Friday, March 29, 2013


We got a little glimpse of sunshine and 57 degrees in TN yesterday and I loved it. Went to the gym for lunch and then got to walk with my buddies at work :) Very Very nice. I'm ready for more days like that...The outfit below I absolutely love - I felt completely sassy and cute in this little ensemble that I put together all by myself ;) The belt I stole  off another dress and it doesn't quite fit me anymore - it's too big <GRIN> Today is Good Friday - I am not off work today but always feel a little sad on this day. Getting my gray covered tomorrow and trying to think of something to do for my Grandma Sunday after church - her birthday is Monday. What do yo have planned this weekend?

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well it is day three of taking vitamin B6 and I feel awesome. I have been in the best mood the past few days, no raging outbursts. I am still feeling a little drugged up when I get up in the mornings - Mr Man thinks this still might be residual from the concussion from the wreck - concussions will also make you have rages as well...but that would not explain why the B6 is making me feel better. Hard to believe that March is almost over - Sunday is Easter. We don't have any family dinners planned for once in a long time. Mr Man kinda took the joy out of that for me around Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if this is part of menopause but I have been asking myself so many questions such as have you ever analyzed your relationships and thought about the things that you had to give up in order to be in the relationship? Ever question your sanity for accepting certain behaviours? Wonder what happened to your backbone and self-worth? Life is not perfect and people are not perfect and as hard as I have wished and pretended I'm not June Cleaver. Funny thing about running from your past - it always seems to find you - the mind never forgets no matter how hard you try or how deep you try to file it away. Then the doubt comes - are you overreacting? Is this the hormones talking? Are you getting bitter with age? Are you going crazy? Is this really what life is about? I worked so hard for this? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands.... hoping the B6 makes all that go away....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Week Smiles....

This week smiles consist of Spring Snow, Showers, and tortellinis.

This is Spring Snow here in Tn - I'm really shaking my head more than I'm smiling. Funny thing about this I stepped out into the cold to try to take a picture because the flakes really were pretty (not captured well) and I was engrossed with what I was doing that Mr Man made me almost jump out of my skin as he was standing just inside the door and I did not see him.

My daughter's baby shower was a complete success. I was very blessed that I had a group of women that helped me - Maryanne helped with the decorations and giving out the presents and moral support, Kristine made fabulous olive loaf and chicken salad and she wrote down who gave what (my handwriting is only legible within 5 minutes by me) Jamithia helped with the decorations, Nicki purchased some FAB Lion King decorations. We even had two photographers, Paula and Parnell, I can't wait to see the pics they took as I was too busy watching everything and only got these limited shots. Not to mention all our co-workers who came together and participated giving my daughter and son-in-law much love. Oh and my son-in-law and a few men came together and set the tables up and did clean up as well. Huge Thumbs UP and thankful prayers to God for blessing us.

Trisha made this adorable diaper cake - Isn't it the cutest?

I asked my daughter to pose with her "pouty face" she always makes me smile and she truly is my best friend. I better stop before I become mushy gushy - (which it totally not me) but I do adore her and am extremely proud of the woman she is becoming.

The loot.....

So here my chicken parmigiana  but I was tired of the same ole same ole and I never had these cheese stuffed to tortellinis, so I added them and they added just the right amount of umphhh - LOVED IT!!

Hoping you are having a FAB week so far!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sanity Gone

Doesn't this jacket scream Spring? So maybe if I wear Spring it will finally come. I ended up wearing the jacket open most of the day and I think it looks better open even though the big button is really cool. The whole ensemble is from JCP except the boots from Monroe & Main. It is so strange to see it snowing and man it is cold here in Tn. There is something wrong with me - perhaps I am having issues with my hormones; however, I have a short fuse and things really do bother me that probably should not. I go into a rage for some of the most stupid reason.I found this from Dr. Oz it was very informative. But they want me to give my diet cokes. My grandmother swears if I get B6 and take it I will get my sanity back and I did some research and this article agrees

Have you gone through this? What worked for you?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Time Fillers

