Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Smiles

Being back blogging has already been therapeutic or it might be the sunshine that I am waking up to see. I absolutely love the sunshine but I feel relaxed and hopeful which is something that I have not felt in awhile as I got up this morning I was thinking of the things that I absolutely adore and bring a smile to my face

My newest obsession in my bedroom is white sheer curtains - I don't have a matching pair but the windows are not the same size so I put the the two below together - it was too hot in TN when I changed the house over to winter that I ended up using one of my summer comforters - the rooms feels so airy and peaceful with the white - I am the type of person that my surroundings impacts my moods - I switch the house over every season to combat depression and keep my mood uplifted - I like the way the white looks against my gray walls

This little guy we found at Miss Lucille's Antique - he makes me smile every morning when I go into the bathroom - he is made of wrought iron  - Isn't he adorable?

I am still in with the way my laundry room turned out - It is funny when I think about when I was painting it with the "Oops"  paint I was thinking, "Oh, no, this is going to look horrible." I decided that finding that paint color in the oops section was a gift from God so I decided to ride it out and see how I liked it the next morning - I have been in love with it every since - it also looks really good with the cabinet I scored from my aunt when she redid her kitchen

I love how the sun comes in the my picture windows in the morning - I have my chair where I can sit and look out and early it hits me while I am in my chair and I love basking the heat and light

 I think another reason is that I love watching the cars go by and perhaps too as I age I may be
turning into Agnes from Bewitched, "Abner, Abner....

I try to smile and I do most of the time but the animals seem to be taking over my house -the hair drives me crazy and the cats like to get on my table - as you can tell from her expression - I believe she knows that I do not like this... :)

They also drive Gizmo crazy.... :)

Of course, Heathen is always a good boy

Hope you are having a great Saturday - how is the new year shaping up for you so far?

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