Monday, October 10, 2016

Catching Up - Gotta Run

Hello fellow bloggers - it has definitely been awhile, it seems ever since I broke my camera I haven't been able to blog. I decided that if you could put up with my bathroom cellphone selfies for a little bit because I have missed you :) So you know after getting the second masters  - I had to find another goal. Soooo I have decided to become a runner - yep,  at 45 with no previous experience - I'm running...well, more like a hap-hazard jog but hey, I'm moving. I am doing Weight  Watchers as well and I have lost 20 lbs since March. I started running in July. I am doing a walk/jog combo because I really do enjoy walking. One thing that I can report is that running has shrunk my backside - I no longer have a ledge :)

Look maw - no butt LOL

Below I posted this last year

I think I like it better  with the black skirt which used to hike up in the back but not since I started running. I have to split my day up - I walk 3 miles at lunch and then come home and run 2 to 2.5 and walk 1 - for a total of 6 miles - Wednesday and Sat are my rest days - I still walk at lunch on Wed and then Sunday I go to the Greenway and do all 6 miles at once - run 3 and walk 3. I feel so accomplished when I am finished can't say I love it during  - but after - I feel amazing. Sooo whathca ya been up to?

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  1. So happy to see you're back Stacey !!! I think its always positive to see what's next after we achieve a goal. I too just finished my second MBA ;) Hope to see you around.