There is one thing that my son and I definitely have in common - we do not like time on our hands. Now that I am finished with my school, I do not know what to do with myself. Sure, I like the freedom and laying around the house and watching HGTV but I have now developed an extreme need and desire to declutter the house. I am thinking about getting rid of nick-knacks and going more for minimalist look. I told Mr Man as soon as the weather warms and clears up, so that I can load the truck up either for the dump or Goodwill. I informed him that I or he has not used or touches within the last six months - off with it's head..I mean of it goes :)  I started with clearing the vanity off in the bathroom - this weekend I invested in new smelly goods for the bathroom - got rid of the toilet brush and replaced the one with the disposal brush and purchased one of those wands that you put this circle of gel in the toilet for constant cleaning. Fresh!!

I think next weekend - I will tackle the office once again - it's not that bad since I already did one going over. The laundry room is my biggest thorn at the moment. This weekend I made chicken parmigiana and added some cheese stuffed tortellinis. I REALLY like those.... Today and tomorrow is going to be so cold that they are calling for flurries. Say man, anyone tell Old Man Winter, his party is over and it's Spring? I hope he finds out and moves on quickly and I hope you have a great week :)

I love the blouse below and the shark necklace I got in California matches it perfectly - one again those cords from Chadwick's - like I said, they have been a huge staple in my winter wear this year.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Shower

Today is the baby shower for my daughter at work. Here is sneak peak of the cake that her aunt Holly (on her dad's side) made for her. I think it looks really good. So I am making my grandma's lime sherbet punch, I have a meat and cheese tray, and artichoke, spinach dip with crackers. Kristine is making pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches, Jamithia is bringing chips & dip, Susie is bringing a vegetable tray, and I think Carlene is bringing nuts. Dang it, I forgot to get the mints....What is a baby shower without the mints? GRRRR Nicole is supplying the decorations. Oh, I should prob have a fruit tray, geez forgot that too. Oh well, I don't guess it's the end of the world - this is the only shower I have ever hosted :) I am glad it's Friday and looking forward to doing nothing this weekend - gonna be rainy and cold <pouting> so I will just sit on the couch and watch HGTV and the cooking channel all day.....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fountain of Youth/Hot Tub of Beauty

This pic looks like the weirdest pose. I got this colorful blouse at JCP but it has to be really cold to wear it as it is really warm to wear. These pants I got at Target - not my favorite but the only black long and thick pair I have right now. Yesterday was my first day back in the office and I must say I was glad to be back. I like to work from home occasionally but really enjoy going to the office and being around people. I'm an introvert social butterfly, if that makes sense.  Tonight I will be busy after work, picking up my daughter's cake and meat and cheese platter for the shower tomorrow. I am really nervous about it - my daughter is too - neither one of us likes to be the center of attention. I will be nervous afraid I will mess up the shower or not do it "right". I know, these are my own issues but mine all the same. She is nervous about everyone watching her but I totally understood what she meant when she voiced her fears. I must say though that I am extremely blessed to work where I do. The people are like family to me and most of them watched my daughter grow up - she was 6 when I started working there, now she is almost 20 and works there too. Isn't funny how quickly time passes without you even looking? This time next year I will be a grandmother to a nearly one year old grandson and who knows what else will be going on. Hopefully I will have found the fountain of youth and the hot tub for beauty, and then I woke up :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Week Smiles

Changing the house over to Spring - I must change my surroundings to help stave off the blues and I decided the best way to do it is change for the seasons - I also want to declutter the house ...again.....

I really like the spare bedroom new color with the orange - very happy in there when I get on the elliptical

Not as thrilled with my room - I want a new comforter in there - I put the one I bought last year for the summer spare bedroom but the white and doggies - not a good mixture ya know?

