Saturday, October 4, 2014


I spent the day alternating between accounting homework and cleaning my house - I did get my kitchen a little less cluttering looking and for that I am very happy. I only got the front half of the house completed so I will work on the back half tomorrow and I am hoping to go to the Greenway -it was cold here today - to go from 90's to upper 50's is a shock to the system. These are some older outfit pics but I love this scarf..


Kristine and I had lunch on Friday and she gave me the prettiest picture she had taken for my new office, the mums below in the fantastic coffee can - I thought it was vintage but it is actually a coffee her husband loves. I think it looks perfect on my new shelf in the living room.

She also made me this pot but I am still looking for a home for it and some contents. My new boss told me she was getting a piece of a spider plant and that might look pretty good in that...

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