Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grateful Weekend

Had a wonderful three day weekend - sitting in the swing and reading the book my friend Norma from Bible study gave me - Left Behind. I had never heard of Rapture and did not know what it was and she was at a book sale and thought of me and got it for me. I really enjoyed the down time but today back in action. I am thankful for the all the soldiers who have and continue to fight for our freedom. My father is buried in Fort Donnellson but he did not die in combat, when I think of these days it always makes me sad about how much I miss him and the time that we never got to have because he died when I was ten. Prayers for all the fallen soldiers and those missing their loved ones.
Hope you have a great week!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New From Old

The outfit below was an Easter Past outfit. I bought the blouse and skirt at Dillard's. The shoes I got for Easter Present and the shrug I got in a little boutique in California while vacationing. I have been incorporating this shrug into more outfits. I am finally breaking out of my zone where I only wore outfits the same way each time, I have learned from my fellow bloggers how to mix and match and make fresh new outfits out of old outfits. It does help taking my picture daily as well to keep up with how I wore it last. Only bad thing now I have new rule, I used to skip tops when it rained that I only wore long pants with, now I try to find a skirt or capris to wear in it's place (I have a no long pants rule when it's raining or wet outside, I HATE to get my feet wet). So I am now trying to more creative, now there are some things that I think just look perfect together, like the below blouse and skirt, but I normally only wear it with coral sandals and will skip it unless it's 85 or above and the below picture is me making it more suitable for cooler weather. I felt it was a success. Do you mix and match and have "rules"?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Done Already

Everything below is a Ross find except the shoes, they were found at a yard sale. Blue fits how I'm feeling these days. I am convinced now that I am going starting menopause, I'm ready to be done with it.... How is your week going so far?

Monday, May 20, 2013


The weekend turned out much better than the weather man predicted. I really slept in on Saturday did not get up until almost noon. I must have been extremely tired as that is rare for me to sleep that late and the best part, the sun was shining beautifully. I got to sit outside in my swing most of the day ;) I made a broccoli salad to take to yesterday to a bible study/pool party and I made chess squares for the house. Both of these dishes turned out wonderfully. After church went to the bible study/pool party and it was soooo relaxing not to mention really good food. I am more convinced than ever that I must have a pool in my backyard - someone in Florida stole my winning lottery ticket. <SIGH> Going in late today at work - getting my teeth cleaned - I also LOVE to have my teeth cleaned :)
The outfit below is one of my favorites. I borrowed the shrug from another outfit in my closet an the shoes were purchased at Ross, the blouse from Dillard's, and the capris were a gift from co-worker. I really felt sassy in this :) Hope you had a great week!! Did you have a good weekend?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almost Friday

 I have thoroughly enjoyed this weather - but rain is coming :(

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Week's Smiles

The boy...

Mother's Day - This pastry was fabulous -

My mother and grandmother....

my daughter and the boy....

My handsome son and his new girlfriend...

My first peach cobbler - I truly enjoyed it!! Only modification is to maybe add another can of fruit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cool Spell

It seems weird to be wearing boots during the spring but we keep having some cool spells that the boots actually feel pretty good. I wore these boots for Mother's Day too, strange weather. Much different than last year - it was in the 80's already by this time. I really do like how this turned out as well. The blouse came from JCP and the skirt from Ross and the boots from Monroe & Main. The necklace was given to me for my birthday by my friend Dana, I think it went perfectly with this ensemble. The weather is very nice both today and yesterday, I have to work from home again today because Mr Man needs the truck for doctor's appointments. It seems like I am having to work from home at least once  a week now, I hate that and I hope my employer remains understanding. The attorney did make a demand to the insurance company last week, hopefully we will settle soon and I can get my own vehicle, I am praying I get enough to pay cash on something comparable to what I lost. I am remaining hopeful. Hope you are having a fabulous week so far :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nice Weekend

The weekend turned out pretty good. Saturday weather wasn't the greatest but Sunday was all about sunshine. The wind was a still a bit chilly but sitting in the sun  was FAB. Saturday morning met my grandmother at my mother's for Mother's Day breakfast. I made this pasty that I ordered from a co-worker's son in band from this company http://www.butterbraid.com/braided_pastries.aspx, and it was really tasty. I ordered the chocolate Bavarian cream and yum-yum, it was really neat to let is sit overnight and rise. I will share the pic on Wednesday smile. I like the navy white outfit below, it feels very neat and classy on. The skirt I found at a yard sale but I think it is homemade because it fits a little odd but that doesn't take away my fondness for it. How was your weekend?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Turning Heads

This outfit was quite the ego-booster - I actually saw some heads turning my way - what is it about high heels - they make your legs look amazing. This blouse was a Target find and the skirt was gift from my grandmother - a few Christmases ago. The shoes are a Ross find. I felt uber-cute in this and really strutted my stuff. Funny how an outfit can change your whole outlook. This is Mother's Day Weekend so tomorrow gonna do a little breakfast for my mother and taker her the tray that I got off E-bay. I hope she likes it. I am giving my daughter the tea set I bought as her first Mother's Day gift. AND guess who - they are calling for sunshine this weekend - <GASP> it will be cooler but sunshine nonetheless...I'll take it!!
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and for those of you who's mothers are no longer with us, I send you peace, hugs, and love. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Curves are In - I hope....


Well it looks like this summer I will again be a curvy girl. So I have decided that's okay - curves are in, right?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pairing Tees with Business

This casual outfit felt better on than it pictured. The vest was in line in my closet and I decided to pair purple with it - I love this tee I got at Target. I love the length and the material. Of course, I couldn't resist putting it with my pretty little brooch.  Do you like to wear tee's with your business outfits? I love to put tee under my suits - I love the contrast. I guess I took the look with boyfriend jacket and tee and thought - mmmm, I think tee's would also look good with my business suits. What do you think about this look?

Monday, May 6, 2013


Yucky is the only word that can describe another rainy, gloomy, and cold weekend. Good thing is that I did get to see my middle brother - he was in town and they stayed at my house. He really missed his calling as a comedian. It is also very nice to finally have sister-in-law that can tolerate me. She is the only one that I have met that seems to like me.  The outfit below is an okay outfit but I loved pairing my Easter shoes with it. Funny how one little thing can make or break an outfit. Working from home half day today, Mr Man has another doctor appointment to get a shot in his back. I am hoping to settle my suit soon, I really, really need a vehicle of my own. How was your weekend? Hope this week brings us all joy and happiness.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shoe's Last Appearance

By the time I got to work I looked down and the bottom of one my shoes was split all the, so I carefully finished the day in them. Now I am on the hunt for another pair of business/casual yellow shoes. So below the comfortable outfit as some I have considered by not quite it...

I love these from Zappo.com

This is also in the running and most likely the winner as the price is right - Zappos.com

Zappos.com - Love these but too pricey for me

Okay from Kohls.com

Jcp.com - me likey but not my favorite

Jcp.com - same as above - The Zappo shoes have my heart
Where do you like to buy your shoes?