Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning Person

I have spoken many times of working from home and how I"m blessed that I can do this when I need to get things done or have an appt or bad weather. I prefer to be in the office with the people but one thing I do love about working from home is watching the house fill with light. I open the blinds and love how the sun peeps through the foyer on the lovely hardwood my son put down. I love how the sun floods the living in the room in the morning.

Since we redid the office it has become a comfortable place to work, I used to sit on the couch with the pc in my lap but this desk is so much better and the view isn't too bad. I shut the door and open the window and enjoy the best of both worlds. I am definitely a morning person. Do you prefer mornings or nights? These are few things that make me smile these days.

They are gone now but I sure loved seeing them when I pulled in the drive way

This has since been relocated to the front porch :)

My new comfy office (I know it's a little messy) but cozy. You can see I have my blankie and diet coke and my lap top from work - very productive in this space

My view out the window - soooo peaceful - listening to the birds

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orange and Navy

Orange and Navy are a great combo that I love dearly. Today my mother is having surgery, she called me last night and said they finally diagnosed her with Paget Disease and are removing the nipple today. I am working from home this am and then heading to work. Praying all goes well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last Days

This pic was taken before Memorial Day - the last days of wearing white pants. The weekend once again went by quickly and it was down right cold Saturday night. I slept in too much on Sunday to make it to church but did watch the Titans win and decided to go walk on the Greenway - this is the first time I have been there since the accident. I soooo have missed it - it felt so good to be back there. The walk/run always rejuvenates me and it is so peaceful. I am worried when I start having to drive Goliath I won't be able to drive it in there :( I am ready for the week though - I feel rested and peaceful - hope it lasts all week long.  I loved having the windows open again this weekend. Did you do anything fun?

Have a great week!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Car Consumption

We made it!!! So first step done on getting my car paid off - my insurance check has been posted to my car account, now waiting to see what GAP does. Hopefully it get all paid. My master plan is to drive Mr Man's truck for a few months and let my car show paid and hopefully bring up my credit score. Pray I don't run over anything in that big goliath. I'm not worried so much about driving it, it's parking and having to back up.  I"m going to keep the rental until I HAVE to give it back - I have gotten used to driving the small car so hopefully I will get used to driving the big truck. This week has been pretty good but I am soooo ready for the weekend, nothing planned just ready to not have to get up so early. I have reverted back to my old eating habits and haven't gotten to work out much this week. Have to get back on track and try to get the Greenway in, at least walk it, not sure if I'm ready to run yet. Keep your fingers crossed that GAP pays me off :) Have a great weekend!!

My precious PRADA :) from Salvation Army LOL

I think green looks really good with these cool pants I found at JcPenney

I sure miss the sun shining in the mornings before I go to work

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm already tired and ready for the weekend. I love this tee below and I think it looks pretty good with that vest. I got the tee at JcPenny along with the capris and shoes. I got the vest at a yard sale many years ago. Don't have anything big planned for the weekend. How about you?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cooler Temp Triggers

Cooler weather make me long for soups, chil, and we did have beans and cornbread and I made some banana bread. Love the ways that makes the house smell. Got to have the windows open again this weekend LOVE IT!!

I can't believe another weekend has blown past. The weather is cooling down in TN and we had some rain on Sunday. I am so disappointed that I am starting to gain weight again. I didn't make it to the Greenway again this weekend - I just don't feel like it. My doctor wants me to do physical theraphy three times a week <scrunch nose> I have to get back on track again.  I kinda like the pink and orange combo below, the blouse got out of shape on the first washing so I decided to put the little tank top underneath and I like the way it looks. Have a great week!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dark Moments

I have been  nostalgic today listening to tunes I loved to listen to in my darkest moments as child

Leo Sawyer - More than I Can Say
Roseann Cash - Seven Year Ache
Syliva - Your Nobody Called Today

Into the Night

What do you listen to in your dark moments?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Day After

I didn't blog yesterday in observance of silence for 9/11. I did wear red, white, and blue as I usually do on 9/11. I'm still not feeling the best even though my headache is not as severe, I am still battling the dizziness and nauseness that accompies this lovely concussion. My worst fears have been confirmed - my credit is too low to secure financing for a new car so I will have to be patient and just learn to drive Mr Man's truck. I'm hoping it does not cost me a fortune to drive. I've been thinking how this sucks and how could I get myself out of this; however, it will be nice to just have one vehicle payment. I will take this opportunity to pay some things off and  perhaps rebuild my credit score - AGAIN. I would love to be able to pay cash for a vehicle and never have a car payment again. I'm hoping to one day make that dream come true. I have to say I am scared to drive Mr Man's truck - I won't be going to the Greenway on Saturday's as it is way too congested but I can go on Sunday's when not as many people attend. I walked today at work for the first time since the accident it felt good to be outside but I was a little fuzzy in the head but made it through the 30 minutes.

