Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Sleep Monster

Okay, admittedly this is not the most figure flattering of the pics I have posted but I still felt cute in this outfit. It was a comfy cute :) I really like those yellow sandals but I do not get to wear them very often. Yesterday when I went to the gym on my lunch break, after the elliptical, I sat in the sauna for a few minutes. It was WONDERFUL for my cold, I really had to fight the Sleep Monster and get my behind in the shower and get back to work. The Sleep Monster is still shadowing me, lurking over my shoulder. Today will be tanning nap lunch :) Looking forward to my walk in the AM. I am very glad the weekend is here, time is really flying by, next week is the last week of August. WOW!! Pretty soon will need to thinking about Christmas - GEEZ This weekend I am going to get  dig my one size smaller pants out that I could wear 6 years ago at this weight and see if I can wear them. Wish me luck and I wish you a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy, Tired, and.......

This cold is really wearing me out. I seem to tire so easily and I LOOK tired which is never a good thing. I must say they that while I am busy with work, school, and trying to run the household, I am happy. I am happiest when I am busy and right now I am enjoying being back in class and doing the work and interacting with my new team. I am happy to say that I am within 3 lbs of weighing what I weighed six years ago; however, I am not sure I can wear those clothes, I believe I am shaped differently. As a matter of fact, just a little comparison, I have worn this outfit before back in June. I can see a little difference in the way my top fits. I am going to keep on doing what I am doing - sloowwww process but I AM seeing results and I feel better, well minus the cold :) What do you do that makes you feel better? Have a great day!!
June 2, 2011
August 25, 2011

Is my strategic plan of covering the gray working?
Not at the angle, uh? Oh well, I feel cute :)
Vest - taken from "skinny suit" in closet (yardsale)
Capris - JcPenny
Shoes - yard sale

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watchlist Wednesday

These are the things that are on my Watchlist at E-Bay. I did a search on 60's Mod - found these divine pieces that I now desire to possess. Short post - had class - We are halfway there. Have a great day

I love the colors on this piece and the colar

The colors are SO ME

I bet the tag says "Made for Stacey"

appeals to my novel side
all from JcPenny except shoes found at yard sale

again Stacey colors

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lady in Red with matching nose

I was feeling way too cute in my little red shoes, my latest skirt (that I must find pants like them in my price range), and the too cool scarf in the my hair that brought it all together. Even for a sick girl, truth be known the only reason I did not call out sick from work (which I NEVER do) was because I could not wait to wear the outfit I had put together. It was comfortable yet I felt put together. If I would not have had a paper to write I would have went home and went to bed but I finished my individual assignment and my learning team assignment. Especially since my 4 hour nap on Sunday had me wide awake at 2 am on Monday morning with the alarm scheduled to go off at 5:30 am <scrunch red nose> Going in late today for work as my poor daughter has to have her wisdom teeth pulled. I feel for her, biopsy on Friday and teeth pulling on Tuesday. I know she is hoping and praying, like me, that no other medical issues come up for her.

Scarf - grandma Salvation Army
blouse - Liz Claiborne JcPenny
skirt - Calvin Klein Ross's
fabulous red shoes - thrifted

I felt cute

Okay, so the off the scarf is doing a great job of covering the "off blonde"

Better pic of scarf it was perfect

Red shoes, now MY red shoes

Monday, August 22, 2011

Accchhhhoooooo, Sniff, Sniff, Cough

Weekend was spent pretty much being sick. Friday was spent at the hospital for my daughter's biopsy, we should get the results in a week, I did take advantage of their Courtyard while I waited and did some school work reading. I think I need a water feature in my back yard :)

Water fountain taken from seat on the bench where I was reading

The landscaping - it was very peaceful
 After the procedure we did a little thrifting and went to my grandmother's who fixed us lunch and presented me with a bunch of new scarves she scored for me at the Salvation Army. There are some really pretty ones. During the thrifting, I scored some red flat shoes :) I created an outfit just to wear those that you will see tomorrow. I woke up Saturday with a sore throat but still got my 4 mile walk in and took some pictures of the trail I am sharing with you. I also received my condolence E-bay headbands - I love them!!

Sunday was spent in bed with nose blowing accessories and school work spread around me. Mr Man made me breakfast and served me in bed - I was very pleased with this gesture especially since he and I have been growling at each other lately - I think this is result of his night shift work and him being tired. I, of course, have not contributed to any of the strife :) I also slept about 4 hours and I took a 2 hour nap on Saturday. I really did not feel well at at.

<ACHHHHOOO> Hoping I shake this cold quickly and you have a great day!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


This was a fun and cute outfit I put together. The scarf in my hair matched it perfectly. The pics do not really do the scarf justice at all. I love my House pins that my friend, Kristine, gave to me in honor of my real estate ambition. Me likey :)
Vest - yardsale
Pink Tee - ABC Distributing
Capris - JcPenny
Agner shoes - yard sale


Cute Cute
Glad it is Friday. I did not have to work today but had to be up early to take my daughter for her biopsy. I am hoping after the biopsy that she doesn't feel too badly and perhaps she and I can hang out together and have a fun day. I am still working on my time management skills for work and school. I really lose a day on Wednesday because I am so tired from the Tuesday night late class but I will get it worked out. I was taught that I could do whatever I set my head to and I will. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting into Routines

I was very tired yesterday, it was my first Wednesday after my first class. I was going to come home and work out and do this and do that.... I did nothing - all I really wanted to do was climb in bed as soon as I got there but managed to stay awake long enough to get laundry done. I do laundry every Wednesday and Sunday. I am an extremely routine kinda girl. I also change my sheets every weekend. Sometimes I am too structured and wear myself out so I have tried to start relaxing because life is too short and I believe you should get some type of enjoyment. Do you have any strict routines that you must follow?

