Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dreams of the Pool

I might add this to the purge pile. It is not very figure flattering yesterday felt like Friday all day. I'm not sure why but everyone was really chatty and that is usually the way it is in the office on Fridays. I am looking forward to my three day weekend. I plan to go to the pool on Saturday and Monday. Maybe I will get lucky and have also get some wind therapy in over the weekend :) Do you have plans?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Week Smiles.....

My biggest smiles are from my daughter and Gremlin - The biggest one this week courtesy of my daughter is when decided I didn't want to be called Me-Me and suggested some other names to my daughter, like Nona and Oma to which she promptly reminded me that we were not Italian or German. She then advised me I had two choices, grandma or nana. I said ok, grandma. She says in her Grumpy Cat voice, nope, you took too long and since you were indecisive I have chosen for you. She says in this gleeful sing-song voice Grand-na-nana-na. I had tears running down my face as she said that over and over like a song :)

Of course, FaceBook always gives me Something to smile about:

I smile at my new shower head - last week at 5 am turned on the old shower head and water shot all over my bathroom - I called Mr Man in to remedy the situation. After assessing the situation, he goes out to the garage and returns with wire ties in hand. He then proceeds to take a wash cloth and ties it around the shower head with wire ties so I could shower before work. Classy, no? Should have taken a picture of THAT and sent in to DIY :)

I smile thinking about me and my daughter doing this together with  Gremlin and creating stepping stones for both our yards - keeping fingers crossed she and her husband get preapproved to buy a house  for next year :)

The next two are just ones that made me smile this week courtesy of Face Book :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pink with a Tan

I am still behind on my pictures but I have been wearing more pink lately. Not on purpose because as you know I wear my clothes in the order they are hanging in the closet as long as I have lingerie to match underneath and I do not repeat the same shoes two days in a row. Having said that, I must say that I really think pink goes wonderfully with sun kissed skin. I saw a blonde-headed woman last week wearing this color scrubs and it looked amazing on her. I think pink and blonde hair go very well together too. I am not really picky about what colors I can or will wear but I did hear a comment once from a red-headed lady that she could not wear that color (I can't remember what it was) because of her red hair. Do you think certain colors do not mesh with your skin-tone/hair color? What colors do you think look FAB on you? I also think yellow and orange look good on me too - but they also happen to be my favorite colors :) Pink is okay but it was never a favorite - too girly - but hot pink -mmmm - maybe....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Count Down for White

We are in the last stretch of when white is acceptable to wear and I really hate to see summer go. I love everything about summer, even the heat. I got to go swimming Saturday and Sunday was spent with Mr. Man getting some riding in. It was a perfect weekend for me. The pools will be open this coming weekend and the last day will be Labor Day. I am going to try to get in my white bottoms as much as possible, of course, Mother Nature has stepped up limiting selection. The below outfit is all from JcPenney.  I am curious, do you stop wearing white after Labor Day?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Name Brands

This is my absolute favorite skirt and it's a Dry Clean Only - well....I washed it last night and hung it up to dry - and I think it fared well :) This the color of the trousers that I have been wanting for almost two years but still haven't found - I found this skirt at Ross's. The waist is a little big and when I walk the skirt shifts around on my waist to the point the front is in the back so I have to twist it back around. The name brand is Calvin Klein - but I must be honest - I'm not a name hound - I don't really seek out name brand stuff. I have two coach purses in my life and they were both gifts, my grandma did score those Prada shoes at Salvation Army but other than that I have all kinds of clothes and couldn't tell you half the brands. Except in tennis shoes - I prefer Nike. Do you have a favorite brand?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Rid of Things

Not sure I will keep the below outfit - I think I might start actually getting rid of things...
I really struggle with this concept - Do you get rid of things? Do you always donate them?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Week's Smiles

Working from home on the most beautiful day EVER, window open and gentle breeze blowing in - I loved the curtains move with the wind

Gremlin, of course :) Isn't he the most precious thing you've ever seen? :)

I love how the above are transformed into spaghetti sauce below - but blanching is a lot of work...

