Friday, February 28, 2014

Ugly Creeping

Guess when this pic was taken? HA! I am so glad today is Friday. I am really struggling with some feelings of resentment and bitterness and all that ugliness that creeps in and will eat your heart out. My action plan this weekend is that I'm gonna pray and get my mind right this weekend, gonna come up with an action plan to get my finances in order and stick with it. Going to try my best to be a blessing to those around me and shake those ugly thoughts until I can get them completely out of my mind. Going to say goodbye to the ugly creeping just like February, replacing it with sunshine and peace.
What do you do when the ugly creeps in your heart and mind?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sleep Crazy

Been another crazy week of me just being too darn tired to do anything but come home from work and sleep. I have been so tired that it is not funny.
 I was off yesterday going with my mother to go with her to cancer doctor appointment  - she seems to not have cancer but they did see a few spots on her lungs and want her to get a pet scan but the doctor does not believe she is in any danger. He does believe she is taking too much medication, which I totally agree with. I still continue to eat badly and shy away from wearing the below pants and they feel a little snug :(

I did get my table and took me forever to find a home for it and finally settled for the below and LOVE it - I have discovered that I cannot stand things on the floor and now this clears up space on my counter top too - so I get a good vibe now from the room - I moved the freezer to the other side of the fridge and put my table in it's place - I still have a shelf to modify and hang above and then will move my cookbooks to above the table but I am really smitten with it..

My next hunt is for a bakers rack like the one I found on DIY  below -
I want to put this baker's rack in place of the stereo stand I am using as my sort of baker's rack below

How is your week going so far?

Friday, February 21, 2014


So the weekend is finally upon us!! Last night we started a new bible study, Beth Moore. I have never been exposed to her and I must say I LOVE her. This group consists of nothing but women and women that I am familiar with, kinda scary but looking forward to getting to know them. There is a conference in September for Women of Faith but I don't think I will be able to come up with the money :( Maybe next year. This weekend is supposed to be Greenway worthy and I should be getting my table and shelf from my cousin. I have some many wonderful things happening around me!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

On the Mend

So we are now in the "bad pictures" these are the pictures I took struggling to find a new place to prop up my camera before my tri-pod was given to me. I have my camera propped on my deep freeze in the kitchen pointing down the "foyer" Not a bad location but I had problems getting the camera to focus or the flash would hit the window and look terrible.  Yesterday was an another amazingly fabulous weather day. The sun was shining and it was around 68 degrees, I got to get my walk in at work and loved every step of it. Today bad storms are supposed to roll in - I am hoping it doesn't get too bad or at least waits to hit until I get home. I am also happy to report the ferret seems to be on the mend - we will give him one more day and make the decision to take him to the vet on Friday, I get paid this week - of course, I'll be combing over my bill spreadsheet to see what bill will be let go if the vet bill is too high. How is your week going so far?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Week's Smiles

This week's smile consist of my obsession with nesting the house:
Mr. Man found the coolest glass bottles practically in our back yard, along the wood line outside of our fence, I had no idea that Clorox Bleach ever came in bottles - so we looked this one up it's probably around 1959.

We aren't sure about this one - but I suspect it's the same - we just couldn't find the exact replica - the closest was a Moonshine A&W root beer but wasn't quite the same - do you know?

I moved some pictures around and it made a huge difference in the way the rooms feel

Below are my Goodwill and Thrift finds me and Kristine found last Friday on our lunch break. This trunk is my precious... I absolutely LOVE it and only paid $15 - still thinking of it's final home in the house but leaning towards the laundry - putting a stamped burlap skirt around my folding table and this peeking out..Or I could put in my dining room as I have been thinking about putting my new sewing machine table that I should get this weekend in the corner by the hutch in my dining room and putting that shelf above it and possible putting my cookbooks - ideas..ideas...

I love, love, love beverage containers....

This is a cutie for only $0.99

So I thought this was an old milk bottle but both Kristine and Mr. Man think it's a newbie - oh, well, it's a cool newbie in my book

OHHH, this is my other precious - isn't this so fun? I love it and the best part it's from California (my dream state)

Well, the below is yellow  - which is my favorite color besides orange :)

My new rug in the foyer to replace the other one the Gizmo dug up - excuse the muddy paws on the floors it was raining, should have mopped before I shared with you <shrug shoulders>

Hope you are having plenty to smile about this week!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am worried about my little ferret - I starting noticing he wasn't walking "right" and he has not been interested in leaving his cage which is really weird. I also made the comment to Mr. Man that I thought he had lost weight - I googled sick ferret and we got him some Gerber baby food and he seems to eat it and he tried to come out and play - poor thing was too weak to even get in his hamper. I hope it's not brain damage - but I held him and could feel is spine - if I don't see any improvement in the morning going to take him to the vet - like I can afford that, right? I can't not take him - poor little fella -

