Monday, March 19, 2012


Isn't this the neatest thing? It's a scarf that is a poncho, my grandmother scored this unique, lovely find at Salvation Army. I LOVE IT!! It felt flowy and this summer I can put tank tops underneath it. FAB!! yes? This weekend was gorgeous!! Friday my daughter and I had a wonderful time shopping, she got some of the cutest things - she looks great in everything with her cute little size 2 self :) Her taste is different than mine in that I gravitate to bright colors and she prefers grays and blacks. I also scored the BEST ever shoes that I am in love with that I will share with you on Wednesday smiles :) Sunday was a do nothing windows open, sitting outside, reading my school work (now enter economics) <SIGH> Been busy as all get out at work - my partner in crime is out this week so pray I don't drown in e-mails. Have a great week!!

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