Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair and Boots

I wear my capris all year round. I love pairing them with boots and I usually like the pants outside the boot, I only have one pair of capris that I will put inside the boot. I am so enjoying my time off from work - just resting and not worrying about anything. I have a hair appt early this morning to cover the gray.

I like the following hairstyles in my search for 2013 curly styles:
 Don't want to wear my hair that dark but like bangs and it's long - I want to try to wear my hair longer

The below was inspiration last time I got my hair cut - I really like

I love the one below but my hair will NEVER do this - I do not want to spend alot of time on my hair either :)

Casual Friday below - my capris with boots - I am not much of a t-shirt in public and seeing this pic reminds me why - prob need to put this with my sleep nightshirts

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I smile.....

This week I have alot to smile about - I'm on stacey-cation and Monday was my b-day!! I am truly spoiled rotten (just in case you haven't figured it out) :) Friday my daughter and son-in-law and team members decorated my cube and brought donuts for breakfast. Now the knee slapper, I didn't make it in because of wrecks in my area but my daughter sent me the pic - made me smile anyways :)

Mr. Man outdid himself for my b-day dinner - he made stuffed mushrooms, lobster tail, king crab legs, and bacon-wrapped scallops - my grandmother made me a cheesecake as well but I was so stuffed that we never got to it - YUMMY OH....I almost forgot - I got teased a bit about my chocolate milk with lobster - well... hey, I was the birthday girl - do what I want LOL

After this scrumptious dinner he then took me shopping and got me some new tennis shoes that take the chip and the you know this is probably old news to you really techies out there but.....this sure does appeal to my novel side and the dryfit socks - not only for my workouts but gonna wear them with my boots :)

Coooolllllllllll :)

Bath and Body Works - I used the bath salts immediately L-O-V-E-D - have the lotion and body wash put up for when I run out of what I'm currently using. I know, I'm strange but I can't open one thing without the other one empty <shrug shoulders>

I'm only spoiled by Mr Man, my mother got me this soft soft run and solar wind chime - I love wind chimes :)

In addition to the cheese cake, my grandmother gave me this super super soft blanket - Gizmo and Heathen gave their snuggle of approval :)

Hope your week is going as wonderful as mine!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Vacation Countdown

It is finally here - the last day of work and the beginning of the a much needed vacation. I am a little ticked off because my mother had found a picture of me when I was in my 20's below and a "friend" made the comment about how much weight I have gained and how thin my hair is now, and how they used to think I was pretty but not anymore. GRRRRRR

I know I shouldn't let it bother me and it only  makes me mad that I care, why I cannot shake this fragile ego I have no idea. I need to shake it off, it's my birthday and I don't want anything to ruin it. I am want some peace and quiet and I want to feel good about myself. I guess there were always be someone that has something negative to say about you. You know women are very mean to each other, I think we all should come together, of course, I believe this "friend" has always wanted Mr Man and that is why she is so critical of me. She compares herself to me all the time. She has been a source of many arguments between me and Mr Man. I think I am going to stop being polite and people that are not really my friends I am going to let them know I know but then, how does being a good christian play into that? Love thy neighbor <pouting> I will just pray on it. Hope you have a great weekend :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Yellow

This was taken during the little warm spell we had - I love yellow. Only 2 more days until my vacation. My much needed vacation. So the first part of my money came in and I have already divided out - sucks there is nothing left but paying things off. My ultimate goal is to get completely out of debt and only have my household bills. Man, that would be sooooo nice; however, I'm not sure I can get there but I am going to try as hard as a I can and try to stay focused. Did I mention only 2 more work days? :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Week....

You know in January I get renovations on the brain... I found this neat kitchen cabinet door at Lowes, I love the color and the detail - not really my style of rustic modern not sure what you would call it?

Two quotes that made me smile this week :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Win Win

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, this is Liz Claiborne that I found at at yardsale - a few years ago. I also adore Liz Claiborne who just happens to exclusive to JcPenney's, my favorite store!! Win, Win. Last night, I was stressed out - busy busy at work, got off, had to go to Krogers, came home, make mashed potatoes, had 15 minutes to eat, conference call with classmates to discuss our final presentation last night, daughter calling and son calling. GEEZ, I need to unwind. No time for elliptical last night but I did at least make it to the gym during lunch yesterday. Only 6 more weeks of school though and I will be the proud of owner of a MBA with FREE TIME :) Oh my, what will I do?

