Monday, October 10, 2016

Catching Up - Gotta Run

Hello fellow bloggers - it has definitely been awhile, it seems ever since I broke my camera I haven't been able to blog. I decided that if you could put up with my bathroom cellphone selfies for a little bit because I have missed you :) So you know after getting the second masters  - I had to find another goal. Soooo I have decided to become a runner - yep,  at 45 with no previous experience - I'm running...well, more like a hap-hazard jog but hey, I'm moving. I am doing Weight  Watchers as well and I have lost 20 lbs since March. I started running in July. I am doing a walk/jog combo because I really do enjoy walking. One thing that I can report is that running has shrunk my backside - I no longer have a ledge :)

Look maw - no butt LOL

Below I posted this last year

I think I like it better  with the black skirt which used to hike up in the back but not since I started running. I have to split my day up - I walk 3 miles at lunch and then come home and run 2 to 2.5 and walk 1 - for a total of 6 miles - Wednesday and Sat are my rest days - I still walk at lunch on Wed and then Sunday I go to the Greenway and do all 6 miles at once - run 3 and walk 3. I feel so accomplished when I am finished can't say I love it during  - but after - I feel amazing. Sooo whathca ya been up to?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Not As Planned

This was a three day weekend for me - and NOTHING I mean NOTHING went as I planned. Friday was the beginning of the debacle - and God definitely has a sense of humor - before I begin let me tell you the verse for Friday - that I read after I got home in one of my most prized gifts that I received for Christmas:

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Now I'm not sure the Lord's purpose but it was definitely not Stacey plans;

Friday - took the day off - met with the attorney to start the bankruptcy process - first thing that went as unplanned  which I thought was worked out - they informed me that I would have surrender my part of the truck that I co-signed for Mr. Man - he doesn't have a job so he has no way to pay for it and he needs a vehicle to get to get to a I hope a new job. AND they also wanted to surrender the motorcycle - geez.... I would not have been popular at home. So I argued that the title loan on the bike wasn't that much - but even surrendering my part of the truck didn't leave a lot for me to live on but I consoled myself that my house and the other bills would be getting paid. Second thing that went unplanned - I thought since court was going to be 45 days out - that I could stock pile a few paychecks as a cushion - nope that's not happening either.

So the ride home I'm dreading telling Mr Man but a part of me can't help but think how ironic - as it came to light that while he had been trying to file bankruptcy which I knew - it didn't really sink in that he was filing Chapter 7 - meaning he was surrendering  his part of the truck which I felt was leaving me  holding the bag - he told me, "I'll help you pay for it." Now, I was the one that was making that speech. The light at the end of the tunnel was I stopped my direct deposit at the advise of my attorney to get my money - so I planned to get my cellphone on - which was foiled because I was going to have make a truck payment instead so they didn't repossess it.

Get home - watch for the mailman - no check....sigh... Dogs have no food - cats need litter - we have very little - so I tell Mr. Man to fix the doggies some eggs and sausage - problem solved, right, after all I'm the Queen of getting around and making due? (do you feel a pity party coming...wait for it....)

Saturday - Mailman brings check - go to a different bank that I had opened an account online - they tell me since it's a new account that they would give me $200 and put a 3 - 5 day hold on my I'm like - no, I really need my money - go to the Walmart check cashing - it's too big - so I have to go back to the bank and take my little $200 - there went my cellphone - there went eating out - there went EVERYTHING that I WANTED I had to call my grandma and tell her there would be delay on the money she lent me to pay for said bankruptcy (pity party right around the next paragraph)

So I have to take my $200 - pay $100 to the rent to own place for my fridge - put $20 in my tank - $4 to a lottery ticket (you never know, right) <ROLL EYES> and then spend money on dog food, cat food, and cat litter. Left me a whopping $30 dollars - I'm now beside myself -

So I vent to my partner who is not sympathetic, reminding me that animal ownership is a responsibility - my mind is screaming WTF -  and how this only makes him feel badly  because he feels guilty...I'm shutting down by this time in disgust (HUGE PITY PARTY NOW).

Sunday  morning: We received a little snow dusting in TN - it is still exciting to see -the roads weren't bad but I didn't go to church it was too warm and snug sitting in my chair - Sunday is laundry day and the vent is right there in at my window and I know this may sound weird - but I love to watch the steam

I tried capturing the steam - but you can't see it..

I also made myself some chocolate chip pancakes - they were okay, I wish I had left them off as I had been craving pancakes and huge class of red cap (whole) milk - they made me very sluggish on the elliptical but enjoyed them :)

soooo, how was your weekend? Hope you have great week and thank you for listening to my pity party :) 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spending the Lottery

Do you ever think about what you would do with the money you won from the lottery that you never play? Yeah, me too! I have plans though for that elusive money...

