Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forever Summer

I have put different colors with this and I must say that the purple below is one of the better colors with this. That purple tee was bought was Targets and I have incorporated it into a lot of different outfits. I love the way it looks and feels on me, it is extremely comfortable. Today is my last full day of work before my vacation, I only work 1/2 day tomorrow. I am looking forward to some more time off then it will be awhile before any more time off :( This year is going by quickly, summer is coming to an end and I really dislike that thought. I wish summer could last forever. What is your favorite season? Do you live somewhere that only has one season?


  1. Summer is my least favorite because I'm badly affected by heat. But I'm looking forward to Fall, better known as Football Time in Tennessee. I love the cool breezes and the excitement in the air.

    1. I concur about football season - I just have been trapped indoors and I really HATE the cold :)