I'm sure I'll think of something...Win, Win :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

It Is What It Is

I love these cords that I got at Target last winter but the few pounds I have put on make them a little snug around my thighs. I am not doing very well on my eating though - ate out all weekend - that really puts the weight on me. I must be in nesting phase - I usually go through this in January. I think it's part of my cabin fever - I got the office a little de-cluttered and cleaned the house really good on Saturday after my morning class - boooo. A clean room gives me a sense of peace - I am one of those people that I must change my surroundings to fight off the depression. I know that must sound strange - it sounds strange to me but it is what it is :)

I actually was unsure about the mixture of the browns but it actually looks pretty good together. So I just need to get through this work week and then the 7 days of Stacey's b-day. On the couch. Reading. Okay, I have to sprinkle in some work but that doesn't count. Hope you have a great week :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Counting It Down

It seems my life revolves around count downs right now. 7 more weeks and I will be finished with my MBA program, 1 week and 1 day until vacation time aka the 7 Days of Stacey's B-day :) Watching daily for my W2 and then the count down to refund. Hopefully I will soon be adding the countdown to more weight loss. My daughter is counting down until May 6 when Jaxen Gabriel is scheduled to make an appearance :)

Tom Petty's song, "The Waiting is the hardest part" is going through my head, how true is that. I have to make up Tuesday night class cancellation - tomorrow - on a Saturday - my day usually dedicated to staying in my pj's all day :( Me not likey GRRR but 7 more week....

What are you counting down for 2013? Anything exciting happening this weekend?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cloud 9..8.7..6...5

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me but I left work on Cloud 9. I experienced a few triumphs at work and poof - magic mood... Funny how an incident can either bring you to cloud 9 and then another incident can bring you on the decline, cloud 8, then cloud 7.. all the way to cloud 1 or below. I know that life can't be perfect and that our tribulations teach us patience and all that good stuff.. BUT... it doesn't mean that I agree with this concept. I think that concept should just apply to 39 and under.. I think that now that I'm in my 40's I  should just experience nothing but butterflies and sunshine - no crows, no raining on parade. <shrug shoulders> Life According to Stacey :)

So I'm trying to be creative and mix and match my clothing, I prefer the one below with the blue skirt...I had not idea how see through it is either.not going to stop me from wearing it...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Week........

This week I am  thankful to my friend Kristine who let me borrow the first part and very excited that I got the 2nd book that I am saving for my birthday week I can't wait...

I smile at the time and effort Mr Man put in for this wonderful dinner that he made for me, his mother's recipe - delicious

I am grateful to God and to people who post things like this that seem to be just for me at the right time

I am missing my grandfather who had a birthday over the weekend - I can't believe it been almost 5 years since he died but I am grateful for the things he taught me and though not perfect, the life  he provided.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casual Style

This was taken before Christmas - Mr Man brought in my tree as requested and it sat there for a few weeks before I even put the tree up. I was just not in the spirit this past Christmas - I'm sure it had alot to do with finances but there is a light at the end of the tunnel - named W2 :) I love the color of the blouse below and the pants are some I have not been able to wear until this 2012 - hope it remains so in 2013 or if they  must NOT fit this year - make them too big :) I like to wear my blouses out as I just don't think they look that good tucked in. What is your preference? Have I gotten too casual with my style? I like to pair t-shirts under my suits and sweaters but I rarely wear tennis shoes unless working out. Casual is a broad description, searching on pinterest for "casual trends" brings forth a wide variety of the clothing. What do you consider to be casual style?

Yesterday was a cold and icy day. Working from home this morning to let the roads clear up, I still have to make the trek to Nashville as I have class tonight but I will go in after the roads have had some traffic and cleared up the ice for the most part. I keep getting on my elliptical around 8 or 8:30 and it winds me up but that seems to be the only time I can fit it in because I want to be sure to get my school work completed first and I am DETERMINED to lose 30 lbs before summer. We shall see....

