Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallloween

This from UpperCaseLiving - Blum collection - LOVE IT

UpperCaseLiving Blum Collection
Isn't this cool

Banana Bread makes the house smell so good

Great start for the weekend

Party Goers at Mason's 5 year old party
Lacey, Madison, Kortlynn, Cameron

my brother - I kept following him around with the camera LOL

The birthday boy  - Mason James
Those were the highlights of my weekend. I will share more on Wednesday Smiles with MonsterCake :) We don't get any trick or treaters and my children are grown so this is not a "holiday" that I really pay any attention to. The only thing I really like about Halloween is horror movies - I am a huge horror movie fan - the gorier the better - my brother tells me that Mason shares my love of horror movies :) Today is the last day of Oct and now the countdown begins for Christmas for me. Madison loved my wedge heel boots and said she would like a pair. I found her a pair at Kohls - I hope I can snag them - that would be the perfect gift for her :) What does the time change and November signify for you? Well.... I hope you have an eventful spooky Monday :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Age Appropriate

Okay, this probably isn't the most fashionable of my ensembles but I felt so skinny and comfy in this outfit. I kinda look like a teenage rocker...ummmmm  does that mean I'm not dressing age appropriate? Do you believe in dressing for your age? I do to a certain degree, for instance at age 40 I don't think I'd feel cute in a mini skirt; but should I get my breast augmentation - I would be showing them off - as a warning to you - when I finally reach my weight goal, my reward to myself is breast implants and well..... you are going to have to endure seeing peeks of them :P JUST KIDDING Sorry I digress....
Age appropriate - or on the other spectrum I don't want to wear the clothes the elderly women wear - have you tried on an outfit and your friends says, "You look like an old woman," you aren't quite sure what that means but you know it doesn't sound good.  I see several women at work that I think dress fab but someone once made a remark, "she doesn't dress for her age" I was baffled by the comment - she looks trendy and she has a great figure - so I think she looks FAB. Soooo, is that phrase coined from jealousy? What are your thoughts on "dressing for your age"?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Color combo

Button shirt - Chadwicks
Tank - yard sale
Capris - Kohls
Flats - yard sale
So this is jeans week, we get to wear jeans for buying an armband for Breast Cancer Awareness. I got this color inspiration blue and orange from Sally I love this combo and thanks to Sal I would have never thought of it before:

Another combo color that I am loving this season is Red and Pink, as a matter of fact if you want to read a really good article about color combo's check out She makes it look so easy uh? Are there any color combos you are drawn to? I'm still browns, oranges, and  yellows. The new thing for me this season is red, my newest prized possession the red flats :) I am on the hunt for the perfect red and pink outfit for myself :) What color combos do you love?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I smile with MonsterCakes

I smile thinking of my UpperCaseLiving Saturday Sale at Beth's

I smile remember how awesome this tasted and how easy was the recipe that Beth gave me DELICIOUS
Beth made this fabulous Caramel Dip:
1 block cream cheese
1/2 cup powder sugar
Blend till fluffy
Line pan
Layer 1/2 container of caramel
Top with Heath Bar

 Those are some really cute ornaments - Tavie got a head start on her Christmas

 Beth is the hostess with the mostest. I smile because she is always smiling and very creative and a wonderful cook. I seem to be surrounding myself with these creative women and I love being exposed to there vitality - Kristine and Beth have a lot in common

Met Brandi at Beth's sale - she was also FAB - she is trying out the caramel apple :)

Beth's babies - have to smile at those faces

Add caption
 My hot tea Sunday morning in my new Tea cup bought at Beth's Sale :)

I hope you find alot of things to smile about!! Please share!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bracing for the Storm