I like the new spring shower curtain I bought last year for Spring in the bathroom - I did unclutter the vanity - I tried to declutter Mr Man's side but when I went back in the bathroom after his visit he had put his stuff back - <sigh> well at least my side is neat. One day I will redo this bathroom as it has the original tile work from the 70's

My daughter loved her gift so much that they put it together after I left and sent me pictures - Jaxen's nursery is really coming together - she has done such a good job of decorating

My new acquisition for the living room - now I need to find furniture to go with it as it doesn't really go with the rest of the furniture I have in there but doesn't look horrible - it could be that I just have the "I wants"

A better picture of the spring shower curtain :) I have been wanting to frame this mirror out like a picture but Mr Man is not a carpentry and not good at stuff like that and neither am I so it's in the "I want to do" list

What has made you smile this week?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tucked In

Now this is a rare sight, me with a tucked in blouse. When I gained all that weight I stopped tucking in the blouses opting more for tunics on the outside. But for whatever reason, this morning I decided to tuck it in, and I think I like the look. I love to pair gray and yellow and gray and orange together. Of course, this outfit still screams winter - this weekend is the first day of Spring and old man Winter is still hanging around. Not to point out anyone's faults but umhum the Groundhog.....<SMH> I went shopping last night and got my daughter the car seat/stroller on her Target registry- I had wrestle it in my buggie (for non-Southerners, the shopping cart) and then I couldn't get it out to go in the truck - luckily a nice man came by and wrestled it out for me, and even luckier my daughter lives next door to the Target so I just drove it over and gave it to her early. My son-in-law wrestled it out and took in for me :) So now, I will be empty handed for the shower on Friday at work but I just couldn't see wrestling it home - then back in the truck - and then in the office Nope, couldn't see the point in that, not to mention, I couldn't wait to give it to her :) I know, I know, but hey, I'm a newbie.....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

I had the best 4 day weekend. Thursday was a blah day but  nothing horrible - layed around, watched the tube..Friday was beautiful, window open,  and I was able to go to the Greenway and then Mr Man and I had a surf and turf dinner. He grilled some steaks and we went to Sam's and purchased two lobster tails and some more king crab legs to go with the ones we had left over in the freezer from my b-day. The meal was delicious. Saturday was another windows open, gorgeous morning - started out on the front porch reading in the sun, then I went to the Greenway, did some running this time, and then Mr Man and had got some wind therapy (went riding on the motorcycle). Sunday was a gloomy, rainy, cold day (heat is back on) but I changed the bedrooms and bathroom over to spring. Next weekend, I can do the dusting and hang different curtains up in the living room. I am really enjoying the homework free life again. It's back to the grind stone, but I don't have to commute for the next two days as Mr Man has appt (the joy of having one vehicle) so I must work from home. How was your weekend? Hope you have a great week!!

The pleated skirt paired well with this jacket and my favorite scarf.. The earrrings were a gift from my friend Hollie - I wish we still worked together - I miss her...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Scarf Foundation

This is the first time I have worn this scarf because I could never think of anything to wear with it. My grandmother gave it to me and it has been in my scarf bin ever since. The blue blouse came in line and I usually like to pair blue and orange together but the scarf came to mind and I thought it would look good by pulling most of the colors out. You know how much I adore the bandit look I put a pink tee underneath and used the tan capris (the scarf still have my favorite color orange too, bonus) Not a bad outfit if I do say so myself. I'm thinking next time, stick the scarf inside the button and give it a more straighter line look. Do you like to build your outfit around the scarf or is the scarf an after thought? I personally do not think about scarves unless I think the outfit is flat and needs a little umph. As you know, I'm really not that big into accessories but like them just the same.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Smile....

This week smiles are all about thoughtfulness...

My thoughtful team at work who got me a cake to congratulate on finishing my MBA

I smile at the thoughtfulness of my daughter and son-in-law  who left this card on my keyboard to find the next day for completing my MBA

Proof of me cheesing and how happy that it made me that my team loves me as much as I love them

My rugs came the same night I finished school - man I sure wish I had some new cabinets - wonder how they would look painted...ummmmm

My collection is complete - my daughter ordered the measuring spoons for my birthday in January and they just came in...She was not happy....I love them!! I just need to find another way to display the spoons...I'll be thinking about that...

Cool uh?

