Monday, November 4, 2013

1980's at Heart

Finally a good weekend. I spent Saturday cleaning and piddling around the house and watched The Conjuring, a very scary movie. Sunday I missed church because Mr. Man was in our only bathroom at 10 am which is when I usually get in the shower. His response is that I should have went ahead and showered since I get up earlier. SMH I went to the Greenway and visited my mother, she had got me some really cool heels at the Goodwill and wanted to see my new car. The leaves are changing here in Tn and it's absolutely gorgeous. The next two weeks will be hectic at work as I have training so I am going to have to work in exercise to my nightly routine at home. My mother told me she could tell I had lost weight <HUGE GRIN>; however, the scale is not revealing this so I must still be losing inches. The below blouse was find last year on Target's clearance rack - it so reminds me of the 80's. Do you like ERA dressing? I read on blog that dresses in nothing but vintage clothing - I love her style,  she can be found Chronically Vintage. I love the 50's and 60's dresses but I adore the vibrant colors and style from the 80's. How about you?

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