Friday, June 3, 2011

Winding Down - in more ways than one Day 9

Scored at Ross's today and got me a pair of black wedge heel shoes. They aren't the cork heels like I was looking for but LOVE them nonetheless and they were only $20 YAHHHH. I'm kinda tired today for some reason and I have caught myself grumbling and carrying on. I will try harder to keep this in check. I think I am sleeping well with Mr Man working nights but I am tired. I removed the McAfee off the loaner PC and installed Microsoft's Free Antivirus. I didn't even know they had one but the loaner is working very well so far with that  antivirus. Of course, on the last night LOL. I plan to call HP after I get bills paid and school work completed for $130 they said they could fix her right up. I just wish I could understand what they were saying to me. Only bad part about my work laptop now is that it has Windows 7 on it, which is not compatible with my HP printer that I have at home. Soooo I'll be printing my reading tomorrow night before I call HP, I may wait and call them Sat afternoon. I'm a little behind on my school reading with all my PC issues.

 My company is having us a nice get together - like a company picnic during work hours in our parking lot. They are feeding us, games, karaoke ( I only do that after a few beers) LOL I must say for a short week, I sure am tired. Nothing major planned this weekend, the usual - school work and so on. This will be my first weekend with Mr Man working nights and sleeping while I am home. I am like an elephant in the china store - so wish me luck I survive the bear :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, try and stay cool!!!

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I have been blessed and had many good people coming through my life. There is my family, Mr. Man, past friends and current friends. Notable honorees - Mother, Grandma, Jeff, Brad, Mr Man, and Kristine but I must give alot of credit to my daughter Shelley. She has seen me at my worst, at my best, and somewhere in between and she still loves me - that in itself is a great feat :) I never feel judged by her and she can make me laugh anytime, not to mention she is "mini-me" which I find amusing!! Who else would sit with me in a dressing room of a dept store consoling me while I cry like a baby at the size of clothes I have to get and send her out for the "big girl" pants, only my dear sweet daughter Shelley :)

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