Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time Suckers

I must apologize that I haven't been blogging as regular as I had been. I think I am riding the wave of  "the funk". I have been really tired and I must admit that taking classes online are much more work than attending in class and this has really been a huge time sucker for me. Time suckers are those things in our lives that take up all the extra breathes and minutes in our lives and try to consume us. Some other time suckers for me are exercising, work, TV, and yes if I admit it, the computer sucks alot of my time. So what is good time management? How do you find the balance so that you feel like you can breathe? I watch DIY and HGTV every chance that I get and I watch in awe how some of these women, Rehab Addict is one that comes to mind at the moment, takes on these renovation projects while juggling full time jobs, she is spending long, long hours and nights sanding floors. I wonder if she thinks of it all that work as a time sucker? I doubt it, I think she really enjoys it.

I think that is the key to managing time suckers, replacing those dead-beat activities with things you enjoy, AND changing your mind set on how you perceive such activities. I think it is a good idea to also evaluate your time suckers to see if they are vital in assisting with your goals. For instance, is sacrificing some TV time to get my school work done, that big a deal? I would whine so eloquently that YES it is.....


Stan Kasten put it the best:

"It is a time-consuming process. But if you put the time into it, which we are dedicated to doing, we will have long-term success. We're not in this for the short-term, we're in this for the long term"

This is hard to remember for me about the long-term goal thingy (it's that p word again for me=patience). Especially in this instant gratification world. Has all of the luxuries in life made me lazy? Do I tire out now because I am older? Well, you know what? It doesn't matter, because I refuse to wallow in my misery ANY minute longer, this is me pulling up my big girl panties and sucking it up. I have realized that I have overlooked the BIGGEST time sucker in my life - WALLOWING i.e.complaining and grumbling about the lost time and how tired I am and blah blah :)

Do you have some things in your life that seem to be taking up all of your time? Do you resent those activities? How do you think we can manage those things that MUST be done but are not that fun or take a little effort on  our part?
Jacket - take from one of my "skinny" suits from the past
Scarf -b-day present from Grandmother - finally found something I could put it with
Pants - Jessica London
Shoes - Shoe Dept

Long time friends Beth is in the middle - first time I've seen in her in 20 years
She came home for a visit, so good to see her
Tavie on the right she and I go wayyy back :)
Great seeing them last night
Going to make more time to see people :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My precioouuusss

These are few things that are my current treasures and the house Spring Attire.
This was the recipe of the weekend from Rachel Ray
Not bad :)

I have always loved things with my name on it
Now I have a lunch box
In the 80's had a bunch of t-shirts with my name on the back

Spring Setting
I love those fake flowers the color is awesome
found it at Walmart - I keep it out all year except  Christmas

Fishes in the bathroom - fresh

I have two of these on top of each other
Found these at a yard sale I pained the bathroom the same color as the matte

Seahorse and seashell candle
my daugher, Shelley, gave to me for my b-day
Makes me smile every morning

Spring bedroom
Green doesn't look too bad against the wall color
Orange looks better.....but that is summer :)

This is the spare bedroom - that comforter and curtains
match like they went together
This room looks really good with sunshine coming in
Eliptical is your left :)

Acutally forgot I had this duvet
Found it cleaning the closet :)
I want to paint this room a Sage like green to go with all the oranges

Recipe :)

What are some of your favorite items around the house? Do you switch over for the season in your decorating? Do you have a favorite place to shop? I'm all over the place on that one.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smiling Inside

This is going to be a quick post as I have been having problems posting pics for the past two days and it's getting late so I must retire. This weekend went by very quickly. I spent the entire time doing school works, Finance is NOT my favorite thing. I spent my weekend with Standard Deviations, Present Value, Future Value, and Net Present Values, man oh man are they party animals. I know, I know, you are jealous of all the fun I had.... :P It was a rainy weekend and  was spent the entire time on the couch with my laptop, my new BFF.

I felt very pretty in this outfit. I copied the style from Sal and I love the look. Since fall/winter is giving us another party - hopefully this is the farewell party - I am getting to wear some of my favorites.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring?! Hello........Where'd ya go?!

Broke out the sweater - felt preppy in this outfit
I love the layered look without having to layer
Sweater - JcPenny
Pants - Belk
Prada shoes :) {MY PRECIOUUSSSSSS}

Kristine looks way cool in this - love the booties

This is neatest looking owl

This is my favorite dress - she found this for a song
LOVE the colors

These are Wendy's shoes - I LOVE THEM

Wendy's outfit is well put together
She makes her own jewelry and there
are several women at work sporting them around - FAB

Here is a better look at the necklace she made
I hope to feature her on the Creativity Blog I'm working on

This scarf was soooo pretty

Pam rocks this outfit - the hat and the sweater were bought separately
I swear they look like they were made together
I really want a pair of those trouser jeans too

The hat MAKES this very cool
BRRRR it has gotten cold again here in Tennessee after the few days of near 80 degrees it is disappointing to see the 50ish highs. It is getting harder for me to get pictures of the all the fabulous women at work but I did manage to snap a few that I will share with you, but there probably won't be any more posts dedicated to it. Hopefully I can get some random shots in every now and then that I will sprinkle in for added interest :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One obscure thought - Really?

