Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday was a sunny, gorgeous, windows open kind of day. My friend Kim came in from Virginia Beach to visit her parents for her ailing father's birthday. She brought her 22 year old son, who I just met for the first time. He has her eyes :) My friend, Kim, has a pink Harley and loves to party, which when she comes to town the gang usually gets together. I was the only one available Saturday night so she, her son, and I went to a place that I had never been. I am not much of a partier but enjoy going out with her occasionally but would never want to make it an every weekend thing. I may have turned into a prude along the way :) It was very fascinating to me to see the young women of today. I must say that just about all of them had on the cork, wedge heels that I so want. It was interesting enough that we met some interesting folks while we were out.  There was this one guy that was dismissive of me but very engaging to my friend who was mean to him, that was funny. His wife was visibly upset that he was at our table instead of theirs and he even tried to engage her and she must have not responded correctly and he threw is beer bottle on the floor. I find that type of behaviour to be a bully, he even went to leave and I asked him why he did that he replied that he cannot tolerate BS so I asked him that gave him the right to be a bully?  He didn't like that too much but you never know, could have been the alcohol, I truly hope so for her sake.

Here is my friend and the interesting, hot tempered man

He doesn't look like the mean kind to me

This woman was wearing them at the Lodge and I thought they were HOT

Here is the good one of the duo we met

Feast while we drank
Good thing I had not eaten much that day
I actually did not go over on my points :)

The beginning of the night - I had a red sign behind me

The one who mad me do it :)

Sunday I didn't make it to Church, seems kinda bad to drink Saturday night and go to church on Sunday. I wonder if God does frown on that type of behavior? It was rainy and I was so tired so I layed around on the couch watching movies with my laptop in my lap. This is the 2nd week in my new position at work. I am sooo in my glory I am really going to enjoy this position. Do you have any plans for the week? Have a good one!!

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