Friday, September 30, 2011

Clicking Shoes but not going anywhere

Blouse and capri -  JcPenney
Scarf - Salvation Army
Shoes - Thrift LOVE my RED Shoes

I have really been loving black with a splash of red so since I found these fabulous red "Dorothy" shoes I decided to try the look for myself. I think I like it... yesterday it was another one of those days and I feel like I'm going to crack and not responding well to pressure funny thing I used to thrive on pressure and do well now I'm exploding. I need to work on that and just remember to do the best I can and keep it together. I have the "Hills" to look forward to tomorrow - and it's going to be much cooler so I will be able to gauge how I am going to adapt to cooler weather for walking. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Ones=Appreciation of Good Ones

Man, what a horrid day yesterday both work and personal GRRRR very glad the day ended. I am thinking positive though - if it weren't for the bad ones I wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much. Of course in the middle of the crisis that is not much consolation :)  But only two more days and the weekend will be here soon - going to be cooler again this weekend - looking forward to my walk. Only lost point 2 lbs this week but I guess a loss is a loss.. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Smiles with MonsterCakes

Flowers showing their last bit of beauty at the end -  the hanging flowers on the porch died like they do each year - except this year they came back full and actually bloomed again - that has NEVER happened

 One little rose trying to bloom - yellow is one my favorite colors
Look how full and green - WOW

Hanging in there - still has the bird nest in there :)

One little Holy Hock among the dead - pretty

My second favorite color - orange - bedroom switched for fall :)

Bathroom fall shower curtain - I think it looks like bubbles

Brown for fall

Fall dishes on the table - before Mr Man clutters the table with all his paperwork GRRR

Heathen watching Mr Man cook - waiting for his dinner :)

Hope you find many smiles this week to share with me :)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stay Away from the Cookies

Well we made it through Monday :) It was a rainy morning - GRRRR but I did manage to get my walk in during the afternoon and it was a productive day got through a bunch of my e-mails. I felt very skinny in these capris but I am starting to slip on my eating. The house has too many temptations, Mr Man made chocolate chip cookies - I love anything chocolate. He thawed out one batch of my homemade tomato sauce from the garden - it was little watery. Not sure why, do you have any suggestions or thoughts? I must keep telling myself - stay away from the cookies.....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trying Skin Care Products

This is the second pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a few years I was hesitant about wearing the lighter color jeans but I don't think they looked badly. I had a wonderful walk on Saturday, I made it up the hills - this week instead of hunching over I pumped my arms to see if it made a difference and it really did. It was much cooler and there were not as many people but that was okay with me. I saw several deer and was disappointed that I forgot my camera. I invested this week in some skin care products for my wrinkles - I am giving Garnier a try. It was a painful decision as there is so much out there and each thing does something different. I purchased Oil of Olay toner as well. We shall see if that makes any difference. What skin care products do you use? Happy Monday and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall = Boo

Fall is now here, this is not my favorite time of the year, I am totally a spring/summer time of girl. I did get the house changed over to fall and I do like the change of the house. I adore my burnt orange comforter and brown bathroom ensemble. I hope I get to walk this morning - I actually missed my walk yesterday. It was raining at my normal time and I forgot to do it later in the day. I can't believe I forgot.....strange. You know now that the weight is coming off and people are complimenting me and I am getting in some of my smaller clothes, I'm paranoid about putting weight back on. I'm almost obsessed with my weight loss now almost a compliment and attention junkie. I need to get that under wraps as I don't want to be compliment hound. Have you ever dealt with those kinds of feelings?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bright Colors = Brighten Mood

It's almost the weekend YAHHH Wearing my favorite color orange :) Came home from work to a mowed yard - I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I think Mr Man is trying to fatten me up - he got a bunch of "goodies" at the grocery but I am the CEO of my body and I will keep my plan on track - sure looks good though :) HAHA Hoping for a quiet weekend under the shade trees in my swing after conquering the Hills. Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Meltdown - Alarming :)

