Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vibrant Colors

I love this jacket with all it's vibrant colors
Jacket and blouse - JcPenny
Black cotton pants - Target
FAB red shoes - Thrifted

Aren't those colors fabulous

Red and Pink Combo - LOVE LOVE
You have probably guessed that my closet consists of many bright colors :) Vibrant colors make me feel good - as the outfit I have one does contribute to my mood - along with the weather and a few other variables. This jacket was a wonderful find at JCPenney's and I wear it both summer and winter. In the winter it's nice to see a little color and the butterfly reminds that spring and summer are just around the corner when I wear this in the winter. This is one of the few pieces that I do intermingle for both times of year. Of course, you know I really like brown as well :) I like red too but do not own many pieces, I am trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe. Are there any colors that make you feel better on a gloomy day?

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