Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Goal Met

Today feels like it should be Friday - I am pleased to say that I have lost the holiday weight that I put on and now to see if I can reach my goal weight - only 32 more lbs to go - <sigh> I have been eating on a smaller plate to help me with my portions - it's not that I eat badly - I just eat a lot. Ever since I quit smoking 8 years ago I have really enjoyed the taste of food. I would like to get married this June but would like to be at my ideal weight and of course the money is an issue. I have actually found two venues locally that I really like but one of them I am unsure of the cost. March we should also know if he is going to get any money out of the car wreck, with him being out of work for the past two years - we could really use it. I really like how the below outfit looks on me - this was taken at the end of October - I must have slimmed down a little bit as these pants seem to fit pretty good in the below pic. Do you have any goals you are trying to reach this year?

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