Saturday, July 30, 2011

Natural Weekend

I am so glad the weekend is here. I have noticed that I never show you how I dress on the weekends so I decided to start documenting this. I must admit that when clothes shopping I am always looking for work clothes and haven't really invested in "week-end" clothes. I wonder if everyone else separates their clothes from work and weekend...Sally did a post once that suggested to intergrate the two but I can't for the life of figure out how to do it.
My rocker girl outfit :)

I LOVE these shoes - found them at JcPenneys

White Snake - 80's band from my teenage years bought it not too long ago at a concert
Funny seeing them as old men now - I still think they are HOT :)

Got this in the mail too :)
 Got up early this morning and my mother and I walked on the Greenway - I did 4 miles today, it is soo nice there. I really enjoy the views and it brings me peace. My mother bought me the newest James Patterson book,  Now You See Her, and The Postcard Killer. I also bought myself the Help because I have heard so much about it. I am halfway through Now You See Her. Then I went to Dunbar Cave where they had a band and refreshments at the mouth of the cave. The cave acts as a natural air conditioner. It was amazing to me that is really WAS cool and I enjoyed the people watching. It was a mixed crowd. I also decided that it would be a great place for summer wedding. I wish I had taken better pictures.

This is the band that was there from where I was sitting
They played alot fo Irish tunes Red River Breeze

There used to be a swimming pool that my mother swam in
 The neat thing about this was my grandmother said this where she met my grandfather, they used to have dances here when Roy Acuff owned it. I found the picture below on the internet. It was fascinating to think about all the dancing and the music that used to take place there. My generation doesn't have anything like this. That is neat to think about the good times that used to be there and how over the years it  has changed. I would have liked to have seen it back in the day through my grandparents eyes.

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  1. Stacy !!! I like your weekend wear !
    I do not separate work clothes from weekend clothes, I integrate them (not all) but when I do is mostly through layering.
    I think the more I can wear an item, the better.