I would first help my family out - buy my grandmother a car, she drives this old, oil hungry and it breaks my heart to see her have to drive that.. I would ask her is she wants a new home - she lives way out in the country and well, she says she could never live in town with people on top of her...

My daughter, Shelley, I would buy her a house, get a her a new car, and give her a cushion in life - maybe even pay for college for her

My son, Randall, if he is not using drugs, pay off his house, buy him a new car, and also give him a cushion (not likely to give him large amount of cash, too afraid of the temptation)

My mother, buy her a car as she too was left with a tired car and buy her a house and give her a cushion

This is me and my brothers and for them:

My brother Jeff, I would give him money - I suspect he would like a sports car

My brother Bradley - a house and small amount of cash

My aunt Cathy - pay off her mortgage

I would also give cash to a classmate that has had a rough life and she actually put a Go Fund Me account and my other classmates made fun of her privately - I would give her the money gladly.

My boss has a house for sale that I told her if I ever won the lottery I would purchase and donate to the rehab that my son went to for a half way house. This house would be perfect - it has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths - nestled way back in the woods with a creek behind it.

That is perfect for a halfway house - and it's elegant. Most of the time drug addicts, even recovered, have been treated badly by society because they have stolen and lied and did whatever it took for the drugs. I think it would be good to let them stay in a home that was nice and the peaceful. My son, once stayed a half way house that wasn't that nice but it was near the river and sat back and he loved it. He would say how felt closer to God when he went to the river to fish and just being away from all the reminders of the world just for a little while....

The house has a sun room that overlooks the creek - perfect for meetings and prayers

My son actually did the backsplash in here as well :)

I also have a couple of co-workers that I would help out and of course my bestie, Kristine!!
Then, I would start on remodeling my house - we will talk about that tomorrow. What would you do with lottery loot?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feel Prettier When...

Yesterday was a killer day at work and I think I am in some sort of mood - I do not have any patience and  a very serious and focused mode. I still feel hopeful with the idea of  getting my paychecks for a couple weeks while I wait for the bankruptcy. I really need a new camera so I can start taking pictures of my outfits. I was looking back on my some of past posts and some of my outfits that I thought looked good back then, well, I don't think that they are that great now. I can also see a trend of how I dress when I'm thinner, you can tell when I feel prettier - I seem to be more creative and put better stuff together, I also look much different (I think prettier) with blonde hair versus darker as seen below:
There are a few things that make me feel prettier. I feel prettier with blonde hair. I feel prettier with a suntan. I feel prettier when I start losing weight (last time I got down to 150 but would love to be 120). I feel prettier dressing up - I like both slacks and dresses.

- What makes you feel prettier?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 - Operation Organize Phase 1

I usually pick a project to work on during the week of my birthday - the last week in January. I always take the week, you know, the seven days of Stacey's birthday. Everyone does it, right? W ell, this year cash will be strapped so I have decided to organize and declutter - I want to organize my spice cabinet, closets, filing cabinet and generally de-clutter. I started with trying to make my kitchen a little more functional - I always felt like I didn't have enough counter top and if I had my way - there wouldn't be anything on the counters, but the house is small and storage is sparse. My solution?

I decided to make work spaces.

First, I decided to make my cool little cart I found at Sam's more appealing - I moved the food and cookbooks and decided to display some of my food toys:


You can't see but the third shelf I had food like cereal boxes and chips and bread - I relocated them into the cabinet when I moved my every day dishes

I  decided to move the food and go for an "open shelf" concept. I change the very top shelf based on the season but looking at the picture I need to organize the bottom shelf - missing is my fabulous yellow dish that I put on the third shelf between the two white dishes - adds a great splash of color - I love this dish scored at one of my friend Kristine's haunts - I scored big that day - ahh the days of being able to go thrifting and finding some cool things - I see the light...

Next I created work spaces and by doing this it seems I have more counter space - or it could be that just making any type of change makes things seem better to me (that is why I change the house over every season)

I was thrilled to find a function for that cool tin/tub with faucets - since I put the words Garden on it - well, how fitting to put my potatoes and onions and I also keep my banana

Here is bigger view - I'm using that cool coffee can that my friend Kristine gave me a plant to house some cooking utensils

My mixing station - with my cook book holder - isn't that a cool vintage cookbook? ( I will change this out with each season) My grandmother has really hooked me up vintage cookbooks - this one belonged to Mr. Man's late mother - it has some German writing in it (I can't read it)

To the right of the stove, I made the cutting  station, where I put the knife holder and the cutting board - I also used a decorative pitcher I found in a closet as a second utensil holder

What do you think? How do you have your kitchen organized?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happier Times = Faith

So back at work in a different year - yesterday was a pretty nice day - went to church - I love Communion and then went to walk on the Greenway. I absolutely love the Greenway - the air was brisk and at some points I even took off my jacket. I need to get some good pics of it but the above are some older ones.