With jacket
jacket - yardsale
jeans -Jessica London
Shoes - Catos

Without jacket
T- Monroe & Main
Monday was not too bad - the weather is soo pretty right now. Got home and Mr Man had grilled chicken, I made mashed potatoes and he had green beans ready. YUMMY and not too bad for my diet either.  I am anxious for some reason - I just feel like the bottom is going to drop because I've been pretty happy lately.... Do you ever get like that? Bracing for the storm that you feel in your bones is heading your way? Hopefully it will not arrive as I have been enjoying this nice smooth ride lately. How is your week starting?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I put this together and I think it turned out pretty cool
I am learning alot from my fellow bloggers :)
This weekend was almost PERFECT if there ever is such a thing :) Saturday went walking on the Greenway - the weather was perfect then went to an UpperCase Living Sale at my friend Beth's house. She is amazing and always serves the yummiest foods. I will be featuring her apple and caramel dip on Wednesday - YUM YUM. I also got me some cool goodies while I was there. Sunday I got up early, got some school work done, went to church, made that Italian Beef Drip from Pioneer Woman (I have made it before and Mr Man loves it!!). The almost was watching the Titans get their helmets handed to them - GEEZ What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I have shied away from these pants for a few years while I was heavier but decided to give them a try now that I am slimming down. I felt cute all day. I got this necklace on the California vacation Mr Man took me on in 2006. My name is spelled correctly. :) Glad it is Friday though. I haven't worked out in a few day, been raining and cool so I couldn't get out and walk and finding it hard to make myself work out at home at night. I did get on the elliptical tonight and exercise it made me feel much better. I had the best time at Bible Study, one of the ladies in my group just out of the blue told me I was beautiful. I was like WOW and it really made me feel good. WOW!!! Has something happened this week that made you go, "WOW"? If not, I hope you get a fabulous WOW moment this weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In between

I thought I was so clever matching the jacket buttons with the string
So I am in between sizes and my slacks are not fitting me right. I went to Target next to my office because a co-worker said those denim looking slacks were there. Well, they are but they are straight hip - ummm not this body. I did find some curvy hips cords that I LOVE LOVE and a pair of $10 black pants (they will need to be hemmed) Grandma? :) So Cato's is next door to Target and to my delight they have those denim looking  slacks that I am determined to own, in none other......
 than my favorite color, BROWN. SIGH....the 14 are a little snug in the hips, the 16's are too loose and both pair  are a little long - so I try the 14 petites - they fit beautifully in the hips.....but..... they are too short - GRRR so I grab the too snug in hips 14 that will need to be hemmed. Maybe next month......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Smile with MonsterCakes

I smile thinking about having one these of my very own and the great feeling (minus the fear) :P of the wind in my hair while I pedalled my little heart out
 I smiled when an uncle posted this on facebook of me and my brother, Jeff. I loved red shoes back then too
These are taken at my beloved Greenway right before the bike ride.

Anything that made you smile this week? Hope you find alot to smile about the week :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy Busy

This outfit  is slightly slouchy but trying on clothes for the season change was a little frustrating. I'm in between sizes so not really happy with my choices right now. I seem to have so much to do both professionally and scholastically. I am two level above being tired. How is your week going so far? I will be hitting up Goodwill and Rosses for some slacks.

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Adventure

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Tennessee. I was invited by a co-worker to go bicycle riding on Saturday.  I was so scared as I have not ridden a bicycle since I was a kid and she even supplied me with a bicycle. I had a BLAST, I was scared to death going downhill and I had to walk the bike uphill but I have decided I must get one and alternate my walking with cycling. I was huffing and puffing so I have not decided which gives me a better work out yet. Which do you think gives a better workout? Sunday I went to church and then my daughter and I went shopping for her an interview outfit. She looked soooo cute - she got the cutest pair of wedge heel black patents. I soooo  want a pair. The weather is going to get much cooler this week, summer is leaving.... that is sad to me. What did you do over the weekend?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Man oh man I am glad it's Friday. Bible study was fabulous!! I am very excited this Saturday I have been invited to go on  bike ride with a co-worker at work - she is including me in her family affair and even bringing me a bike to ride. I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid. I sure hope I don't wreck hers ....... Funny thing she should ask as I was just telling Mr Man that when I finish school I would like to purchase a bicycle and join a riding group. Well, Saturday will tell me if this is something I want to pursue :) Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Safety Places