The rest below are cute little things people posted on Face Book that I thought was either funny or true (or sometimes both) LOL

Hope your week brings on some happy moments!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prefer Blond

This is THE dress that makes me feel HOT!! I love the collar on it the material feels really nice against my skin, I really like knit and it's figure flattering. I am disappointed to see that my body has not changed much - below are pics of the same dress - that is a little frustrating consider how often I work out - :( One thing I will say is that I like the way I look better with blond hair, so I guess that is an improvement and some results on my quest to grow in my style and learn to accentuate my gifts.  How about you, do you prefer a different hair color than the one you were born with?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy, Grumpy, Tired

I have definitely not been a ray of sunshine lately. I feel so busy at work and at  home, I'm grumpy, and I'm tired. AND apparently a whiner :) The stress of having one vehicle and the financial strain are starting to get to me. I got so upset about the bill collectors Sunday morning that I skipped church and was planning on wallowing in my misery, much like I did Saturday after getting hair cut. I was sitting in the sunshine on the patio feeling happily miserable and then I decided instead to go the Greenway and I ran and cried and talked to God and emerged much happier and at  more peace than when I went in. The first sprint I actually ran for 2.46 minutes, I have only EVER been able to do a minute then I walk and catch my breath and sprint again. I am able to force myself to run 2 minutes but much slower and I was disappointed in my time at the end of the 5.2 miles but, I was drenched (which NEVER happens) and I felt FABULOUS!! For me, exercise and God help me battle depression but sometimes that's not even enough and I sink so low that I stay in bed all weekend, it's been awhile since I let myself get that deep. To add to the depression, my brother, Bradley's son lost his mother and my mother lost her sister-in-law. My mother came over yesterday and borrowed some clothes to wear. It is very flattering that she comes to be for advise on clothes - she is not as interested in clothes as she is decorating. She, my brother, Jeff, and my aunt are terrific decorators with remarkable creativity and taste, they can make something from nothing. I am not so creative :)
What about you? What helps you stave off depression? Are you more into decorating or clothes?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Definition of Beauty

Yesterday I got the pleasure of working from home on the most beautiful, windows open, kinda day. The air is cool and feels like fall, it's only going to be here a few days but I love it. I am disappointed that they are calling for rain this weekend. SMH. I have a hair appointment this Saturday, I am so pleased that for the first time in my life I can feel my  hair touching my shoulders. I have NEVER been able to grow hair and I am sooooo happy that I have it for once. I also really like how the sun and chlorine bleach my hair out - I love the sun-kissed look. I feel so much prettier with blonde hair and a suntan.  As a child, I always wanted blonde hair and blue eyes and a large chest, that has always been the definition of beauty for me and still is but I also think beauty is something that makes you stand out. For instance, a pretty smile, a contagious personality, or marvelous fashion sense would be something that makes you stand out and beautiful.
 As children, every summer my brothers and I lived at the swimming pool. We were there from the time it opened until it closed, seven days a week. So of course, the life guards knew us by name, and the summer I was about ten, the lifeguard crush that year, said something to me that at 42 I remember like it was yesterday. I had climbed up the ladder where he was sitting and I could see my reflection in his mirrored sunglasses and he told that one day I would be famous for my beautiful smile. That was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me and even now one my blogger friend's Judy has also complimented me on my smile. I think we should give each other more compliments and that each of us are beautiful in our own way. We need to embrace our assets and compliment others.
What about you? What makes you feel pretty? What is your definition of beauty?

Here is my beloved suntan....:)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Week's Smiles....

This weeks smiles begin with Gremlin - I was trying to get a picture of him smiling almost got him in the pic below - the first time he smiled at me it brought a tear to my eyes :)

He is trying to talk to his mama - he really tries to imitate the "Coo" and to watch him slowly curl his lips is adorable

This one is my favorite - he is so serious :)

I was really bummed out thinking the cats had run off my hummingbirds - I have only seen one this year but I saw another one so I moved this nice feeder that my daughter gave me for my birthday up front - and guess what I saw last night... a hummingbird taking a drink HUGE SMILE :)

My yellow rose bush has done well this year...

I think it's neat how these purple flowers show up at the end of the season :)

This cat had another litter of kittens before we could get her fixed - I smile to keep from crying - 9 cats at the moment SMH - wanna kitten?

Old man getting a few minutes break from Gizmo - he looks so sad pleading and asking why we got that horrible little dog HAH!

This was my dinner last night- Mr Man knows I adore potatoes (cooked any way really) but LOVE, LOVE fried potatoes with onions and of course, I also adore bread (garlic toast is always a hit with this girl) :)

This are my new favorite shorts - my grandmother got them for me and I smile because I would have never bought them for myself but I absolutely love them  - I feel so thin and modern in them - gonna be seeing them ALOT :)

Hope you are having a great week and have an abundance of smiles :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shiny Fabric

I still have a few more pictures of that eye shadow  - yuck - but this blouse is a gift from my grandmother and I love the shiny material. I have a friend who completely adore "bling" on her blouses and I love how this material feels against my skin. Do you have any material that you adore or hate? I can't really think of  a material that I hate against my skin but I do try to stay away from Dry Clean only and lined outfits (I do have some but I really try to avoid).