Monday, August 5, 2013

Party's Over

It's official summer is over in my home town, all the public pools closed yesterday except for two that will be open on the weekends only until September 6 and school starts this week. I had a wonderful week off. The weather wasn't the best but I managed to go to the pool on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and yesterday. I went to the Greenway on Tuesday, Thursday, and this past Saturday. Tuesday I walked in the rain with an umbrella, just a steady shower, and it was a wonderful walk. I saw a herd of does with their fawns, then a saw single doe with two fawns, and a bunch of turkeys. The turkeys let me walk amongst them, it was the coolest experience. Friday was the prettiest day but Mr. Man had a follow-up visit for his knee after surgery and got a shot in the other knee but afterwards he and I had a really nice day. So today, it's back to the routines. Oh, and I made more of the spaghetti sauce for the freezer, I really do like this recipe, very tasty. I tried a salsa recipe but going to keep looking, my friend Kristine, pointed me to one on Pioneer Woman's blog that I will be checking out. How has your summer been? The below blouse I scored at Ross in VA I really like it with my gladiator sandals I purchased at JCP. The capri's was a Kohl's find. I also get to wear a new outfit every day this week (you won't get to see them until much later behind on my pics) that my grandmother scored at Goodwill and Salvation army. They are cute, cute. A Ross just opened up in Clarksville and they have just as cute clothes as Nashville, this is rare for some reason, but what I cannot seem to get off my mind was this jeweled seahorse that would look FAB in my bathroom and there was this sleeveless orange dress that I LOVED. I just might have to go back this weekend....
Still no word on my car lawsuit, I don't think I'll EVER get a new car.... Hope you have a wonderful week :)

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