Monday, January 4, 2016

Happier Times = Faith

So back at work in a different year - yesterday was a pretty nice day - went to church - I love Communion and then went to walk on the Greenway. I absolutely love the Greenway - the air was brisk and at some points I even took off my jacket. I need to get some good pics of it but the above are some older ones.

Going through my pictures I found some happier days - I thought everything was perfect in the picture below - funny how things can change in a few  years - heck - things can change in a  minute - I am hopeful that things will go back to those happier times and who knows..

With a little faith and hope, 2016 will bring about much happier times - I must remember the below

Hope your first week back in the New Year - is easy, breezy. How is it going so far?

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