Thursday, May 23, 2013

New From Old

The outfit below was an Easter Past outfit. I bought the blouse and skirt at Dillard's. The shoes I got for Easter Present and the shrug I got in a little boutique in California while vacationing. I have been incorporating this shrug into more outfits. I am finally breaking out of my zone where I only wore outfits the same way each time, I have learned from my fellow bloggers how to mix and match and make fresh new outfits out of old outfits. It does help taking my picture daily as well to keep up with how I wore it last. Only bad thing now I have new rule, I used to skip tops when it rained that I only wore long pants with, now I try to find a skirt or capris to wear in it's place (I have a no long pants rule when it's raining or wet outside, I HATE to get my feet wet). So I am now trying to more creative, now there are some things that I think just look perfect together, like the below blouse and skirt, but I normally only wear it with coral sandals and will skip it unless it's 85 or above and the below picture is me making it more suitable for cooler weather. I felt it was a success. Do you mix and match and have "rules"?

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  1. You positively glow in this color. Wonderful.