Monday, December 9, 2013

Work For It?

Definitely not wearing attire like below lately. Winter is here upon us - with ice, rain, and the temps in the 30's. Not my favorite time of year except I love the Christmas tree and the lights. I have to be careful though with my depression of spending my weekends cooped up in the house. I get to the point where I don't want to leave the house when it's cold and yucky. I also tend to back off my working out and eating more - really need to keep this under control. I also tend to not like Mr. Man much either - he gets catty during the holidays and the older I get the less tolerable I am getting to the point that it actually disgusts me. Funny how time and age can change things  - in the beginning of our relationship I would question myself and try to modify my behavior to make him like him as it had to be something I was doing, right? Sixteen years later - I ignore him and try to stay away from him - I don't even bother to argue with him anymore - I just don't care. I get a little miffed and point out he is being catty but I really don't like that lengthy lecture that ensues after this statement so tend to just cuss him silently in my head. So you can gather the weekend I've had - spent mostly alone in my living room trying to get by on one line answers. Do you have relationship that requires some work? Do you get tired sometimes and just want to give up?

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