Last Spring
I'm in to my "repeat clothes" so the weather needs to hurry up and change. I will be changing the house over to fall this weekend. Got home from work last night and thing after thing went wrong and to my surprise I did not have a melt down. Oh my, am I developing patience? MMMMMM So get home, no water, it's my laundry night and if you have not gathered it yet, I am a VERY routine kinda girl. I do laundry Wednesday night (ever since I was 10) and Sunday. So I move on, then I go to print my reading for school and the borrowed dinosaur PC does not want to cooperate, then the batteries on the mouse die but I still have not exploded.... SCARY Is this another of those weird aging things? Mr Man told me tonight that he could see that my arms were starting to get some definition....WOW a compliment - Mr Man does not give those very often - he just isn't the "fluff" kinda guy and staying true to form he followed it up with suggestions that would lead to 20 lbs weight loss in 30 days HAHA So glad the weekend is almost here and the rain seems to have gone as well. Looking forward to my "hills" this weekend. Looking forward to anything?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Smiles with MonsterCakes

I smile at my friend, Jamie, who just got this sweet little ride - this won out over the Camaro that he really wanted

I smile at the pictures that posted on the NYFW Milly Spring 2012 - I loved all the pieces so click on the link to see all of them but the following are my favorites:

Love this color and the suit has the retro feel

Love those shoes

The owl pin with the bird blouse and great colors draw me to this one
My daughter's pit bull Smoke, aka Cujo by me, always wants to eat me when I visit my daughter so my daughter has been making me come in and ignore him as he barks and snarls and charges at me - it works, he can't stand it and Saturday actually loved on me and brought me his prized possession, his fire hydrant :)

What has made you smile this week?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


These pictures were taken before the news... today was an extremely somber day. We learned today that a co-worker that was 7 months pregnant took her own life over the weekend. I am so distraught thinking how final this decision was and wondering why.....another co-worker who lost a loved one said she had been re-reading some of their last e-mails looking for some kind of sign that she must have missed. My pregnant co-worker seemed to have a picture perfect life and was always upbeat. I am really struggling with this knowledge of her death. I just pray for her and her family and hope that she and the baby found peace.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Accomplished Hills

The weekend was pretty good this go around although I must admit looking for the next one to arrive :) Saturday went for my walk to discover at almost .5 miles the "easy" trail was closed for construction. I decided to go walk the "hard-hilly side" and attempt to walk an additional 5.2 miles. The "hilly-hard side" was beautiful and I must admit that the 3 hills almost got the best of me but I made it. On the way back I did not think I was going to make it up the last hill and my brain was actually suggesting to me to crawl up it. I'm like WHAT?! to myself, "Whatever, I AM GOING TO DO THIS" So I'm bent over and walking like I have really, really, really tight skirt around my legs but I finally made it to the top. I had the best sense of accomplishment when I finished walking on Saturday. Guess which trail I'm walking next weekend? :) Spent the rest of Saturday taking my daughter to walk-in clinic for her stomach virus and note for missing work, I barely got any school work completed. Got up early Sunday morning and opted to skip church, again, and do school work. I watched the Titans win, oh that sounds good, Titans Win :), and did a PowerPoint while I watched. I'm in the process of finishing my paper and have saved my online exam for tonight. I am praying there are not any technical difficulties. I have the sniffles and it is really getting on my nerves GRRRRR How was your weekend? Happy Monday!!!

Here are my Saturday pics:

Ready to go!!

The beginning - this isn't so bad - look how peaceful

The sign at the beginning of the first hill, uh oh

Heading down and then back up - <GULP>

Almost to the bottom -  how pretty

The river is below - I LOVE WATER - sigh

I thought this was soooo pretty

I'm in awe

Love the woods

Another pic of the water - while it's a tad muddy - water nonetheless :)

Hill number 2 - pant pant

Still panting - sure hope I don't fall

cute little bridge with rocks and water

Walking on the cute little bridge