Friday, June 3, 2011

Winding Down - in more ways than one Day 9

Scored at Ross's today and got me a pair of black wedge heel shoes. They aren't the cork heels like I was looking for but LOVE them nonetheless and they were only $20 YAHHHH. I'm kinda tired today for some reason and I have caught myself grumbling and carrying on. I will try harder to keep this in check. I think I am sleeping well with Mr Man working nights but I am tired. I removed the McAfee off the loaner PC and installed Microsoft's Free Antivirus. I didn't even know they had one but the loaner is working very well so far with that  antivirus. Of course, on the last night LOL. I plan to call HP after I get bills paid and school work completed for $130 they said they could fix her right up. I just wish I could understand what they were saying to me. Only bad part about my work laptop now is that it has Windows 7 on it, which is not compatible with my HP printer that I have at home. Soooo I'll be printing my reading tomorrow night before I call HP, I may wait and call them Sat afternoon. I'm a little behind on my school reading with all my PC issues.

 My company is having us a nice get together - like a company picnic during work hours in our parking lot. They are feeding us, games, karaoke ( I only do that after a few beers) LOL I must say for a short week, I sure am tired. Nothing major planned this weekend, the usual - school work and so on. This will be my first weekend with Mr Man working nights and sleeping while I am home. I am like an elephant in the china store - so wish me luck I survive the bear :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, try and stay cool!!!

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I have been blessed and had many good people coming through my life. There is my family, Mr. Man, past friends and current friends. Notable honorees - Mother, Grandma, Jeff, Brad, Mr Man, and Kristine but I must give alot of credit to my daughter Shelley. She has seen me at my worst, at my best, and somewhere in between and she still loves me - that in itself is a great feat :) I never feel judged by her and she can make me laugh anytime, not to mention she is "mini-me" which I find amusing!! Who else would sit with me in a dressing room of a dept store consoling me while I cry like a baby at the size of clothes I have to get and send her out for the "big girl" pants, only my dear sweet daughter Shelley :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

People Without Filters - Day 8

Very stoked today's weigh in for WW - lost almost 3 lbs this week of course, I did have dental work and was unable to eat - I am going to try my very best to keep on losing. I have made it to my 5% goal :) The outfit today is cute but a little plain. I envy some my fellow bloggers that each day their outfit is creative and cool. Of course, I don't really try to achieve this daily as I wear my clothes in the order they are hanging in the closet. The outfit with with the shawl I wore yesterday, and I really like that outfit. The shawl has both my favorite color - yellow and orange and it even has a tag to let me know I am wearing it properly. 

Shawl and blouse - Christopher and Bank
Pants - JcPenny
Shoes - Monroe and Main

Blouse - JcPenny
Pants - Goodies
Shoes - yard sale
What are you thoughts on people who do not seem to have filters. You know the kind of people who seem so self-absorbed or arrogant or perhaps it's ignorance that say things to people regardless of the person's feelings. I have a couple of examples that I have witnessed to give you an insight into what I'm talking about it. Below are two people that I have observed that do not seem to possess these filters and say things to people that I find totally rude.

For example:
 me: "How's it going to today" No-Filter: "Terribly, can't get anything to work properly" ME: smile and say "What do you need them to work for?" No-Filter: "I'm not in the mood for your crap today"
Now for an example of protege:
Co-worker: "I need to find out what's going on with this..." Protege: "Well, I think you know how to read, you do know how to read right" This would be said in mixed company

Do you know people like that? How do you handle them? Why do you think they act like this?

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.
 I love the Sock Monkey and HAD to have this hat and I showed it to my friend Jamie and he HAD to have it. Our friend Erin found the elusive hats for us. I must say though as badly as I wanted it - I was too self conscious when I wore it in public and only wore it once. I still love it and Heathen would love to have it as well :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No whining today

So I got my new laptop at work and it is absolutely the coolest thing, I swipe my finger print to get into it!! Remember I am a HUGE novelty person :) So my nice little virus on my work laptop sent a few of my colleagues an email on my behalf inviting them to a Russian chat. <embarrassing> My IT guy made the transition to this beast of a machine painless and all my documents were able to saved from the deadly one. Now the PC I got from my grandmother was running beautifully until I put McAfee on it. I don't get it. I'm sitting here now watching the hummingbirds on my feeder that I attached to my picture window. I LOVE watching the hummingbirds and the eggs have hatched in my hanging plant on the porch as I found it when I took it down to water it last night. Had these fuzzy, awkward, little creatures - way COOL. My mouth is just about back to norm except for the brown stains from the rinse I had to do but they assured me they would buff them out when I go back later this month. 4 more weeks and I will be officially done with the BA program. I think I will look into going to APSU for my Masters - not sure I have what it takes but.... won't know until I try.

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.
This would have to be the diamond earrings Mr Man gave me. I have never had any "nice" jewelry and I got the second hole just for these beauties. I actually had asked for the size smaller but glad he got me these. I NEVER take them out - except to clean them occasionally but I HATE parting with them. They have screw backs and I am always scared I am going to drop and loose them while I do the screwing/unscrewing. I know I'm a strange kitty :) MEOW What is your most treasure item?