Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feel Prettier When...

Yesterday was a killer day at work and I think I am in some sort of mood - I do not have any patience and  a very serious and focused mode. I still feel hopeful with the idea of  getting my paychecks for a couple weeks while I wait for the bankruptcy. I really need a new camera so I can start taking pictures of my outfits. I was looking back on my some of past posts and some of my outfits that I thought looked good back then, well, I don't think that they are that great now. I can also see a trend of how I dress when I'm thinner, you can tell when I feel prettier - I seem to be more creative and put better stuff together, I also look much different (I think prettier) with blonde hair versus darker as seen below:
There are a few things that make me feel prettier. I feel prettier with blonde hair. I feel prettier with a suntan. I feel prettier when I start losing weight (last time I got down to 150 but would love to be 120). I feel prettier dressing up - I like both slacks and dresses.

- What makes you feel prettier?

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