Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where I Came From

This is an oldie but a goodie. I really like the way this material feels against my skin. It makes me feel pampered to have wear thing like this, kinda like sleeping on a high thread count of sheets. Funny, I never knew about those things until I traveled for work - but I must say the highest count that I own is 600 from Jc Penney. I absolutely LOVE those but my second favorite are 350 Egyptian cotton from Walmart. Yeah Walmart :) Isn't funny how you learn about things and get pretentious? Even with vehicles - I turn my nose up to cars that you would never believe the jalopies I drove in my youth and being embarassed never crossed my mind. I was just thankful to have something to drive....

Do you think when you get a little more, you become less thankful? I believe that I have lost sight of some of blessings along the way. Don't get me wrong - you have seen both my old car and my house and I"m not rich but I've come a loooonnnnggg way. I was very blessed to land the job that I did and to be given the opportunities that have come my way. I think I am going to work on recognizing my blesses and remembering where I came from...

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  1. I know what you mean about when we were young. I don't think that holds true as much now with young people being given so much. But fortunately, now that I'm older by a lot than you I am back to that not caring stage. As long as it runs and is fairly clean I'll drive it. As for sheets, never going back to the 200 thread count. Never. And I see what you mean also about the top. It's really pretty.