The quote fitting for this week....

Here is a better pic of my new spoons...I haven't used them yet...Kinda scared I'll mess them up :)

Hoping this week brings you many smiles - Oh, I almost forget...especially big smile since this is my Friday WHOOOHOOOO :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It is nice to not to have to get up by an alarm clock, I really enjoy my time off.  The weather was a little cool when I wore this outtif so I paired it with the wool capris from Chadwicks. The colors and patterns surprisingly compliemented one another. I paired it with a necklace my daughter gave me and I think it added to it as well.

I am restless - I want new furniture and have the decorating bug. I did get a new chair for my living room that I bought from my friend Kristine and I really like it. But I also come across an idea for my kitchen cabinets and I am going to see if I can't pull this off during my time

The inspiration came from Better Homes and Gardens

Mr Man shot the idea down - stating the cabinets were too ugly and not matched up well that painting them will just maximize the flaws and make them more evident. :( I can't afford new cabinets so there HAS to be a way to make them look better, that is very frustrating.


My first Monday night without homework, strange, wasn't sure what to do with myself. I ended up catching up with my brother, Jeff, whom I had not spoken to in a couple of weeks, talked to my daughter, and then got on the elliptical. Had a really good workout today at the gym and got on the elliptical - I am on a quest now.....June is fast approaching and I am determined to meet my goal. I just have to today and tomorrow and then I'm off work Thursday and Friday. Next Friday is my daughter's baby shower that I am throwing her at work - I am really excited about this. Thank God for my friend Kristine - as I don't have a creative bone in my body and I know NOTHING about showers. I have attended a few but have never given one. I never had a baby shower myself either time I was pregnant. I have so enjoyed watching my daughter get to to do things I did not get to do. She is so much ahead of the curve at her age than I was, I am extremely proud of her. I am not an emotional mother but she seems to understand me. She is, after all, my mini-me :) She told me that after Jaxen is born she is going to pursue a degree in psychology and I think she will do well. She already has a great start to a career - although I know she will one day move on from our workplace and venture on her own  - I am blessed to have gotten to watch this process. She is watching me as well - I am pleased to demonstrate to her my own personal growth. I have grown with my fellow bloggers and the encouragement to be me and express my interests in clothes, cooking, and just exploring new things, either vicariously through my fellow bloggers or the wonderful new friends that I have become surrounded by. I have my work family, you know my friend Kristine, who was a breath of fresh air in my life and is the coolest woman ever, and my bible study family, whom I adore. I still have some negative things that I am holding on but I think in time I will always cut those strings.....

Speaking of strings - isn't the string pattern on the top below interesting? I like the black on black with that little splash of white. Those cords I got online have been a staple this winter in my wardrobe but I am ready to retire them for some spring clothes...I think the Groundhog tricked us :P

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bed Head

Not to bore or to give you too much information but this pic below is me with bedhead. I overslept that morning and did not have time for a shower or to wash my hair. Now before you are totally grossed out, I must share that I bathe twice a day and three times a day if I go to the gym. I bathe at night, in the morning, and if I go to the gym for lunch, I shower before returning to work. The only time I wash my hair though is in the am...but....I must say that the older I get I'm thinking I don't really need to wash my hair daily. Sometimes I think it looks better after I have slept on it - in my youth I washed it daily because my hair was oily. I see no sign of oil in that head below. Now my eyes aren't as bright since I believe the shower wakes me up for the day. I must admit that my Saturdays of late consist of no morning shower and staying in my jammies all day until bath time - to which I bathe and put on a clean pair of jammies.

The weather for my first homework free weekend was not to my liking. It was supposed to be sunshine and warm - perfect Greenway weather. That is not what happened at all. It was cloudy and cool and Sunday was rainy. I am thinking about wiping my clean slate and starting all over with my life. I don't know if I have become paranoid but lately I feel like my personal life is not what I need. I am going to be making some changes - or at least, I'm contemplating and evaluating. Do you think I"m going through a mid-life crisis?
Have you ever felt this way and what did you?