Monday, December 30, 2013

Making Enjoyable Living

This weekend was not as hectic as the past ones. Saturday I got my gray covered <HUGE GRIN> and the weather was supposed to have been nice so I had planned to go the Greenway - well, I went but it was cooooooollllddd, ironically Sunday would have been the perfect day for said walk :). Saturday night I took down all the Christmas stuff. Sunday went to church and made two casseroles and pumpkin bread and bought some banana's for Room at the Inn. I really enjoyed doing this - I have come to realize that I enjoy hospitality. I enjoy having a house full of people for a short time and cooking simple meals. I think I would really enjoy having a Bed and Breakfast - I think for the year 2014 I will start a business plan and research and calculate costs to see how to achieve this. This might be my "retirement". Do you have something that you really enjoy and think you could make a living at?

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