Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Week's Smiles

This is Lucky - He brings a smile because we almost lost him - Mr. Man took the trash off and in his rear view and  he saw Lucky running haphazardly behind him down the road, but when he turned around to go find him - Lucky was no where to be found. We spent two days going back to the spot and we found him much to Mr. Man's determination because he was just beside himself. Lucky was so grateful to be home that he even comes to us - and you should have seen the way he dove under the fence making a beeline to the garage to his momma, brother, and sister...

This is Lucky's sister, Sassy, in the front, and  his twin brother...I adore Sassy...

I smile at the first sunflower - and it's red

I love the way the blooms on the Calla Lilies are fluted - hiding the beauty until it's ready

I smile because all that dreadful rain made my backyard flower bed bloom - this view is from the fence - you can see my swing, which I haven't spent much time back there this summer - there are some biting gnats back there and they can't find me on the patio :)

I smile at the first harvest from the garden - which is my lunch today at work

During the holidays we girls got together - we all went to high school together -starting on the bottom, Amy, me, and Susie has her hand on my shoulder (she was the hostess FAB~!!) top row is Gina, and Kim (she was the one I visited in Virginia last year)

Here is the flower bed up close :)

Gremlin, of course, brings many smiles :)

What has made you smile this week?

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