Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Something Out of Nothing

I am still tired from the weekend but my lasagna with my homemade sauce was fabulous last night for dinner :) I have really come a long way in my cooking. The tools really do matter - plus I am sure being the comfort of my own kitchen helps. I just don't know women managed before the internet - now, I can google a term I don't understand and sometimes even see a video on the technique in question. I must say I gravitate to old fashioned recipes, I think it's neat to take simple ingredients and create something tasty. There are some recipes that I have found that I did not recognize some of the ingredients. My grandmother says she learns from trial and error and I must say she can make something out of nothing. She can go to her cupboard and make a fabulous meal where I could stand in front of the same cupboard and surmise there is nothing to eat. I wonder as time goes on if I will be as talented as my grandmother. I am not sure - I'm from a spoiled generation who would not have lasted in her time of no indoor plumbing, no telephone, limited television, limited transportation, and limited resources. I am from a time of excessiveness. I am going to strive to learn to live more simply and perhaps find a way to make something out of nothing.

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