Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tired in a Good Way

More older pictures from May - I am so tired tonight but have so much to do. Learning a new job, trying to pull productivity numbers, customer service week, and accounting homework....Trying to fit it all in. I am not getting to walk in the mornings at work, nor did I get the gym in today..I must figure out how to get those things in because I have put on some weight and I need to lose that and then some. I just don't want my new fellow managers to think I am a slacker but I guess I am just going to have to decide what is more important. I also seem to have developed heartburn or sour stomach when I eat peanut butter and I love peanut butter. Last two times I have eaten it I felt sick to my stomach and belching (sorry if that is too much information). I am guessing this is the part of the aging process....BOOOOOO
I love this blouse that I got at JCP - it's orange and has my two other favorite colors of brown and yellow - that jean jacket was also a great find at Ross's. Jeans are getting too tight :( The relaxed our dress code at work so that we can wear jeans and since you know I must have rules..I decided that one week I would take my "work" tops and pair with jeans and the following week wear my normal "work clothes" but I must admit I do prefer dressing up for work.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Blues

The weekend was pretty nice - I did not accomplish as much as I wanted but did get a good handle on my school work. I only have two tasks to get completed to turn everything that is due tonight. I did not get as much done on my house and I did not make it to the Greenway :( I really have to get a handle on my weight again and the lack of exercise is really showing on my buttocks. This week is Customer Service Week and I love, love customer service week. I have gotten to participate in the planning and have really enjoyed it. Hopefully all our plans will go smoothly and the employees enjoy themselves - and me too :) Have a great Monday!!
I cannot figure out if I think this pants are gray or navy - but I do love them - now to get my hips back in proportion - this is also an older picture from May.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I spent the day alternating between accounting homework and cleaning my house - I did get my kitchen a little less cluttering looking and for that I am very happy. I only got the front half of the house completed so I will work on the back half tomorrow and I am hoping to go to the Greenway -it was cold here today - to go from 90's to upper 50's is a shock to the system. These are some older outfit pics but I love this scarf..


Kristine and I had lunch on Friday and she gave me the prettiest picture she had taken for my new office, the mums below in the fantastic coffee can - I thought it was vintage but it is actually a coffee her husband loves. I think it looks perfect on my new shelf in the living room.

She also made me this pot but I am still looking for a home for it and some contents. My new boss told me she was getting a piece of a spider plant and that might look pretty good in that...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Past Two Months Smiles

So I am trying once again to get back in the swing - this attempt at the Master of Accounting is really kicking my booty and sucking up all my time. So I wanted to share some smiles for the past couple of months. First -look how much my grandson has grown - WOW. He does the most bizarre thing whenever I come to his house to visit - as soon as he see me he starts to cry - it breaks my heart. He does warm up to me but I cannot figure out for the life of me the issue.. Isn't he the cutest?

So I finally got another management job where I have worked for the past 16 years and my old team sent me off in style - here is me acting goofy at our lunch at a marina. Eating lunch there made my fantasize how cool it would be to live on a houseboat. I shared that with my grandmother and she said funny I should want that - most of my ancestors lived on houseboats - she herself grew up on a houseboat - how cool is that? Oh speaking of work... my Best friend has started her blog (finally) you should check her out...

Changed the house over to fall and you know I am in love with those yellow sheers that I purchased at JCP so I decided that yellow would a good fall color in my "dining area". I don't know why but one Sunday while doing laundry when I stepped out of the laundry room this was my view and it brought so much peace to me

I also bought these FANTABULOUS curtains for my living room from JCP - the color is hunagarian paprika - I love love these curtains - you remember for my birthday my grandmother got me this really pretty Christmas tree - well - I envision my tree in this window framed out by these curtains. Only problem is that the curtains do not hit the floor but I am hoping it will still be okay.

Here is another shot of the yellow in the dining - I did not have any tie backs so I got two of my beaded bracelets and used them for ties. I think it turned out pretty good - still on the hunt for some affordable burlap curtains

The spare room - funny Gizmo matches it :)

Decided to take my circle sheers and put something different up - excuse the mess - we obviously really use this room :)

My room - I am tired of this comforter but the only "fall" light weighted I can put on - I adore my burnt orange comforter but it is really heavy and Mr. Man complains it's too hot so I have to hold off and wait until winter for that one

and the one little bathroom.....

I love buying myself a little bouquet of flowers when I am at Krogers - they really bring a smile to my face. That book God's Given Eye is from a friend of mine - she loves photography and found a neat way to tie her pictures to scriptures to help people remember scriptures. You should really check it out e-book is located http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/443344-god-given-eye and hardcover or paper back http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1457989336. It is beautiful and she gave me a signed copy as a gift. I love it.


My biggest smile is this cabinet for my laundry room - it makes this room soooo much nicer - the cabinet was in my aunt Cathy's house - her father-in-law built it back in the early 70's the counter top is the original as well - she is updating the kitchen and said I could have it - I jumped on it and really love it because it not only makes this room but it has sentimental value - Doesn't it look great in there? The bottom picture is the before where I had a table in there to fold clothes - this works out sooo much better and looks soooo much cleaner

Before....Huge difference - isn't funny how changes can make a room "feel" differently?

How have YOU been? Hope you are finding a lot to smile about...Have a great weekend - Fall is coming to TN going to be cooler this weekend - I have really put on the weight so I just might have to visit my old love the Greenway...