Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Blues

The weekend was pretty nice - I did not accomplish as much as I wanted but did get a good handle on my school work. I only have two tasks to get completed to turn everything that is due tonight. I did not get as much done on my house and I did not make it to the Greenway :( I really have to get a handle on my weight again and the lack of exercise is really showing on my buttocks. This week is Customer Service Week and I love, love customer service week. I have gotten to participate in the planning and have really enjoyed it. Hopefully all our plans will go smoothly and the employees enjoy themselves - and me too :) Have a great Monday!!
I cannot figure out if I think this pants are gray or navy - but I do love them - now to get my hips back in proportion - this is also an older picture from May.

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  1. The blouse is fabulous. The color is great on you.