Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No whining today

So I got my new laptop at work and it is absolutely the coolest thing, I swipe my finger print to get into it!! Remember I am a HUGE novelty person :) So my nice little virus on my work laptop sent a few of my colleagues an email on my behalf inviting them to a Russian chat. <embarrassing> My IT guy made the transition to this beast of a machine painless and all my documents were able to saved from the deadly one. Now the PC I got from my grandmother was running beautifully until I put McAfee on it. I don't get it. I'm sitting here now watching the hummingbirds on my feeder that I attached to my picture window. I LOVE watching the hummingbirds and the eggs have hatched in my hanging plant on the porch as I found it when I took it down to water it last night. Had these fuzzy, awkward, little creatures - way COOL. My mouth is just about back to norm except for the brown stains from the rinse I had to do but they assured me they would buff them out when I go back later this month. 4 more weeks and I will be officially done with the BA program. I think I will look into going to APSU for my Masters - not sure I have what it takes but.... won't know until I try.

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.
This would have to be the diamond earrings Mr Man gave me. I have never had any "nice" jewelry and I got the second hole just for these beauties. I actually had asked for the size smaller but glad he got me these. I NEVER take them out - except to clean them occasionally but I HATE parting with them. They have screw backs and I am always scared I am going to drop and loose them while I do the screwing/unscrewing. I know I'm a strange kitty :) MEOW What is your most treasure item?

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