Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow/Cold Day

Today is a snow day or really a cold day here in TN. The wind chill is -12 (now that is extremely cold for us southerners). Working from home today in the comfort of my gorgeous new living room. This weekend was pretty good - went to Zumba Saturday morning with my two friends, Tavie and Beth, and had a blast. Got a really good work out and it apparently made me feel really good - I de-cluttered the office and the laundry room. The laundry room was driving me nuts - having to step over things on the floor - two TV's in the way. The ferret cage had his food all around the underneath edges - just junky-looking room. So, got it all cleaned and Mr. Man took the Tv's off to the dump with some other things. I just wish Mr. Man was less of a hoarder because our house is small and not equipped for major storage. We have the big garage out there but he says  his important things are not safe out there. I really liked the outfit below - I bought those gouchos at Cato's and haven't worn them until recently. They are cut strange around my hip area so they feel really tight around my panty line but I guess I gauge my weight loss via the fit. Speaking of which I have lost 3 lbs - 36 more to go LOL How was your weekend? Hope you are staying warm.

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