Monday, February 28, 2011

Era of Choice

Whew, it's been a busy weekend. Saturday went to a baby shower for my new addition of my niece, Cortlynn to maker her appearance on March 9 and during the course met another fab dresser, Latoya that I wanted to go ahead and feature with my baby shower pictures. She looked striking in her ensemble.

As an empty nester,  a baby shower makes me reflect on my children and my life with them when they were younger.Funny thing is that BOTH of them say that I dressed them horribly. I think they were both dressed very cute but when they are looking at pictures they were dressed in what was in style at the time. For instance, all my childhood pictures as a baby and toddler and grade school, I am dressed for the 70's, which makes me chuckle every time I look at them, I guess that is the same reaction my "babies" (24 and 17)  have when viewing pictures of the past, but I suspect they will see those styles come back in their lifetime and wear them on their on accord :P

Cute jeans - wonder if my niece will look back at these and roll her eyes?

My niece is going to be sooo cute in these

With some cute little pink tights - can you say DIVA?

Wouldn't this be cute with some little UG Boots?

Ms Latoya - soo nice meeting her
This outfit has soo many good qualities
Love the patterns, colors, and boots
Wait til you see the accessories....

The accessories really added to the outfits - Love the bracelets
Look at the earrings below - matching AWESOME!!

I wish I had not cut off her eyeballs
so you could see how gorgeous she is
Back to fashion coming around, I was an 80's teenager, and no offense to other generations, but I think my generation dressed the best :) I am thrilled to see some of the styles coming back, I loved the bright, fun colors, big hair, and jewelry. I am not too fond of the leggings (most likely to do with my current body style). I also hated the jelly shoes (they freaking hurt)

  Another era that seems to have been hanging around is the 70's. I love the wide legs (very flattering to my body type) and tunics. I don't care too much for the heavy eye make-up of that era.

What era is your favorite? Are you blending other styles together? What do you hope NEVER comes back?

BTW - Red seemed to be the color for the Grammy's (POWER?) :) My favs were: Jennifer Hudson, Cate Blanchette, Scarlette Johansen, Halle Berry. Yours?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friend Fashion Friday

I have been having so much fun taking pictures of my friends that I have started to get bolder about asking for pictures. I have decided that Friday's will be dedicated to all my fashionable friends. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration on a daily basis. I can't wait to share with you some of the other sophisticated women I see daily. Keep your fingers crossed that I will keep the nerve to keep asking for pictures of them. So, Friday is officially my new weekly blog "Friend Fashion Friday". This is also a wonderful way to bring the women together to show appreciation and let them know how fabulous they really are, also for me to learn from them while I work on my "put-together-classy"/"boho" look :)
Today's Feature (no particular order): Mary Anne, Carrie, Kristine, and Rhonda Thank you soo much ladies for letting me take and post your pictures :) Hats off to all!!!

Mary Anne always looks so put together,
She has a great fashion sense and is a trendsetter not to mention beautiful
I love the way this blouse ties at the top
I cut her boots off (still working on picture taking skills)
but they are below

Mary Anne's boots - they have a bow on them

Here is cuttie pie Carrie she is making me really like the belt look
I really like the pants as well

Those shoes are one of the pairs from the roadside seller
$5 unbelievable

Carrie is sooo FUN!!

Here is a better pic of Carrie's Fab Find for $5
She makes me wanna hide my feeties hers are so well taken care of :)
Kristine is NOT allowed to comment on that :P

So this is my Tn pride outfit - orange is one of the my FAVORITE color
Blouse - JCPenney's
Vest - yardsale
Capris - JcPenny (I went out of my comfort level to put the pinstripe with it)
Shoes - Monroe & Main

Whatcha think about the pinstripes? mmmmm?
Should I have just stayed with black?

It has been a rainy yucky day, so Kristine would only allow me to take her accessories
Aren't those earrings gorgeous?  She also makes wearing scarves seem so effortless

Rhonda is another classy, trendy, and some of her outfits are down right FUN
She is not only beautiful on the outside but has the most awesome personality
She makes me laugh out loud :)
I LOVE the sparkling hose, I stopped her midstride to beg for a picture

Aren't these  the coolest? The pic doesn't do them justice GRRRR
They are sooooo awesome in person!!