See Heathen eating corn bread on his favorite rug? He is so funny taking things to his "safety rug". That makes me think about  my "safety" places are. MMMMM When I'm really upset I like to curl up in my bed and turn the tv on and vegetate. I also love to sleep at night with my blinds open - I can see the tree limbs and sky from my bed through the window and I find it comforting. My backyard swing is another "safety" place for me. Blogging has definitely become a safety for me - a way to release energy and it's downright fun. Walking on the trail also brings be alot of peace. What are some of your safety places or activities?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Smile with MonsterCakes

 I smile at coming home from work to freshly mowed grass - I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass. In case you didn't know, I'm very anal about the height of the grass - I don't like the grass to hit my ankles when I walk through it barefoot - another reason to smile - a twofer :)
 I smile at my hanging plants that came back from the dead even prettier reminding me there are always second chances if persistent enough
 I smile to get through this standstill on the interstate on my way to work that made me late - it really does work to grin and bear and it :)
 My Saturday morning walk is the highlight of my week, see the leaves are starting to fall

 more leaves on the ground

 I smile at the sunshine peaking in the trees

 I smile because this sign makes the muscles in the back of my legs contract :) Pavlov's Bell
The leaves are starting to change colors - gorgeous - this one of the many reasons I love being from and living in Tennessee

What made you smile this week? Hope you have many smiles to get you to the weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pink Day

Pink Day in honor of Breast Cancer. I really love these gray flats wish I had a black pair. I am having a hard time getting in gear and getting things done - I just don't want to do anything. I hope I get over this soon  as I have too much to do to not want to do anything. The problem is that is that if I don't want to do something I usually don't... :( Mr Man got my smaller clothes out the attic and I can wear them.. well, almost I think I need to lose another 5 lbs to be comfortable in them. This takes me from size 16 to size 12 - I am sooo thrilled. Must be careful not to get too cocky and eating whatever I want. I had an eating like that this weekend and I didn't do any exercise today :( I must stay firm.....HAH no pun intended :) Have a great week!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorgeous Weekend

Love these shoes
Still working on Walking in them :)

Love this scarf as a belt - I use it alot

This weekend was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and was peaceful. Mr Man and I went to dinner on Friday night - I had to eat light due to junking it up at work for "Carnival Day" the conclusion day for Customer Service Week :( Saturday enjoyed my 5.2 miles - that walk brings me so much peach then decided to ride out and see my grandmother, which my brother just happened to be there, so Mr Man and I took a bucket of KFC and sat on her deck and enjoyed the weather. Sunday went to church, watched the Titans loose and made some stuffed shells. Did I mention how great the weather was? Looking forward to another week :) Hope you have a great week any big plans?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sock Monkey

I love the sock monkey and we had "hat day" at work so of course I HAD to wear the sock monkey hat. As I write this, I am soo upset that I am going to have to bore you with the details of an unpleasant encounter I just had. I'm heading to Bible Study and get off the interstate, the ramp has two lane, one goes straight, and the other goes to the right, I'm in the lane going right. As I get closer, this is 5:30 PM in rush hour, I see this vehicle that choose the straight lane but has positioned themselves to want to come to the right lane. I let them in but shake my head thinking that is an accident waiting to him. So they get up and it appears they are going to go so I turn my head to the left to see if I can go to and turn back and see they haven't gone anywhere. I have to slam on my brakes as I am almost hit them and I instinctly hit the horn. So they finally go and they are turning left at this intersection. The highway is divided and there is a little cut through to go so you have to cross over the two lanes and it's really busy. Well she seemed to not move and had plenty of chances, so I thought well she must be scared so I decided I would go if she wouldn't - got on the right side of her and she then went on - so I was like good we're moving. Well, we get across the two lanes and she stops in the middle of the road and the passenger jumps out - little bitty women around my age asking me if I had a problem I'm like yeah go, she then starts screaming at me and I can't really catch watch she is saying except "you're a bitch" several times. I am soooo embarrassed, cars lines up beside me and behind me. Well, I have decided she must have been teaching her child to drive as I never saw the driver but why was she teaching her to drive incorrectly - sitting in the median blocking two lanes. But... perhaps I shouldn't have honked my horn. I don't really upset me.