Monday, January 13, 2014

Hiding Behind my Keyboard

Well, another weekend gone... the weather was gorgeous - I got to do Zumba on Saturday but had too much to do on Sunday to go the Greenway. It seems that a lot of my classmates are dying or their parents. We have lost at least 5 from my Northwest High family and last night I went to the funeral home one my friend's mother died. I guess we are just reaching the age but I must confess I am not equipped to know how to act or how to console. This goes back to that skill my grandmother has always said that I possessed, hiding my head in the sand. I am really also better at articulating my feelings when I can hide behind my keyboard versus face-to-face. Are you able to communicate freely in person? Somewhere along the line I lost my confidence and my fear of rejection grew to an abnormal size that if often cripples me in my social interactions. I often believe that other women do no like me and I obsess over why and what I need to do to make myself more likeable. I almost sound crazy as I put those thoughts into words, but I'm not...Really.... I'm not... :) Do you struggle with any of these fears? It is very important to me to be liked and I don't really care about building friendships with men, I want women to like me. Even though I tell myself over and over, "Their opinion of me is none of my business."

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  1. I do some rather fabulous sand hiding myself but being a lot older than you I've lost a lot of people. As for what to say. I'm so sorry. If I can do anything please let me know. That and a nice casserole is about my max. But most folks seem to appreciate it. I know I did.