Going through my pictures I found some happier days - I thought everything was perfect in the picture below - funny how things can change in a few  years - heck - things can change in a  minute - I am hopeful that things will go back to those happier times and who knows..

With a little faith and hope, 2016 will bring about much happier times - I must remember the below

Hope your first week back in the New Year - is easy, breezy. How is it going so far?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Smiles

Being back blogging has already been therapeutic or it might be the sunshine that I am waking up to see. I absolutely love the sunshine but I feel relaxed and hopeful which is something that I have not felt in awhile as I got up this morning I was thinking of the things that I absolutely adore and bring a smile to my face

My newest obsession in my bedroom is white sheer curtains - I don't have a matching pair but the windows are not the same size so I put the the two below together - it was too hot in TN when I changed the house over to winter that I ended up using one of my summer comforters - the rooms feels so airy and peaceful with the white - I am the type of person that my surroundings impacts my moods - I switch the house over every season to combat depression and keep my mood uplifted - I like the way the white looks against my gray walls

This little guy we found at Miss Lucille's Antique - he makes me smile every morning when I go into the bathroom - he is made of wrought iron  - Isn't he adorable?

I am still in with the way my laundry room turned out - It is funny when I think about when I was painting it with the "Oops"  paint I was thinking, "Oh, no, this is going to look horrible." I decided that finding that paint color in the oops section was a gift from God so I decided to ride it out and see how I liked it the next morning - I have been in love with it every since - it also looks really good with the cabinet I scored from my aunt when she redid her kitchen

I love how the sun comes in the my picture windows in the morning - I have my chair where I can sit and look out and early it hits me while I am in my chair and I love basking the heat and light

 I think another reason is that I love watching the cars go by and perhaps too as I age I may be
turning into Agnes from Bewitched, "Abner, Abner....

I try to smile and I do most of the time but the animals seem to be taking over my house -the hair drives me crazy and the cats like to get on my table - as you can tell from her expression - I believe she knows that I do not like this... :)

They also drive Gizmo crazy.... :)

Of course, Heathen is always a good boy

Hope you are having a great Saturday - how is the new year shaping up for you so far?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year - I'm baacckkkkkk

Wow, has it really been over a year since I have blogged. Time flies so quickly - a lot has happened in the past year - I now have two Master degrees - MBA and a MSA (Master of Science in Accounting). My camera broke so I haven't been able to take pictures which is one reason  excuse that I told myself I stopped blogging. I think I have become addicted to Facebook as I seem to always find time to do that. I think this blog is going to be more of a healing blog for me than fashion this year. I  have reached a point in my life of evaluation - my finances have crumbled - I have an appt this Friday to file for Chapter 13, I feel really crappy about this - a failure almost. I make good money but the budget was for two incomes and I never accepted that I needed to change the lifestyle. I ended up getting cash advances trying to maintain his lifestyle until my entire paychecks were consumed by paying the cash advances and the bills not getting paid. Perhaps I am just blaming him to make myself feel better but it seems that everything is all about him or perhaps I am getting selfish as I age. This year is going to be about me though. the bankruptcy is going to be hard as I will not have much money left to live on but my bills will be paid and I won't be losing my house.  The house is not big and fancy but it was an accomplishment and blessing from God. I don't really understand how I got here - I really don't live extravagantly - I have a modest home, I drive a modest car, and I don't shop - well...I guess my weakness is eating out. I am going to focus living below my means going forward. I sit here this morning - overdrawn in my account, one diet coke, and thinking about how to come up with gas money for the upcoming week for work. Have I completely bummed you out? On the bright side, I'm sitting here looking at the sunshine outside and I am STILL in my home that surrounded by things I love and have received many blessings in 2015.

To recap:

Last  year for my birthday my aunt gave me the money to update my bathroom floor and my son put it down for me
The bathroom floor before -

The below is the after - I got a new toilet too - I love love my bathroom - the floor has sparkles in it too :)

My son bought his first house - after being free from his addiction to pain bills - he has come a long way - I am worried that he is back sliding as his girlfriend left him and there are a few signs - I pray that I am wrong and that the pills won't get him - I do not think I can go through all of that again  - he has gotten really thin

My daughter has a had a rough year as well - her husband OD's (he lived) in a hotel room with a prostitute while supposed to be out getting dinner for the family, he was in ICU for 2 weeks, she had a car wreck, and then the Monday before Christmas the company that I have worked for almost 18 years let her go - I felt betrayed but I must look at that this is a new beginning for her

Here is the grand baby and both my children - they are a HUGE blessing but I am worried to death about them both

My brother was also a blessing to me this year - first he invited me to go on a family vacation in Gatlinburg at a the most amazing cabin at no cost to me at all and then my stove died and he sent me money to replace

How are things going for you? This is a new year and new beginnings - hope you join and share with me your goals and let us heal together and become better people. Happy New  Year - I have missed yall