The below outfit is okay but I do love the color orange ;) I like this sweater with these pants the best though.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another New Dress

So I was looking for a khaki skirt at Kohls and found this beauty and I couldn't resist. I love the one piece that looks like a two piece look. The weather this weekend was prefect - Mr Man and I are still not well so we didn't get to any wind therapy but I got to have the windows open all weekend and it was gorgeous. The weather gave me such a peace and I didn't really do much except school work and try to get my house back in order. My mother is speaking to me again and actually acting as if the drama never happened - (shrug shoulders) I will just let it go - perhaps people deal with stress differently and the stress got the better of her but honestly I don't like to fight with her. Her mother is today so I took her to Red Lobster yesterday for her b-day - she has never eaten lobster. It was a nice dinner and other than that just caught up on housework. Working from home again today - half day as I have an appt at one today. This wreck has really interfered with my schedule but I am extremely blessed to have an employer that is flexible and  a job that does allow me to work from home when needed. Keep me in your prayers that all of this works out and I end up with a decent car that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Doll

Yesterday was really good day - I was productive at work and pretty much headache free starting to feel like my old self. I did get mad a few times over nothing - I'm still hoping that is residual from the concussion and that it will go away. I still have not heard from the other driver's insurance but my insurance has been wonderful. You really are in Good Hands with AllState. Now I have the new car bug....but the only way I can get a new car is if I get Mr Man's truck off my credit. Mr Man has offered to trade in his truck for me a new car and if we get any kind of settlement then buy him something for cash. I am not comfortable with this arrangement as then that leaves him with no transportation except for the bike. I keep praying to God to help me make the right decisions. I did find my GAP information but they said it expired on Sept 1 which I said well the accident happened one day before it expired. I am afraid that since I refinanced that my GAP became no good so that leaves around $5000 for me to pay for. I just have to keep faith that it will all work out according to His plan. I'm glad it's Friday and have enjoyed working from home. Would you believe since I haven't gotten to work out the scale is creeping back up? The fat sure doesn't wait around - what an opportunist! LOL

I really like wearing baby dolls, I think it is flattering for my body type. What type of casual blouses do you like?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not Quite There

I'm not quite there yet but today am feeling somewhat better. I had a CAT scan yesterday which was normal and my doctor said that I have a concussion. My boss is the best in the world and tried to get me to take the rest of the week off but I opted to work from home instead. That way if  I get a headache I can go to my bed for a bit. I have gotten up this morning feeling pretty good though. I did get the news my car is totaled I am not surprised by that. A little bummed since I am upside down and fear that I won't be able to find out if I have the gap. The lien holders say they don't have any record of it and I left a message for the dealership but am not hopeful, I bought the vehicle 6 years ago. I just have to keep reminding myself I am not the one in control. Have faith, let go and let God. SMH that is soooo hard for me. Interesting enough this is the outfit I was wearing when I had my accident - different shoes and no jewelry. I find it amusing that the pics I am posting are actually in line with what I have been wearing. Full circle. :)  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not What I Expected

The capris below are not what I expected when I bought them. The material is heavy and HOT. I burnt up the entire time I wore them. You will be seeing them more as the weather cools off but I did get to wear that new belt I got at JcPenney and those thrifted divine shoes :) <Scrunch nose> They also are not very flattering when I take a look at these pictures - I might give them one more try this fall - and if I don't like the next set of picture - be gone...... :)

Do you have some things that were not what you expected when you wore them?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Normal - I hope

So the horrible weekend is past me. I hate to have to do it but working half day at home today so I can get some business taken care of. Gotta get my rental, get my belongings out of the old car, and wait to hear from the insurance. I also have school tonight so hoping to also have time to finish up some loose ends since I slept the entire weekend away with the horrible headache. At least I was able to function yesterday, the headache was not as intense but I do plan to call my primary doctor today as well.

The picture below the sun is peeping in my door - those pictures won't be happening long as it is no longer as light when I get up - BOOOO I really hate to see summer go. Did you have a good three day weekend? Would love to hear some happy stories!!! Have a great week.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Insult to Injury

This has not been a good weekend at all. Friday afternoon I was hit head on by a group of teenage girls and really messed my car up and I am not feeling too well myself. I have had a headached for two days and slept the whole weekend. I'm taking a break from my school work right now to write this post but have to get a bunch crammed in today. Tomorrow I have to go get a rental and I'm worried that I did not get the GAP insurance and I am upside down in that vehicle and won't be able to get another one due to credit not that great and also having Mr Man's truck on my credit too as a co-signer. To add insult to injury, my mother is not speaking to me because right after the accident I found my phone and was trying to call my insurance company but not really knowing how to work my phone in that state mind I called my grandmother - so I just left a message on her machine about what happened and attempted to use my phone again to call insurance as I guess my coping mechanism is to try to control something. The ambulance got there, took my phone, and put me on a board and transported me to the hospital. I called my mother from the hospital once I was able to get my phone back (after x-rays and getting unstrapped from board) I told her I was okay and that I would call her when I got home that night. I did but  spoke to her husband and told him to tell her to call me the next day. The next day I get up, call her, she doesn't answer, I then go to facebook and see she is online and and im her asking her why she didn't answer. She got of facebook - then I get a message that says Call your Grandma. I just busted out crying, really? Later on, someone called me to ask me what the post about getting slapped in the face blah blah I'm done, and you know who you are "It's all about you". Then later I see she has posted "Amazing people know my phone number today, what part of I'm done don't you understand" all in caps. This has been going on my entire life - one minute she likes me, the next time I dial her number she has my number blocked. Both she and my youngest brother like to tell me it's all about me when they get mad at me over petty, silly things. I know the Bible says to respect your parents but at what cost? I think I am the one who is done, she has not called to see how I was or anything. WOW!!! What would you do? She took my tragedy and made it her tragedy. Plus, I wouldn't call her in a crisis because she is not strong - she falls apart and medicates herself (she prob doesn't remember talking to me at the hospital as she sounded medicated).