Have you ever worked at something really hard and the results were NOT what you expected? Have you ever put together an outfit at home and in the morning as you are getting ready to leave you think you look FAB, but then you see yourself the mirror at work and think this does NOT look as you planned? For example, my outfit this morning I layed it out last night and it was cute and comfy and I was mighty pleased with myself. Then at work it occurred to me that I should have put that orange medallion necklace with it and it would have made it POP. My outfit felt incomplete to me for the rest of the day. So I went from thinking "I'm cute" to "I'm incomplete" in one obscure thought. Did the necklace I am wearing REALLY make that big of a difference in the outfit?

My scale at home says I have lost 2 lbs this week, WW scale said .2, yep, POINT TWO, seriously?! That really tempered my mood, so I get home and step on my scale again and it still says 2 lbs. REALLY what difference does it make? I lost weight either way, my clothes are fitting loosely and I FEEL so much better now that I am eating right, excercising, and taking care of myself.

It is baffeling how the mindset can change everything in just one obscure thought and a person can do a complete 180 on their disposition or stance with a suggestion or an off hand remark. It is notable to remember this when speaking to others but easy to forget when dealing with ourselves. So the next time I'm feeling disappointed about something or an obscure though crosses my  mind, I am going to ask myself if it is REALLY as big a deal as I think?

HA! An obscure thought just hit me, the WW leader today told us that if we want to eat something to ask ourselves the 4 really's - Do I really want to eat this?  Really? Really? Really? Funny how the mind works, I must have REALLY been paying attention :)

Necklace - Mr Man
Vest - Monroe & Main
Tee - ABC Distributing
Capris - JcPenny
Shoes - yard sale
Bracelet - Michelle

This is the necklace I think would have completed the outfit
How do you handle disappointment? Do you let obscure thoughts change your mindset or mood about something? I hope you have a  REALLY great day :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1st Quarter Statement

Hard to believe one quarter is almost completed for 2011. The makes me remember that most people make goals on January 1 and by this time have forgotten those goals. I am no different so I thought I should think of those goals and do an inventory to make sure that I keep going or realign my goals to maximize. So January 1, 2011 I said I would:
1) Get of debt
2) Finish BA and start MBA
3) Get Real Estate License
4) Lose weight - 52 lbs to be exact
5) Keep  fixing up the house
6) Continue self improvement/style improvement
7) Become involved in more activities
8) Organize work and become more efficient
9) Be a better person
10) Get breast  implants - for my 40th b-day

So let's see how I am doing on those goals:

1) I am  making progress but slooooowwwllllyy. I refinanced my car, I am working on consolidating  my credit cards.  Have any of you ever done this?
Some bad financial decisions are still haunting me today but with time - or patience (there's that word AGAIN) I consider that  I'm on track - still much work to do

2 & 3) BA will be completed on June 27 - once that is completed will work on number 3 once that is completed then enroll for MBA - (I might take the summer off before going for the MBA) Definitely on track

4) I am on track and the scale has been moving. I have lost 18 lbs since January 1, approx 34% completed to my goal. Joined the WW at work program in addition to my online WW that I do. Still going to the gym every other day at lunch and started walking at work as well. Trying to incorporate evening work outs - this I am having problems doing with my school work

5)  Haven't done much in that area - really should not have been list until I got number 1 under control

6) The blog has been a great outlet for me and reading all my favorite blogs has been helpful in staying focused and reminding me to continue to work on this. WIP I continue to read the Daily Guideposts every morning before I go to work to start my day off in a positive manner.

