Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - Happy New Year

And here is my January 1, 2013 Picture

So my goals for 2013 are below I did so-so on them :) Do you have any goals? Happy New Year and may this years bring prosperity for all of us

1) Get out of debt - start a savings accounts

Still a work on progress and will make the list for 2014

2) Continue MBA - only have until March
3) Lose 30 lbs - continue to eat healthy and exercise
Still working on this

4) Get a car
5) Continue home improvements
Still a work in progress
6) Purge negative thoughts
getting much better at this
7) Evaluate relationships and goals
umm not sure how to measure
8) Continue to work on my job
Work in progress
9) Try to be a blessing to those around me
Always a work in progress
10) Continue self-improvements
Work in progress
Goals for 2014
1) Lose 30 pounds
2) Grow my faith by reading and talking to God more
3) Get out of debt and increase amount in savings account
4)Live Simply (forget the  Jones)
5) Attend more church functions and volunteer more
6) Start a business plan for a dream I have
7) Home improvement goals - windows and additional bathroom
8) Give employer 100% of my best
9) Try to be a blessing to those around me
10) Work more out in the yard - learning to garden and landscape
We shall see if I can achieve these goals :)

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