Friday, May 10, 2013

Turning Heads

This outfit was quite the ego-booster - I actually saw some heads turning my way - what is it about high heels - they make your legs look amazing. This blouse was a Target find and the skirt was gift from my grandmother - a few Christmases ago. The shoes are a Ross find. I felt uber-cute in this and really strutted my stuff. Funny how an outfit can change your whole outlook. This is Mother's Day Weekend so tomorrow gonna do a little breakfast for my mother and taker her the tray that I got off E-bay. I hope she likes it. I am giving my daughter the tea set I bought as her first Mother's Day gift. AND guess who - they are calling for sunshine this weekend - <GASP> it will be cooler but sunshine nonetheless...I'll take it!!
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and for those of you who's mothers are no longer with us, I send you peace, hugs, and love. Have a great weekend!!


  1. You turn heads because you are really pretty.

  2. Stacey you look spectacular ! Love this outfit - and yes i can imagine you walking by and many heads turning. Maybe you can start wearing this skirt more :)