Monday, February 17, 2014

Contraindicating Behaviour

Had a pretty decent weekend - got to keep Gremlin while his mommy and daddy went to dinner for a few hours. She only called once and texted me once - this was her first time leaving him (besides day care). She looked so pretty too, I will share the pic of them on Wednesday smiles :) Yesterday I hit the Greenway - much needed since all I have been a sweet eating machine the past week. Every time I say I am going to get serious about my weight loss - I act like my goal is to GAIN - SMH I have no idea why I have contraindicating behavior - same with being broke - I get my income tax - state that I am not going to spend it all on bills and put some back - that is not happened. I think I need to focus on my goals and get better self-disciplined. How do you stay on task?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope your day is special and that you feel special today :) I get to keep Mr. Gremlin tomorrow night so my daughter and SIL can go out to dinner. This will be my very first time babysitting. Of course, she informed me she would already have him fed, bathed, and in bed but baby steps right? What are you and your significant other doing to show your love to one another? Mr. Man and I already went out to eat and I am contemplating stretching our already stretched budget and get him a warm stone massage, not sure I can pull it off but if not the next time I have extra money I will get it for him. He and I have been together for 16 years in March - seems so long when you say it like that. <SIGH> Well, anywhoooo ya'll have a wonderful weather and if your down deep south and northeast, stay warm and be safe!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sniffle Sniffle

uh, oh, I think I am getting my first cold of the year. I think this came from Monday sitting in a cool house when my unit went out...GRRR I must say I have come to really love this brooch and find I can put it with all kinds of outfits. I also love to wear scarfs - I am not as good or creative at tying them like I have seen some bloggers and even other women. My friend, Kristine, has the coolest array of brooches and scarves and she is very creative in the way that she wears them. I think I will add searching on E-bay for more brooches to list of things to do when I have disposal income again. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smiles for this Week


This weeks smiles:

My new rug replacing the one Gizmo dug through, found it at JCP Love the colors and that I actually measured before I bought and it is perfect size for the space.  Both dogs seem to mirror my appreciation ah and now the wonderful Gizmo will demonstrate for you the proper use of the new rug...

The next pictures are of my newly painted and organized laundry room/closet - the color was an Oops paint I bought at Lowes - Valspar Roasted Chestnut - it has grown on me - I decided to live with it as I horrified when it was first going on (my washer and dryer glowed against it) it was only $10 - I would love to get a burlap skirt with writing on it to go around this kitchen table that I use for a folding table

It was more organized but I have space heaters stored in there as my unit went out yesterday - oh boy what a day it was but that is for another post since this post is about smiles :)

Above the washer I want to put a rustic shelf and found some cute things for said shelf at Target - below is picture of the new table I bought and the guy made me a shelf just like it - I am torn between hanging the shelf in my laundry room or in my kitchen for my cookbooks - I found the below at my cousins' store University Pickers  - and my cousin in coming to Tn next weekend and offered to bring the table and the shelf to me - I cannot wait. Funny, my daughter took one look at and asked if I planned to paint the top of it or something? HA!! Youngsters!! :) That is the coolest thing below!!

 So this is what I meant about laundry room/closet - my house is small and storage and closet space non-existent (plus I have a lot of clothes) but I was looking at my laundry room pictures on and some people purposely do this - of course their version of a closet and mine are on different spectrums of cost but hey, work with what ya got, right?

Have you done any projects? Hope your week is going well.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to Normal

Since I got back to work from Stacey-cation it has been a whirlwind. Last week was the National Sales Meeting which added an extra hour on to my drive time and all day meetings are so exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely appreciative that my company spends the expense to put it together and they definitely feed our minds and tummies very well. This was not at all conducive to the Biggest Loser competition at work. I want to win that $1000 - so I am going to have get focused!! The outfit below is comfy and I like the way it looks together - the blouse is a one piece - which you know I truly love. Hope you have wonderful week!!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Well I have been off for the past week enjoying the seven days of Stacey's b-day. I have a fabulous b-day dinner below and for my b-day my son got me a day at the spa. It was heavenly...

My g-ma's cheesecake - the most delicious thing from an oven :)

My beautiful daughter

My grandmother

my son, Randall

Gremlin :)

Me getting ready to enjoy said cheesecake and below :)

My daughter got me Pioneer Woman's latest cook book :)

I wanted a new tree but funds didn't allow - my grandmother watched this tree and got it for my b-day - I will have a gorgeous tree next year :)

My mother got me a gown, house shoes, and in remembrance of my old tree - a Charlie Brown Christmas tree LOL

Gremlin, my daughter, me, and my son

Jaxen looking at the camera this time :)

Jaxen, Shelley (my daughter), and Randall (my son)

Shaun (son-in-law), Jaxen, and Shelley

  4 generations - Shelley, me, my mother, and my grandmother

Jaxen, Shaun, David, Johnny (my step-father), and Randall

putting my Christmas present the tripod to good use - the whole gang :)

My grandmother also got me this cool gravy boat :)