Monday, March 5, 2012

Would Have Been

This Quantitative Reasoning class is kicking my butt and requiring alot of my attention and sleep. I was update late on Tuesday (class), Wednesday (doing math assignment), and Thursday (met with school team) so by Friday I was exhausted. I even had to try a 5-hour energy shot - which btw does seem to work :) I slept in really late on Saturday, then was tied up with my son. So much that I forgot I had bought tickets for "dinner" at the church and instead Mr Man and I went to O'Charley's, which would have been better since I had already paid for it. I realized it when I pulled into church Sunday :( I did get to walk on the Greenway Sunday it would have been more enjoyable on Saturday as the weather was much prettier. <SIGH> This is a new week and hopefully things will be much better  and there will will be less "would have been" thoughts :) Happy Monday

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