Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Smile

I smile this week:

Met my new addition - they called her Layla at the shelter but I have renamed her Seymore - because she always has to see more!! She was found abandoned in a house and she has been something else. Her first night home - all of us, me, Mr Man & Heathen sighed relieve when we put her in the crate. She was wild and reminded me of the Duracell Bunny - she kept going and going and going. She still can't be trusted alone in the house (I'm sure anxiety from her past) and she tried to dart out the door, wants to eat our neighbors cats, and is a PIA all the way around....but......she is is sooo lovable and sweet and she is settling down into our routines slowly but surely - still a PIA LOL

I smile thinking about heading to Newport News, VA to visit my long time friend
We are going to ride the bikes to OuterBanks

 one more day :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Stacy i see you have a new member in the family :)
    How cute- the best part is that she is from a shelter.
    My dogs did awful things during the weekend but they make me smile.