Monday, July 15, 2013


This outfit looks sunny to me - I purchased this at Ross's for last year's Easter outfit. Easter seems to be the time I like to buy myself a new outfit. The skirt is a little too sheer from my liking but as you can see I wore it anyway :) The weekend was a really nice - got my gray covered up and then did some grocery shopping. Sunday went to church and read in my swing. I have a nasty pipe burn on my leg from me trying to look at myself in the mirror and leaning into it. I felt so stupid when I did that, I am hoping it's all healed up by the last week of this month - I'm taking another vacation and I'm hoping to spend it at the pool again. That was a wonderfully relaxing vacation. The new pastor at our church is really making think hard about my relationship with God and inspiring me to learn more. I am hosting this weeks bible study at my house - really nervous about having my church friends over.... Wednesday night I will probably be cleaning like a mad woman :) How was your weekend? Do you have a holiday that you always buy a new outfit?

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