Today is my Friday, have to be off from work on Friday to take my daughter for her biopsy. I'm pretty confident it will come back negative but must find out for sure.  Hope you have a fabulous day!!

I love the wings on this sleeve

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sally Inspiration

Today's outfit is an inspiration from the Queen of Bloggers Sally  I love, love, love Sally. I combined the below two looks with one that I borrowed from my friend Kristine. I decided to put in a splash of orange in the navy - my orange shoes were too bright for the tank so I opted with the white. I feel so cute which puts me in the most fabulous mood. I need to start playing with my clothes more often and see what other inspiration outfits I can create. Have you been inspired lately from an outfit you saw and put something together that made you feel absolutely wonderful? Have a great day!!
I really enjoyed this post as I LOVE bright colors

This is my interpretation
Skirt - yard sale
Tank top - yard sale
Button blouse - yard sale
Shoes - yard sale

Got both necklaces at Kohls
I think they really added alot to the outfit

I think navy and orange look really good with each other

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rocking Ross

So this is my new outfit that I got from Ross's. I felt so thin and pretty in this outfit. I was still mourning the loss of my stolen scarves so I found another seller on E-Bay on bought myself some condolence scarves. I am excited to get them, plus my grandma told me she got me some more at Salvation Army, can't wait to get my hands on them. Tonight is my first class towards my MBA, I am excited, homework is done and reading is done. I made two lunches and two breakfasts last night so when I get home tonight at 11, all I have to do is load the dishwasher with current day's breakfast/lunch dishes and put next days food in my lunch box, take a bath, then off to bed. I have back to back morning meetings so I will have to go to the gym after I get off work, in between work and school. I have two hours in between so I think I can pull it off. My dieting and gym activities are paying off - my skirt is sized to fit my hips, when I was walking yesterday morning at work (I walk 1.6 miles most mornings) the skirt is so loose in my waist that it kept spinning around my body while I walked, but I would not be able to go down a skirt size yet because of the hips. What can I say, I'm a curvy girl.
Blouse - 8.99
Skirt - Calvin Klein 19.99
Shoes - yardsale from who knows when

Only thing I do not like about the skirt is that it is Dry Clean Only eww

Love the detail on the peasant blouse

Love this skirt - I have been looking for slacks like this too

My condolence scarves
Have a great day!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scarves Stolen

Had a pretty good weekend, Friday yielded a new outfit from Ross that you will get to see tomorrow. I LOVE it!! Saturday walked 4 miles and made pot roast for this weeks eating. We have not had that dish in over 5 years so it was a nice change. The weather on Sunday was unbelievably gorgeous. I found the perfect batch of scarves on E-Bay. Now keep in my mind that I am not an E-Bay person but thought what the heck. So, I found them and proudly bid on them Friday night but the bidding lasted all weekend, watched them all day Saturday and no other bids. Got up Sunday, checked before I went to church and YEP I'm still the only bidder, get home from church and check again - still the only bidder. All day Sunday I'm on the only bidder and by this time I have put each scarf with a different outfit and I can almost feel them in my hair. I had dinner plans with my daughter and son-in-law and there was 2 hours left on the bidding. I go out to dinner feeling pretty confident and digging this E-Bay thing. Get back from dinner 2 hours and 5 minutes later, ask my daughter if she wants to see my new scarves and what do I see? Someone came in at the last minute and outbid me by 50 lousy cents. WHAT?! I am crushed! Those were EXACTLY what I was looking for GRRRRR So at this moment I think E-Bay sucks. Do you guys have any tips for me as there are some really cool Mod 60's outfits but I do not like the idea of babysitting an item to have someone swoop in at the last minute. GRRRRRR But, I do have this really cool new outfit :) Have a great Monday!!
Friday casual day attire

Saturday pot roast

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Wish List

Love this poncho - you know I adore Orange
Poncho - Christopher Banks
capris - Jc Penny
much loved orange shoes - Monroe & Main

We made it boys and girls - it is FINALLY Friday. I am very pleased to have the weekend back again. Today I have lunch plans with my partner in crime, Kristine, we are hitting up Ross's - I am hoping to find neutral scarves - my new brainstorm  to wear in my hair at the end of my in between hair appointments to strategically hide the gray that does not take a hint and STAY AWAY :) I will also be looking for my ever coveted cork wedge heel that my partner in crime has the most fabulous different kinds - yes, she found more than one divine little cork wedge heel that I drool over every day - Good thing for her she doesn't wear my size or she might have been a victim of an "Office Shoe Bandit" I am also going to be looking for red pieces. I don't know why but I am drawn to outfits that I see in the office that have red splashes - a cute pair of red shoes would be FAB!! Then after hunting around at Ross we are going to hit up Publix  and get some Sushi for lunch - I am very excited about that. No, I'm not a foodie - <innocent look on my face>. So I am hoping the rain holds out until after my Sat morning walk - it is getting cooler at night so I am looking forward to the walk and I suppose I will be getting in high gear to get my assignments completed due on first night of class, Tuesday. I also received the best news yesterday that even though my daughter got married the new laws allow me to continue her insurance coverage until she is 26 - that was a HUGE relief to me. Do you have any big plans for this weekend?