 5.2 miles on the Greenway was in order. Another gorgeous cool morning AND it wasn't crowded. So for whatever reason, I decided that I now want to become a runner. So I told myself - that  I would use the markers on the Greenway - it's marked every .25 (1 mi., 1.25 mi, 1.5 mi. 1.75 mi, 2 mi). I would run .25 miles, then walk the next .25 miles... I didn't make it the .25 but I would run as far as I could ( I think I might have made it half way) then I would walk and at each marker I would take off running again. I felt sooo good afterward. I came home, showered, put a pot roast in a slow oven, and went to church (Mr Man was there sleeping).

Below is said pot roast - FAB!!

The Pastor delivered a  sermon that was exactly what I needed, it seemed as if God was embracing me all day Sunday and telling me what I needed to do. I think I am ready for Monday - Bring It :)