Rhonda also has some of the best jewelry
These definitely added sparkle to match the hose

She swears I should try platform that I wouldn't walk like John Wayne
She flows effortlessly through the office
Do you see the bling bling? I AM SOOO THRILLED
What are your favorite combinations? This week I am adding the following to my want list: belts, cool hose/tights, try to walk in platform heels, beg Kristine to teach me to tie scarves :) These ladies are great inspiration to me. Are you surrounded by inspirational women?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finishing Touches

Duster Sweater - Dillards
Blouse - JcPenny
Pants - Cato
Shoes - Belk

I love this but don't have many outfits to put it with
Kristine did not really like this outfit
but it's a good one
wait til you see the shoes and ring further down

Carrie looking loving sauve
The belt gives it a polished look

I think the trick to that polished look that I soo desire to create has to do with the finishing touches. I don't know about y'all but sometimes the accessories a woman has on catches my attention about an outfit. I absolutely LOVE novelty or unique accessories. Interesting fact, I don't shop for those things for myself.....not sure why.
I have a dozen shoes, couple of scarves, and a handful of jewelry. As you soon see both Kristine and Carrie do very well in the finishing touches category. I bet they love the way I analyze them :) Kristine has that going on, she has the coolest jewelry that I am always coveting!! Carrie, is not only petite and sooo cute, she always has the neatest looking shoes. She is able to flow through the office effortlessly on 10" high heels like she is wearing flats (they might not be that tall but if I were to try to wear them they may as well be 10" tall, John Wayne walking on a tight rope, NOOOT PRETTY) :) I also see other women that make scarves the focus of the outfit, then there are the cool belts (don't own any) , brooches (do not own any), some women change out their rings to match their outfits (own one). Not to mention hair styles, hair accessories, and nail accessories.

My necklace - gift from friend Hollie
What about shoes? What are your most unique shoes? What must the shoe  say to you for you listen to the whisper that says, "buy me"? Will you buy a pair of shoes for just one outfit?
Most colorful shoes I own
Most unique shoes I own, love the dragonfly

Carrie's superb shoes - she has the neatest looking shoes
and she is so elegant in the way she flows through the office :)

What are your most unique or favorite finishing accessories? Have a great day!!
Purple earrings gift from friend - Taylor

Kristine's shoes are superlative!!! Love those colors
She said she can't wear them when it's raining due to the material

Kristine's outstanding owl ring - she has the coolest jewelry
The most unique necklace I own

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend Fashion

Today I have guest appearances from two of my dearest girlfriends :) Say hello to Carrie and Kristine!!!
 I am hoping they visit us more :) They are both great inspirations to follow. I am also hoping to get more models here at work, we have some really sharp dressers around here.

Carrie's shoes that she found for $5 aren't they FAB?

This is Carrie, cute as a button.
This outfit is very flattering to her.
Hummm She might look powerful :)

This is gorgeous Kristine, I love this outfit.
The splash of color is fab
She said next time she will put a belt with it, she felt it look unfinished

Kristine looking FLY :)

I love this jewelry and she said she got them at Claire's
She better  hope they never fall off her
You'll be seeing me wearing  them :)

Kristine's boots ROCK - Screaming SEXY :)

This outfit is kinda hum-drum not my fav
Sweater - yard sale I love the birds on it
Blouse - JCPenny
Pants - Sam's (they are a little too big but I love them)
my fav distressed shoes from Belk

Aren't the birds the BEST?
Notice the three of us have different styles, which makes me wonder how do we learn to dress and develop our style? When I first entered into the work force I had no clue about fashion or how to dress. I come from a family of  women that while they don't dress badly, they aren't interested in the latest trends, preferring jeans and comfort, and fashion magazines did not lay around on the coffee table when I was growing up. So, I started studying other women on what I should and should not do. Between us, I have been trying to master the "put-together-classy" look but am also drawn to the boho look. 