7) Haven't done much in this area. I am really sooo busy with work, school,  blogging, and trying to get some rest to enjoy my home on the weekends. Turning into a hermit but I really love staying home on the weekends and enjoying my back yard. Off Track

8) I have been productive and meeting my goals. Revamped my ticket spreadsheet and things are going more smoothly. Still need to work on my email response and watch for QA emails to ensure that I respond in a timely manner. Still struggling with issues that are not in my comfort level On track

9) This is always a WIP (work in progress) but I am smiling more at people and trying to not letting the small stuff affect my mood. There are still days when I could blow my top. :)

10) Didn't happen - refer back to number 1

As I look over my list, I notice that it is all "ME ME ME". I need to find a way to give back and help people. So I think I will  restate number 7 to be: Find a cause that I can donate my time to at least once a month to give back. I also notice that some of my goals are vague and hard to measure.
2nd quarter goals:
1) Get of debt
2) Finish BA and start MBA
3) Get Real Estate License
4) Lose weight - 52 lbs to be exact
5) Start a savings account for home improvments - this will prob start at the end of 2nd quarter
6) Continue to find ways to improve myself
7) Find a cause that I can donate my time to at least once a month to give back
8) Organize work and become more efficient - do more than production with ease
9) Embrace challenges head on and remember they are a way to learn new things and part of self growth

Did you set goals or resolutions for yourself for 2011? If so what were they? How does your 1st quarter look? If not, are you thinking of setting some goals for 2nd quarter? Well, we will pick this blog back up at the end of June to see how MY 2nd quarter has gone. Good luck and wishing everyone great prosperity and lots of sun and fun for the 2nd quarter :)

Necklace - gift from Hollie
Blouse - Walmart
Sweater - Marshalls
Capris - Goodies
Shoes - yardsale

It was a gorgeous day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am the type of woman who really appreciates art, ballet, and anything else that requires some type of creativity. The reason for this I think is because I do not have a creative/artistic bone in body. Another thing I attribute to my lack of patience - Patience should have been my name that would have been the only way I could have some link to it. I am amazed when I see works of art, whether it be making jewelry, quilting, painting, cooking, gardening, and especially decorating. I am surrounded at work with women such as these and as soon as I get a chance to talk to each of them I will see if they will let me "feature" them :) Until then you are stuck with my ramblings :)

Here are a few things that I have said to myself that I want in the past week:
nesting bird necklace found at

Duro Design Cleopatra Floating Cork Plank Whiskey Brown
Cork Flooring

Linden Street Set of 4 Metal Wall Art
Found at JcPenny
Call It Spring® 'Friyana' Sandal
MNG by Mango® 'Sharona' Sandal

Have you found anything lately that you wanted? Are you going to get it? Most of my list I probably won't get but that doesn't keep me from appreciating and wanting :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally Spring

Spring is officially here!! I love the signs of Spring, the Bradford Pears at work below are in bloom - I love the way they look, not so much their smell.
Parking Lot at Work
Bradford Pears = Pretty
 Another sign of Spring is Mr Man firing up the grill - YUMMY - Notice that Heathen is close by in case Mr Man needs his opinion on taste :)
 This is what I call the oasis in my side back yard. I must admit that I do not spend time in this area, the swing is on the other side of the yard. It does make for a great view looking out the kitchen window. I love those yellow bushes. My son told me this would be a great spot for the pond I have been wanting, but I never sit in  that area but it would be pretty :)
The Oasis
 Another sign of Spring is Mr Man getting the garden ready. I absolutely loved having the fresh vegetables last year. We bought a deep freeze and I have been researching canning. Are there any fellow canners out there that could offer some advise? I have a flat stove and most of the books say that the ceramic stoves are not good for canning but I have seen some posts on FaceBook that have been using one and it worked great. Do you have any experience in this?

Doesn't he look interested? LOL

Heathen running towards me, ain't he cute?
The Baby

A little growth in my backyard flower bed, YAHHH
 So the recipe this weekend was Swedish Meatballs in Sour Cream Gravy. For my fellow Weight Watchers this is only 8 points. The meatballs turned out pretty good, I will lower the amount of nutmeg and I think next time I will also use some sausauge, a recommendation from my brother Jeff, who says it adds a ton of flavor :) Now about the gravy - well I feel like a failed  Southern Girl - I am too impatient to make gravy!!! So the first batch was really, really greasy and it wasn't the color in the picture. In the picture the gravy was white, my gravy was tannish. So I decided to add more flour, well it helped so much that I decided to add some more - well actually alot more. I ended up with a greasy looking glue substance - not bad to the taste but could not imagine it clumped on my plate. So I threw it out, and used fat free beef broth, flour, and sour cream. This was much much better. I have never been able to make gravy using fat drippings and I suspect it is due to my lack of patience. I served this over rice since last week we had goulash over the egg noodles. It will be a repeat with some modifications suggested by my brother, Jeff. My brother Bradley asked me if I gave the gravy to Heathen and laughed and laughed, he is on my list JK :) I will be sure to make him gravy when he visits next WAHHHAAAA

Saturday was pretty but it was too cold to for me to outside. The weather on Sunday was FAB!! I was able to sit outside in my swing and was motivated to get my house turned over for spring. How was your weekend and did you do anything special? Hope you have a great day!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan - You are in my prayers