Monday, January 14, 2013


It continues to rain in Tn and I am not sure how much more I can take....GEEZ Schools are opening 2 hours late today due to flooding - I hope we are not going to have a repeat of the flood in 2010. I managed to not leave the house all weekend and I must say I am NOT unhappy about that. I am still confused on relationship issues and still struggling with my mood swings. Excercise definitely makes it better but the scale continues to the wrong way <shaking my head> This week I find out what the doctor recommends on my neck issue <really hoping that surgery is NOT the answer). I have embraced the belt look below, I can do the wider belts but shy away from the skinny ones.

How was your weekend? Hope you have a great week :)

Friday, January 11, 2013


Well.... we made the end of the first full work week. Man, I must tell you I did not think I was going to make it. As a matter of fact, I was ready to go to bed last night at 7:30 - no joke, could barely keep my eyes open. Started a new work out routine that my personal trainer gave me 2010 - wow I have been working out and trying to lose this weight since 2010 - and I still haven't met my goal? <scratching head>

On a positive note - I did lose some weight, I toned up some areas, and I am somewhat fit. <scowl> well....that didn't have the intended results LOL <shrug shoulders> I'm just gonna keep on trucking....

Outfit below was comfy! I love, love those boots that I got at Kohl's, everything else is JCPenney's. This weekend gonna do some school work and that's is all planned. I was hoping to hit the Greenway since Saturday is still going to be 70 but also, it is winter time, and it's gonna rain. Whatcha gonna do this weekend?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wish List

This sparkly little number is from JcPenney's. I really love these colors!! I am struggling this new year to get back to my good habits. It's amazing to me how quickly you can revert to your old habits. It has also been difficult to get back in the swing of working 40 hours straight - oh my, the alarm clock just keeps going off ....

The weather today is going to be 70, in January, WOW!! It is gonna be rainy, so it seems we are going to have a rainy and gloomy winter :( I haven't been able to afford the tanning bed so I am sooooo missing some sunshine!! I think that and the weather contributes greatly to my mood and depression; however, wearing cute outfits is always uplifting :) I don't have any must have pieces this winter, as a matter of fact, I haven't even thinking about buying new clothes. I think I need to focus on getting my body to the desired weight and fitness level and then clothes. Are there any items on your wish list for winter?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have found since I began blogging and reading blogs, that I no longer hold myself to the strict rules I once had. For instance, the bottom layer is from the summer closet and I put it with clothing from the winter closet <GASP> oh wait..... the world did not come to an end :) The blues looks pretty good together, if I don't say so myself <TOOT TOOT> Half way there to finish this first full work week of the year. Man, it's funny how quickly one can get accustomed to staying home; however, I honestly do not think I would enjoy it full time. I like to dress up for work, see people, and most of all make a living. We are at least getting some sunshine and warmer weather in Tn. Do you have self-imposed rules?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy Busy

This year has started off pretty busy. I haven't been blogging because I was trying to get used to my schedule and then blogger is having an issue with posting pictures and they just posted the work around. I have not yet gained my discipline for doing school work :( but I will work on it. Perhaps by the time I am finished in March I will have myself under control. LOL I am sooo ready for my W2 so that I can get my refund to try to pay some things off so I can get a car. I really hate this being broke and borrowing from Pete to pay Paul - not the way I envisioned my life. How is 2013 going for you so far? 

The outfit above is not flattering to me but it was comfortable AND that blouse has been too snug for me in the past few years and now I can wear it comfortably. Tonight is my first night back to class in two weeks - only six more weeks.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 is here and today is back to the routines. The tree is down and the decorations are put away again for another year. 2012 goals on the 1st:

1) Get out of debt - seems I got worse
2) Continue my MBA - check
3) Lose 20 lbs and continue to eat healthy and excercise - kinda
3) Declutter my house - laundry room, office, and spare bedroom - only have the spare bedroom to go but I did get the closets
4) continue home improvement - check
5) Eliminate negative aspects of my life -WIP
 6) Try to see the good in all situations - be positive -WIP
7) Give more of myself -WIP
8) Give my best efforts to my job check
9) Get Real Estate License (tentative) - fail
10) Stop procrastinating -fail
2013 Goals:

1) Get out of debt - start a savings accounts
2) Continue MBA - only have until March
3) Lose 30 lbs - continue to eat healthy and exercise
4) Get a car
5) Continue home improvements
6) Purge negative thoughts
7) Evaluate relationships and goals
8) Continue to work on my job
9) Try to be a blessing to those around me
10) Continue self-improvments