Friday, July 29, 2011

Blue Day

My Twin for the day LOL

Aren't those shoes the best?

So today my cubicle neighbor and friend and I ended up dressed exactly alike today and it was too funny. I had to get a pic of him above to show the "twinkies" LOL Funny that he is already a twin too. I've worn the outfit today before but I really like it - my daughter gave me the blouse. Mr Man ordered pizza for dinner so I showed no self-control. I am sure the scale will remind me of my indiscretion. HAHA I am glad the week is over and get to wake up with money in the bank at least for minute. Money is hard these days and it seems to be that way for most of the people around me. I am very fortunate that I have a really good job and that I work for a wonderful company but everything around me is getting so expensive. Gas, electricity, and groceries, I am very thankful that I learned to thrift for my clothes as that does help out and still allows me to find some really nice clothes. I just pray the government works things out this week, my grandmother is really worried she will not get her social security check next month. I just keep thinking (or keep trying to think) positive thoughts. Have you found any new thrifting stores or websites?

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