Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas - here are some highlights since the last we talked... 

Mr. Jaxen  is really growing and he is cute - he is at the "mine" stage and wanted my camera - what a fabulous picture

The is my grandmother and daughter Shelley at my son's 28th b-day on December 18
 Here is the birthday boy in his new requested bib-overalls that I purchased at Sears online and had them shipped to  local store - it was fast an easy this brand is Craftsman and he was very pleased

This is his sister, Shelley's, foot LOL

This is my prized gift that my Aunt Cathy gave me Granny's estate - she put a note with it saying she had it as long she had known her so it's way older than me - I love it!!

I do need a better bulb in it though

My daughter gave me this picture frame and I decided to put their family photo in it - last year's Christmas pictures - Jaxen has really grown
My son got me this cook cookbook stand - I love it as well

My son also got me a new cake stand

This is the scarf that my gma gave me - it is absolutely beautiful

 Jaxen gave me rose that will never die
Changed the house over from Christmas

  Man it looks so much larger with just using the bench as a table
I love this bench as a side table

  My daughter Shelley also got me this cool hanger - pictured is my Christmas shower curtain drying :)
This is my son Randall, grandson Jaxen, and daughter, Shelley love them, love them and below is Randall, me, Jaxen, Shelley, and my gma

my beautiful tree!!

Christmas bedroom :)

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