I have always wondered if I am the only woman that looks or studies how other women are dressed? Not to judge them, but to see how they put stuff together and take away what I like to duplicate for myself? I rarely see an outfit that I think, What was she thinking? Has a complete stranger ever complimented on your outfit? I have complimented women, some are taken aback, but I swear I see them smile as they walk away. I know that when I have received compliments, it made my day :) I find it easier to compliment on clothing when shopping for clothes than just a casual encounter grocery shopping. One thing I try to keep in mind when looking for inspirations is my body type. I always think about how that outfit will fit on my "spoon", I tend to stay away from short skirts, well honestly, I wear few dresses or skirts anymore at all. (Complete opposite when I was a size 3, I always wore skirts as I thought pants swallowed me). SIZE 3.........SIGH......POUT......Where are my chocolates?! oops I digress, back on topic....

Do you watch for inspirations when out and about? Do you like to dress like others or prefer to create your own unique looks? Is it the outfit that sparked your attention or perhaps the way she carried herself? Do you think a confident woman can make an okay outfit a rock star? I find that when I feel good in an outfit, I portray that good feeling when I walk and my mood is much better than an outfit that I feel "fidgety". What are you thoughts on developing style? Did you learn from your mother, friends, or were you a trendsetter? I hope you will join me in trying to compliment other women on outfits that I/you like and maybe put a smile on their face :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Powerful Red?

Scarf - gift
Blouse - yardsale
Pants - Jessica London
Shoes - yardsale

Back in the day, we were told not to wear the color red to job interviews citing that red was a "power" color. I have thought about this and I have to say looking at someone in red does not convey to me that they are powerful. In decorating, it is suggested to paint the kitchen or dining room red as it invokes appetite. I don't know if that affects me that way it either. Then again, maybe I am underestimating red, since I am not a fan.  I don't think I look powerful.
Still don't think I look powerful

Bracelet - yardsale




Earrings say Faith, Love, Hope

Love the zipper

Guest Appearance
Carrie found these on roadside seller $5 and she looks FAB in them

I cannot discount the color theory completely, I admit that when I see someone wearing bright colors, such as yellow and orange (both not recommended for job interviews either) it makes me think the person is happy or festive or puts me in that kind of mood when I wear them. My bathroom is painted a sunny yellow and starts my day off in a happy way :)

My bedroom is a brownish gray and I find it very soothing. Is that because I like those colors or do they hold some magic? Blue is a color that I don't mind wearing but I don't want to paint my walls that color, the same with lime or bright green, I can and will paint with a Sage Green or brownish green.

Why IS navy blue the perfect choice for an interview? In my research, according to Angela Harris (n.d.) blue - makes you seem authoritative, brown - makes you seem "calm, trustworthy, and level headed", gray - makes you seem "authoritative without being overwhelming" I found this article at

Do color(s) people are wearing sway your opinion of them? Does the color of the room affect your mood? What colors do this and why you think? Can't wait to hear your take on color and moods. Have a great day

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Already?

Today is my first day back at work after being off for a week and I have class tonight so it will a long day. I have a presentation to give tonight with my team and I am worried that one team member has not turned in his part (GRRRR) Yesterday was the best weather yet, had all the windows open, too bad I was stuck indoors doing laundry and tweaking my parts for the presentation. I will be using my lunch break today rehearsing and rehearsing. So back to routines and the grind stone, oh well, gotta have $$ to shop for fab clothes or pay off bills, depending on my mood. HAHA

Outfit today:
Blouse has the prettiest detailing around the chest came from Catos
Capris - JcPenny
shoes - Shoe Dept
Necklace - Mr Man
Bracelet - a creative girl that used to work for me made it for me

Earrings - a gift from my dear friend Hollie
The wind was blowing in this bottom picture. I am proud to say that I have lost 4 lbs, 6 more and you  might be able to tell :)

I only have 3 more Monday's and I will be finished with this class and then the last 9 credits will be done  completely online. I am hoping to try to fit in going to Real Estate school to try to get my Real Estate license - I am obsessed with this thought lately.

Unfortunately Spring will be gone after today for a few days - so will have bundle up again. SOOOO ready for Spring/Summer clothes and cute sandals........ahhhhhh

Oh well, Have a great day!!! Let me know how your Monday is going.