Friday, May 27, 2011

Frumpy/Comfy Day 5

Okay this outfit isn't the most figure flattering but I it was comfy and when I walked and looked down, it felt bohemian. The blouse is really cool but I think the pants take a little away from it. The blouse came from JcPenny's, pants from Jessica London, and the shoes at a yardsale. The shoes are almost ready to retire, I noticed a give in the side of the shoe meaning a blow out is in the near future, just another reason why I MUST find the perfect black cork wedge heel shoe :) I must do a drive by of Ross's, Kristine has gotten the most fab shoes there!!!

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.\

Now this one is tough, I have soo many good memories so I guess I will pick my California vacation. I have always wanted to live in California and have been fascinated by California. So Mr Man made my dream come true and took me on week vacation in Huntington Beach, CA. We did something different everyday, first day Beach, Second Day para sailing and shopping little boutique in Newport, 3rd day went to Magic Mountain - FUN - 5th day Beach again. Our accommodations were something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

So I get my stitches out and am working from home the rest of the day. Hope you guys have a wonderful and Safe Memorial Day!!!

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  1. It would be hard for me to take a pic of a favorite memory. I've gotten much much older and my fave is still camping on Lover's Key in Fla and at Bonita Beach. Condos there now. My how memories of great times refuse to fade. Thank goodness.