Following Monster Cakes -  I borrowed this from her last post and will follow suit -
Tomorrow (Friday) I will join many others in a day of blogging silence to reflect and revere the disaster that befell Japan. To learn more or to donate to the cause, visit here:

Good Skin - Luck of the Irish?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day :)

Do you need the luck of the Irish to have good skin? I have been researching and asking a couple women that I know about their skin care regime. Good skin - defined by me as a healthy glow and minimum wrinkles - a product of good genes or product or both. I have 3 different perpectives, not including my own/family :) I have Kristine who uses some product, she is fair skinned, blonde hair/green eyes with great skin. (I think they are blue but she swears they are green) , then I talked to another fair skinned blonde with good skin, Gina, who uses no product at all. Then I have Cynthia who tans very easily who has her own skin care business and she shared her secrets and some pictures of before using product and after using product. Last but not least, lil ole me, who is dark skinned and has started  using product.

Kristine says:
There are TONS of “make out of your fridge” face masks and skin care that I will do when I have time, but below is my basic routine right now.
Natural Beauty :)
Morning routine:                                      
Gentle astringent
Oil of Olay lotion
Cleanse with:
Pears Glycerin soap or Neutrogena Glycerin soap.
Exfoliation pad (2.00 for 2 at Wal-Mart)
Exfoliate every other night with CVS Brand Apricot scrub
Steam cream lotion
Garnier Eye roller

Gina tells me that she got her good skin from her mother and that she goes to bed pretty much every night with her make up on.  Her skin looks really good, I would be broke out with acne like a teenager. So we can chalk hers as genes (not sure if she is Irish but she may have gotten some their luck)     Isn't she beautiful?                       
Beautiful with great genes

Cynthia, is a self made business lady, Executive Level V Leader at Rodan + Fields Dermatologists and she gave me access to some before and after pictures :) She also has GORGEOUS skin!!!

Cynthia says:
"I use the ANTI-AGE Regimen from Rodan & Fields in conjunction with their AMP MD System. This is the tool that provides clinically proven results similar to BOTOX and better than RESTALYNE in the comfort of your home with NO INJECTIONS and a fraction of the cost.    

In the morning, I use a Cleanser, a Toner, and a day cream with SPF 30. Simple! In the evening, I repeat the Cleanser, Toner - then I ROLL my face with our patent-pending tool "AMP MD" - next I follow with the Peptide Serum, and finish with the Overnight Restorative Cream. "Rolling" at night takes ~ 1 minute! This process is creating micro-channels in your skin so that the peptides and retinols can get below the first several layers of the skin & MASS PRODUCE collagen at up to 500% more than just putting the same items on without rolling. Pretty impressive! We've seen extremely fabulous results - ALLURE has deemed us as the "Must Have At Home solution for Anti-Aging" for 2011, as well as the TODAY SHOW featuring Rodan + Fields twice this year already."

4 Weeks using REVERSE
Before starting using Reverse

Top: Before first usage of AMP MD System
Middle: After first usage of AMP MD System
Bottom: After 9 uses of AMP MD System over 11 days

Wow, those are pretty impressive results!!! I have problems with deep lines on my  forehead and fine lines are starting to show around my mouth. Of course, I am an ex-smoker and a die hard tanner :) MMMM, I may have to check into the $$$ part for Rodan & Fields.

Okay, so currently I wash my face with Dove soap and I have an Aveda mask or Lemon-Mint Clay mask that I use maybe every quarter or maybe twice a year. I gravitate towards masks as I grew up watching  the women of my family peeling them as a child. I thought it was fascinating and it doesn't take alot of effort on my part :)

Kristine gave me a tube of Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Intensive. I have been using for almost a week. The first night I tried it, I thought it smelled weird but I no longer smell it and I told Kristine the next day that I didn't think it worked cuz I still looked 40 that morning, she advised me it was a wrinkle cream not a miracle cream LOL Sorry, you know had to put some humor in here somewhere :P But back on track,  I also used Aveda eye cream for awhile, I am not sure if I saw a difference but I must admit I didn't notice the lines around my eye and mouth until AFTER I ran out of it. Another blogger friend, Lorena, suggested I also try Oil of Olay.

What skin care regime do you do? What have you tried and didn't like and why? What is your most favorite product?

Heathen wanted to be in the pic
This is his Spring coat that is all the rage.
Doesn't he look cute?

See my shoes? :)

Shirt - Belks
Tee - Sam's
Capris - JcPenney
Shoes - my beloved thrifted Prada's :)
Not sure I like that color green tee with this
but all in all not a bad St Patrick Day outfit

Good, handsome boy :)

Heathen giving Mr Man a hug!!!
Gotta love em :)